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    Practicing the ol' Spitzer style of trying to eat his own face.
    "…and by the way I should say if anybody wants to tape my conversations go right ahead – feel free to do it."

    Rod "Fail" Blowjobitch was the self-proclaimed governor of the shithole known as Illinois, tormenting the citizens with lulzy Pay-to-Play tactics and selling Barack Obama's senate seat to some nigger whose daddy made money by stealing from fellow negros. Although it is believed that Blagojevich is of Serbian descent, he is actually some sort of Serbian Jew hybrid (yes, contemplate that combination for a moment and ask yourself, "is that not what satan shits?") because of his insatiable lust for money and the blood of Christian children as well as his propensity for rape and deviancy. He was the second douchebag to be charged last year with fucking up a state; the first being Eliot Spitzer,who was another greedy jack-off with hookers and blow. Blagojevich has barricaded himself inside his multi-million dollar mansion to make sure that the authorities don't steal his precious Jew gold, but it's pretty likely he'll be v& anyways. To make matters worse, he also had an approval rating even lower than Bush's, which really brings up the thought that maybe his nickname could have something to do with it. Blagos career was coming to an end before the feds because he cheated on his wife (the daughter of Richard Mell, a huge political kingping) with his nigger nanny. Once this went down, a public feud errupted between the two.

    Why he is a Jew:

    Blagojevich is also the Gov. of Legoland
    The real reason why Illinois votes Blago

    I want to make money.


    —Pretty much based off anything that has been recorded.

    I’ve got this thing and it’s (expletive) golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for (expletive) nothing.


    —Talkin' bout his Jew gold.

    'nuff said

    Made his security detail pay for HIS coffee. What the fuck?

    Was the first governor in 100 years that refused to live in the capital.

    How do i fucked Illinois?

    Rod with his new life partner.
    File:Blagojevich raped.jpg
    U gunna git raped
    File:Obama gov mot.jpg
    accidentally my senate seat.

    In 2002, Rod ran for governor and won after several hours of heavy ballot rigging. He started off by taking money from the schools "because children can learn at home on their own time" and "my hairdo looks like a helmet so I am loved". He proceeded to fill his greedy Jew pockets by stealing moar money from taxpayers and pretty much everyone else in America he could squander from. Soon after, the feds got pissed for Blago not giving a share of the cash and decided to wiretap his house for the lulz. After a bunch of IRL trolling on Rod, they discovered his attempts to sell the senate seat of Barack Obama, even though it was pretty obvious to everyone in Illinois when he ran this ad for it:


    File:Blago lawyer do not want.jpg
    A compelling arguement from Blagojevich's attorney.
    /b/ chimes in.

    On December 10th, 2008, the Partyvan came by Blagojevich's house and gave him the banhammer, thus indicting him on over 9000 counts of conspiracy, racketeering, bribery, pay-to-play shit, and a million other things that noone really cares about, but that can still get him IRL banned for 30 years or more.

    First reports on being arrested (playing the same clips of him over and over)

    Asking for it

    Candidate #5

    Jackson Jr. during the press conference, shortly after being questioned about his credibility.

    While the Spitzer case had it's 'Client #9' and cheap whores, Rod had a bunch of liberals begging for his cock in order to occupy the senate seat vacated by Barack Obama after he stole the presidency - and some of the rich ones were willing to give Blagojewvich some of that sweet, sweet cash. Among those were 3 people, named Candidates 1, 2, and 5 (because the feds don't know that the numbers 3 and 4 exist). The most notable was #5: Jesse Jackson Jr., son and cocksucker of civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, who is most likely believed to be the highest bidder of the position. He outright denied the claims in the traditional words of his people, mixed with the most retarded sounding voice nearly surpassing that of Barney Frank's.

    Holy shit tl;dw. Anyway, there are numerous flaws with the assertion that he bribed Blagojevich for the senate seat, including:

    1. He is a nigger so he has no money.

    2. Not even Rod would be dumb enough to let another nigger have a chance at the presidency.


    Another possible candidate for the position was Lisa Madigan, but that's only 'cause her daddy gave her some power, so noone gives a shit about her. Most likely his buttbuddy Pat Quinn will take over for him and start yet another era of fail and AIDS in Illinois politics as long as Illinois doesn't actually kill itself after being raped for the past 9 years by both Rod and George Ryan.

    Another nigger steals the senate seat

    File:Roland burris cock.jpg
    My cock is this big. No srsly guys!
    Rod with his real nigga.
    The negro community frowns upon the shenanigans of the racist senate.

    It turns out there was a nigger out to get Obama's seat (lol, no niggers currently in the senate, srsly affirmative action, biotch!), but not who we all thought it was. Instead it was some old negroid who thought he could pull off another presidential victory like his home boy Obama. Obviously the senate didn't need another nigger fucking up the country and refused to let him take Obama's seat, but pinned it on the fact that he forgot the signature of Jesse White on his senate approval paper (he may also have been refused because he was endorsed by the guy who's been getting facepalms recently due to the scandal, but this is unknown). Roland immediately took the arguement that it was racism and got some of his brothas to back him up on this one. Hoping to initiate another Million Man March, he went marching up the capitol to steal the bike senate seat back from those bigots, but ended up being thrown back out just like any other nigga who's marched up Capitol Hill (the only reason Obama was allowed up was because he was part white). In the wake of the whole mess the jackasses from the senate decided to give Burris the job as senator, even with a massive corruption trial ahead for the person who appointed him to the job.

