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    Practicing her cock-blowing skills so she can continue to suck off those record execs

    BoA or Kwon BoA or BoA Kwon or Ching Chang Chong or whatever those crazy azns like to call her is a shitty J-Pop "singer" who makes Utada Hikaru seem moderately talented. She is often called the Korean Britney Spears, meaning she has no talent and relies on being pedo-bait to sell records (hint: being compared to Britney isn't exactly a good thing). That actually makes no sense seeing as how Britney, as talentless as she is, is a global icon known even in Rural Africa. Go to Africa and ask them about BoA.

    Because she started out as a 16-year-old girl singing equally shitty K-Pop, she is widely regarded as a traitor by butthurt Koreans who want her nasty cunt for themselves.

    She has one of the most ridiculously high-pitched, nasal, fucking annoying "voices" of all time. She has zero musical ability and her "dancing" is ridiculously sub-par. Even though she's been spoon-fed training from her label, who went as far as to pay for her lessons. And yet, her retarded and tone-deaf fanbase consisting of either azn or weeaboo16-year-old girls and 13-year-old boys still worship the ground she walks on, praising her non-existant "skills". Thus she has become the most overrated J-Pop "artist" of all time. Even with her lack of talent, she still has enough unwarranted self-importance to call herself the "Best" of Asia.

    Apparently, this is how she got her deal: Her brother was auditioning and she just randomly walked in, she gave the pedophiles a hard-on and they immediately accepted her, fantasizing about how much sweet young loli pussy they could get by making her a star.

    She worked sooooo hard.

    And meanwhile, truly talented musicians bust their asses for years and don't get jack shit.

    Plastic Surgery

    BoA has been reported to have had plastic surgery for her eyes at least three times, along with numerous operations in other parts of her body. Yet, she continues to be one of the biggest-selling acts both in her homeland and in other Asian countries like Japan and China. Personally, I can’t imagine BoA looking short of how attractive she is now. Her doctors need to be congratulated.



    Apparently this is normal among azns


    Bitch you're not black

    When her fourth album failed to even go gold, she displayed to the world what massive unwarranted self-importance she has by trying to take over the US music market and declaring herself the "Best Of Asia". Anyone with common sense knows this is a lie, and she flopped spectacularly.

    Actual quotes from "intelligent" fans

    if she's had surgery then she's had surgery.

    people get all OH MY GOD, she's had surgery reactions. dont be so mountain tortise. and do mind, she was pretty young when she came out with her first album.


    —Some douche

    I know that she's not a gifted singer but she's hardworking enough....

    I like her voice actually... why you'll found its annoying?! Thats weird...About arrogant.... Hm.. I think she dont really know how to social with peoples...


    —She's so not arrogant, that's why she calls herself the "Best" of Asia

    all of you are jealous of BoA's talent because your idols cannot be as famous as BoA POOR YOU

    CAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT ? YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BOA !I REPEAT"NOTHING"! YOU EVEN CAN'T CRITICIZE SOMEONE THAT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ABOUT HER OR HIM. copying Britney .so hilarious! can you proove here? which song that you see Boa is copying britney? OMG. she is now 20 years old.she have to be more mature,she cannot always act cute and innocent as 15! the only thing i get from her is her improvement : her songs are more powerful , more mature, but not sl*tty!!! I wonder how many BoA songs you have listened to?She can really dance .well , she is one of the best dancers in ASIA (beside namie amuro and koda kumi).she can sing perfectly while dancing and singing in the same time.Findind on youtube these stuffs


    —Another typical fan

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