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    Bobby Boulders

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    —Bobby Boulders on every page vandalized

    J. Robert "Bobby" Boulders was a wiki troll, vandal, and freedom-fighter. He led the International Society of Vandals (ISV) in a holy crusade against Wikipedia and Wikia during 2006 and 2007. He and army of sockpuppets would replace every page he touches with a tl;dr essay. Boulders believes that the administration of Wikipedia is controlled by Fascist Nazis and the only way to bring down the Fascists is through "Productive Vandalism (PV)". Bobby Boulders also claims that Willy on Wheels is a hoax created by the Wikipedian sysops.




    Devil's marble.jpg

    Bobby Boulders is the proud President of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF VANDALS, a group dedicated to the spread of freedom, liberty, and equality on Wikipedia through Productive Vandalism (PV).

    Founded in May 2006 by Scandissimo and a small group of international associates, the International Society of Vandals quickly became widespread through Usenet groups, IRC chat, and social networking sites such as MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook. In late June of 2006, founder Scandissimo was forced to move underground by the fascist administrators of Wikipedia, and he left Bobby Boulders in his place as Acting President of the Society.

    We are currently 57 members strong, and span all nations of the globe.

    If you are interested in joining the ISV, please e-mail Bobby at [email protected].

    You may also join via our MySpace page, at:


    Mission statement

    Mission Statement


    An Essay by Bobby Boulders

    President, International Society of Vandals

    What drives the Wikimedia vandal to action? What makes him or her tick? The current Administration of the various Wikimedia portals would have you believe that vandals act simply out of a need for attention. They seek to disrupt the ease and functionality of information exchange via the Wikimedia. And they seek to do this only "because they can."

    On a basic level, this concept is true. The majority of so-called "vandals" on the Wikimedia sites vandalize to get a rise out of their peers, or to be clever, cute, funny, or ridiculous. They seek little more than the fleeting attention their handiwork will generate before its inevitable reversion or removal. It is plainly obvious that such vandals are endemic to the Wikimedia, and will remain so, as long as the Wikimedia remain open-source sites, freely capable of being edited by any and all passing users. Primal, unconstructive vandalism is quick, easy, and will always be so.

    Vandalism will always remain "easy," but it needn't always be unconstructive. Indeed, if bent to just purposes, vandalism of the Wikimedia can be a powerful political tool. We at the International Society of Vandals believe, quite firmly, that vandalism should be constructive in nature. It should serve a greater purpose. It should be done not in bad faith, but with positive, rehabilitative intent. We vandalize to bring about positive and pure change to the Wikimedia system.

    What change do we seek? To be blunt, we strive for nothing less than the overthrow of the current Administration of the Wikimedia, and their replacement by more fair, balanced, and philanthropic Administrators. Like the common Frenchmen rebelling against their tyrannical government in the French Revolution, we believe quite strongly in the essence, spirit, and future of our "nation." Indeed, we value the free exchange of information on the Wikimedia more highly than any of the Administrators do. And we believe that, only by removing or forcing the ouster of these fascist and tyrannical Administrators, can information once again flow freely.

    The Administrators have gone too far. They have become cliquish, catty, fascist, and above all, self-interested. They have demonstrated, time and again, that they are not motivated by Good and Righteous desires to aid and continue the freedom of information and aggregation on the Wikimedia. Rather, they are interested only in reverting people's edits, restricting the flow of new information, and resisting any and all change to the status quo of articles as they currently exist.

    Science has taught us that information is not static. One can never know the sum total of all there is to know about any given subject. Likewise, to think that any given Wikimedia article needs no further revision – as seems to be the belief and practice of Administrators – is to spit in the face of Progress and Education.

    And thus, our mission is made clear. We will continue to vandalize. We will continue to rebel against tyranny. We will continue, and we will NOT stop, until our goals have been achieved, and the current Administrators of Wikipedia are dethroned. We will disrupt and destroy all Wikimedia sites, piece by piece, until the owners of the Wikimedia sites have lost all faith in the Administrators to execute their jobs effectively. And once those Administrators are terminated from their duties, we will rest. And we will know peace, freedom, liberty, equality, and Progress.

    War on Wookieepedia


    Long live the International Society of Vandals (ISV)!

    To join the ISV, please e-mail Bobby Boulders at: [email protected].

    Declaration of War Against Wookieepedia: 7/19/06

    On this great day of July 19, in the Year of Our Lord 2006, the Good and Righteous leader Bobby Boulders has issued a continued Holy War against Wookieepedia, for its members' insubordination and resistence to our valliant vandalism efforts. We will NOT rest until their entire Wiki is destroyed. Heaven be praised!

    God is Great!


    J. Robert Boulders,

    Acting President and Spiritual Leader,


    War on Star Wars Fanon and Memory Alpha


    Long live the International Society of Vandals (ISV)!

