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    Bobba Bar

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    Fags, 'nuff said

    Bobba Bar is an iPod app made by the same faggots responsible for Habbo Hotel. It was released sometime during November of 2009 and continues to attract more and more faggotry everyday. It can be downloaded from iTunes for free.


    Moar info: Habbo Hotel.

    For those not familiar with Habbo, it is supposedly a place for people to develop meaningful e-relationships.
    In reality, it is a breeding ground for 13 year old boys and pedophiles. They enjoy swimming in the AIDS infected pool, and getting their hands on some sweet pixelated tail.

    How to Troll Bobba Bar

    There are several methods of griefing in Bobba Bar. These include:


    Stage's Closed Due to AIDS

    Simply standing in front of something to prevent others from accessing it has been known to cause butthurt in Habbo. This can also be accomplished in Bobba Bar. There are many locations that can be blocked by one nigra alone. However, if said nigra brings blackup, other lulzier places can be blocked.

    Trolling Individuals

    The main point of the game is to meet interesting people and develop online-relationships with them. This being said, they are all very easy to troll. Simply accusing them of being a pedophile (there's a good chance they actually are) will cause drama. Encouraging them to an hero, or telling them why nobody likes them are other good ways to achieve lulz.

    Another way to troll is to find a bobba whore and tell them "Sorry, i'm not gay. (Since there are no girls on the Internet.) He will then A, ragequit, or B, go butthurt.


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    Bobba Bar is part of a series on the Habbo raids. [CollapseExpand]