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    Blondie xoxo

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    Blondie_xoxo is a poster on the message boards at IMDb.com. She is the biggest slut on The Sandbox. She is known for posting slutty pictures, talking about how much she loves sex, acting bitchy, and playing the victim. She is a fake blonde with a fake tan and huge fake smile. She is hated on, and blames it on people being jealous.

    The Beginning

    A delightful cum-dumpster of the InterWebz

    Blondie_xoxo first surfaced on the IMDb scene through singer's boards. After receiving minimal attention, due to the lack of activity in said boards, she decided to post on the Sandbox. The Sandboxers never knew the skank until she came on Sandbox property. Countless threads, mainly involving underage sex and whorish-like activities were quickly made. A now infamous thread named "Isn't this girl hot?" showed pictures of what is now believed to be her. Blondie_xoxo's popularity grew faster than you can say "slut." The attention she received grew exponentially, and Sandboxers quickly took sides. Blondie_xoxo's arguments against her whorish reputation include comments such as "Dressing hot" to help whatever good image she thinks she can save.

    Much is unknown about Blondie's life before she began to frequent the IMDb boards. Many historical experts have tried to piece together what little information she has released to create an accurate picture of her past. Some even believe she is in reality a 40-year-old man named Mervin. This theory is unlikely however, due to the fact that her portrayal of a slut is too convincing to be an act. It is known that she lost her virginity at the age of 13. And that in the four years since then, she has slept with over 300 men, and taken part in over 25 orgies.

    She was recently dumped by some guy and he got a new girlfriend who is more than likely a proper lady in comparison to the school slut Blondie_xoxo. As you can imagine she was pretty upset. But really he saw through her skanky ass and he used her for sex. Which is what all the guys in her school do except she is too dumb to realize this!!! Her retaliation to this was to start a thread on IMDb insulting the girl's appearance. Posters flocked in there by the hundreds to tell Blondie that she was in fact the ugly one. Blondie couldn't handle this and tried to stand up for herself. However, she failed, due to the fact that she only has two functioning brain cells. She then started a thread displaying a conversation between herself and this boy on AIM. It wasn't easy to read through, but a team of 200 scientists were finally able to decipher the shocking abuse of the English language, and deduce that the boy was making no secret of the fact that he would only use Blondie for one thing. It transpired that she was even too dumb to pick up on these not so subtle hints.

    Being of weak character, soft mind, and lacking backbone, Blondie was unable to support her pathetic claims that she is not a bitch, and instead cowardly deleted both the aforemention threads.

    Recently, all her posts were deleted and she now posts on a new account called Brunette_xoxo. Of course, she still displays the same wit and candor that made her e-famous in the first place. Her IMDB signature is Formally: Blondie_xoxo, once again proving her stupidity by not understanding how to use the words 'Formally' and 'Formerly'.

    Blondie is a fine example or epitome of what a true slut is. She is what your daughter should not be like and really is a nasty person who is ugly inside and plastic outside. She is also perfect evidence that America's educational system needs major restructuring. In her post on IMDb where she shared with posters a conversation she had on AIM with the guy she fancies, Blondie displayed several grammatical errors, and insisted on spelling words such as "hey", "hot" and "no", like this:




    Proving, as suspected, that inhabiting an area situated directly underneath power lines, can in fact turn a person into a dribbling retard.


    Outlook on Life

    Blondie has recently given us insight into her outlook on life. See below for her views on many subjects, as expressed on IMDb:

    Blondie on...working

    "I'm 17 and never had a job and don't care, I mean why get a job? It is boring, pointless, and you barely get paid. Also I have better things to do. If I want something, I can ask my parents. It's just dumb, also only 1 really hot guy has a job, the rest just do sports, so I wouldn't have anything to do at work ethier."

    Blondie on... Mario Lavandeira

    "Who does he think he is talking about the personal life and other things of celebrities? some might not want that and it could make them lose some jobs or be very unconfortable with these rumors this fat *beep* puts out. dlisted.com is much better or pinkisthenewblog.com"

    Blondie on...Goths

    "They are scary bitches, and I hate them."

    Blondie on...Bikinis

    "Wearing a bikini does NOT make you a whore"

    "I like to wear hot bikinis to show off my body...so what? What's wrong with wanting to look sexy and having hot sexy guys look at you?"

    Blondie on...College Guys

    "Most guys there are honry party animals, just saying"

    Blondie on...Photography

    "What's wrong with it? I took almost 100 pictures today cuz it was the last day of school. With my friends, hot guys, random stuff, ect. And I take pictures everywhere so"

    Blondie on...the "Boxers or Briefs" debate

    "Eh it doesn't matter if they're gonna be taken them off! Although most guys just wear boxers"

    Blondie on...what Bipolar means

    "Like split personalities"

    Blondie on...Virginity

    "all people who lose their virginity young dont it because they are ugly" "I lost my virginity at 13, because guys want me. I'm just having fun, I can't help it I like sex."

    Blondie on...Thongs

    "They are sexy and I love to wear them. It looks really hot when you are stripping them off for a guy. What guy wants to see a girl wearing granny panties? (Editor's answer: Some sick fuck.) lol I love thongs, they are great, and I always wear them."

    Blondie on...Blondie

    "I do lots of good things and am a good person."
    "My hair is fine, thanks. And I look fine too"
    "I'm hot, and all the guys want me"

    Common Quotes

    - "I'm not a slut."

    - "I'm not a bitch."

    - "I like to fuck hot guys."

    - "I'm just having fun."

    - "You're jealous." (Editor's response: Jealous of WHAT, exactly?)

    - "You're really ugly."

    - "Stop hating."

    - "They hate me because of the way I look."

    - "I like to dress cute and look hot, so what?"

    - "I like hot guys, so what?"

    - "I bet I get more guys than you."

    - "You're probably fat and ugly."

    - "You need to get laid."

    - "Ew."

    - "Ugh."

    Other Facts

    • Had sex with entire basketball team at her school.
    • Has a stupid 'surprised' smile
    • Lives in the Northeast.
    • Refused to tell how many guys she has given blowjobs to.
    • Had sex with two guys with girlfriends.
    • Says "None of your buisness" when asked about sexual activities. (But will tell you anyway)
    • Doesn't like anal sex.
    • Is under my desk right now.
    • Had sex with over 100 9000 men most likely.
    • Actually has supporters and people that say that whoever talks about Blondie is jealous.
    • Has an impersonator, Blondie_XOXOXO
    • Made an appearance on the Maury show.

    Some People Like Blondie??!!

    Yes it's true, some people do. Some people look beyond her sluttiness and look outside the box and see a girl who likes to fuck people.

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