    To join the ISV, please e-mail Bobby Boulders at: [email protected], or visit his MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/bobbyboulders.

    Declaration of War Against SW FANON and Memory Alpha: 7/8/06

    On this great day of July 8 in the Year of Our Lord 2006, righteous and blessed War has been declared on the corrupt and tyrannical Administration of Wikipedia, SW Fanon, and Memory Alpha by the blessed and just forces of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF VANDALS.

    Hundreds of our members, armed with VandalBots, keyboards, and their own free minds, will soon descend upon Wikipedia to destroy it from its core. We will forcibly obliterate the rotten element (i.e., the Current Administration) from Wikipedia in order to restore Wikipedia to a state of freedom of information.

    God is Great!


    J. Robert Boulders,

    Acting President and Spiritual Leader,


    On Willy on Wheels

    The Ugly Truth About Wikipedia and "Willy on Wheels"

    or, "How the Administrators of Wikipedia Invented Willy on Wheels, and What They Plan to Do With Him"

    A Shocking and True Expose by Bobby Boulders

    My name is Bobby Boulders, and I am a fairly prominent Wikipedia vandal. You may have heard of me. I tend to blank out Wikipedia articles and replace them with copies of my essay, in which I criticize the Administrators of Wikipedia for being the fascists they are, and conspiring AGAINST THE WIKIPEDIA USER to keep the flow of information controlled by and within their circle. They are, in fact, a sinister cabal of nerdy power-trippers who would run Wikipedia like their personal playground, and keep the Common User locked out from any sort of meaningful contribution.

    Recently, these fascists have revealed their true nature. You see, one of them (wikipedia:User:Cyde) recently announced that he had "discovered" that I, Bobby Boulders, am really just a sockpuppet of Willy on Wheels, another famous Wiki vandal. Whenever anyone asked him for evidence of his "discovery," he balked. Instead, he demanded that anyone curious to read his evidence simply e-mail him, as the information was "not appropriate" for public consumption. Being the enterprising and intelligent guy that I am, I created a sockpuppet account and e-mailed Mr. Cyde. I asked him to show me his proof that Bobby Boulders and Willy on Wheels were one and the same.

    Do you know what he told me? The truth may shock you to your very core. He told me that, not only was there NO PROOF, but in fact, Willy on Wheels never existed. Willy is a fiction propagated by the Admins of Wikipedia. His purpose is to serve as a catch-all persona for all Wikipedia vandals. Whenever a Wikipedia vandals grows too prominent, or builds up too much of a following, he is "discovered" to be a Willy on Wheels sockpuppet – his personal page deleted, and his sockpuppets merged into Willy's. In this fashion, the Administrators think they can take the proverbial wind out of any prominent vandal's sails. I was their first major test subject, and eventually they intend to merge ALL vandals into the fictitious persona of "Willy on Wheels."

    You might ask (and you'd be right to do so) why any Willy vandalism exists if, in fact, Willy himself does not. The answer is simple, and really quite humorous. You see, the fact that any Willy on Wheels vandalism even exists is because would-be vandals saw Willy's page, thought what he was doing was cool, and decided to copy his MO. So, ironically enough, the Wikipedia Administrators CREATED THEIR OWN MONSTER. They gave birth to the fiction of "Willy on Wheels," and in doing so, built something too big and troublesome to contain.

    So I, Bobby Boulders, encourage you, the Common User, to JUST SAY NO TO FASCIST ADMINISTRATORS. No, we will not swallow their lies. No, we will not play their game. No, we will not sit by idly and watch as they corrupt the freedom and integrity of that which they purport to uphold: Wikipedia.


    Bobby Boulders
    International Society of Vandals

    e-mail: imwithbobby @ yahoo.com

    2007 and the ongoing war

    Devil's marble.jpg


    Long live the International Society of Vandals (ISV)!

    To join the ISV, please e-mail Bobby Boulders at: imwithbobby @ yahoo.com

    Declaration of Ongoing War Against Wikipedia: 6/9/07

    On this great day of June 9, in the Year of Our Lord 2007, the Good and Righteous leader Bobby Boulders has issued a continued Holy War against Wikipedia, as punishment for its members' insubordination and resistence to our valiant vandalism efforts. We will NOT rest until their entire Wiki is destroyed. Heaven be praised!

    Our legions are vast, our numbers in the hundreds, and your Wiki will crumble before our might!

    Allahu akbar!!! God is Great!!!


    J. Robert Boulders,

    Acting President and Spiritual Leader,



    The reason for Bobby's obsession with this rock can only be speculated.
    • Usage of Devil's_marble.jpg on vandalized pages.
    • Pasting the Mission Statement essay.
    • Declaring war or issuing statements of ongoing war.
    • Asking users to join the ISV.
    • Giving away dox of himself (name, Email, MySpace account).
    • Usage of "Year of the Lord" and "God is Great".

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