    Obama lies about Blagojevich

    File:Blagojevich and obama.jpg
    Srs face tiem guise lolz

    The Copypasta:

    Barack Obama has attempted to distance himself from the crash and burn that is Governor Rod Blagojevich. Obama can run but he can’t hide. Obama and Blagojevich took considerable amounts of money from convicted criminal Antoine “Tony” Rezko and Obama's top aide, Michael Strautmanis, worked for Blagojevich. Not only did Rezko give Obama money for his presidential bid and convince others to ante up, but he also advised Obama on the purchase of a new Chicago home. In the lead-up to the election, numerous commentators pointed out Obama’s relationship with the corrupt dirtbag Rezko as well as his relationship with terrorist William Ayers. The preacher, Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, said that Obama could not “disown” him any more than his “white grandmother". However, nothing would stick because the corporate media was caught up in the disgusting whirlwind of Obama mania that it had created. A few neocon trolls over at Faux News tried ever so lamely to out Obama and his various sordid relationships, but it was all for naught. After the election, Obama nominated the same old wizened and tired insiders to run his administration and just for good measure, threw in veteran Iran-Contra criminal Robert Gates: the man who created Al-Qaeda under the reprehensible William Casey. The neocons came around and applauded. It was truly a spectacle to see. But this Blagojevich business has the ability to tarnish Obama before he enters the White House so he is desperately attempting to insert distance between himself and the Illinois snake oil salesman and political mobster who attempted to sell Obama’s Senate seat right out from under him. In regards to the allegations surrounding Blagojevich's conspiracy to sell or trade Obama's recently vacant Senate seat for personal benefit, the President Select said on December 9th: “I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so I was not aware of what was happening.” according to the Associated Press. Either Obama had a big time memory lapse or he is lying through his teeth. On November 8th, KHQA 7 reported: “Now that Barack Obama will be moving to the White House, his seat in the U.S. Senate representing Illinois will have to be filled. Obama met with Governor Rod Blagojevich earlier this week to discuss it.” A soon-to-be-President telling such big lies should be newsworthy. It’s not because the narcosis of Obama-mania is still thick in the air. Besides, most people expect Presidents to lie and start wars and sell the country down the river. Few cared when Clinton lied about “that woman” (while under oath nonetheless) and even fewer seem to care about Obama’s lie.

    In other words, America's first coon President is being taken down by has become the man.


    Charged with corruption and faggotry, in a 114-1 vote, Rod Blagojevich was impeached by the Illinois senate and will be attending boycotting his own trial soon. Moments after removing him from office, the Illinois Senate also voted unanimously to prevent Blagojevich from ever holding political office in the state again. You can catch the drama here. "Now what was our hero Rod doing?" you might ask. Well, instead of attending his impeachment and only making one appearance at the trial to repeat the same bullshit arguement like before, Blago decided to play it cool and go out for a jog. A FUCKING JOG.

    Quinn steps in, more faggotry ensues

    As of last Thursday, Pat Quinn had officially taken Blago's job. Somehow expecting something different from Blago's vice pimp admiral, the inhabitants of the North Shore and niggers paid to show up praised Quinn as the end to all corruption in Illinois and stroked his cock. Invigorated by this pleasure, Quinn decided to run for governor, as his plan of running again for lieutenant governor for the next twenty years did not make his cock hard enough anymore. Quinn proceeded to do the typical to get into any office in Illinois Chicago (attack ads with the announcer quoting himself as the source, loading niggers onto a bus and giving them a hundred dollah if they vote for him, asking the North Shore for another cock-stroking, breaking into mausoleums for Jew gold and anything that could be used to register a potential voter, etc.) As expected, Quinn's campaign coffers loaded down with Jew gold won him the election, mostly because the amount of money you have is directly proportional to the number of political activists that vote for you and whether or not you win Chicago.

    File:Pat-Quinn 2.jpg
    Illinois is fucked. Again.

    Blago's Media Blitz

    Like every smart politician before him, Blago tried to maintain his "innocence" by going on a bunch of talk shows and other old media that noone watches, though it did spark some lulz seeing as that he still thinks he can be governor.

    Blago on Good Morning America

    Blago on Late Show

    Blago Radio

    Broadcasting from WLS in Chicago, Blagojevich did the impossible and got to host his own radio show for the day. Mostly it was just TL;DR stuff and some call-in questions, although he did finally admit to having a bad hairdo. For additional lulz, WGN is in talks with Blago for him to have is own full-time radio show.

    Some Highlights from Blago radio

    Survivor: Blago Edition

    Just when it seemed that Blago could not have gotten more self-absorbed (seemingly following in the ways of Chris-chan), it was recently leaked that he may be starring in his own reality-television series (No, I am not fucking kidding you). It supposedly has to do with celebrities on some island in the Caribbean, though the term "celebrity" doesn't really apply to an ousted governor currently in the midst of a corruption trial.


    'NUTHER UPDATE: Turns out Rod's bitch Patti Blagojevich was allowed to go on "I'm a Celebutard, Get me out of Here!", but failed miserabely right from the start. At the end of the season, she supposedly ran off with the nigger basketball player whom she was fucking with throughout the show.

    Blago's wife should stay in the kitchen:

    Blago the Rapper

    Yet another cereer change for our bumbling buddy:

    Why wasn't his failure noticed before?

    Well, besides residents of Illinois consisting of democrats and niggers, people just couldn't see that behind the hair and smile was something truly terrifying taking place. Blago actually did give a warning to the people of the state, back in one of his old 2006 ads for his reelection as governor:

    The future of Rod

    Rod with one of his adoring supporters (more like adoring supporter amirite?)

    Despite all the charges, Blagojevich still plans to keep his job as governor of Illinois and eventually run for president in 2016, that is, until the feds send him to prison, though he'll probably just pay them off with part of the gigantic pile of money in his room. He said he might run for the Senate (CANDIDATE #5, ANYONE???) but that's bullshit because although he had the power to appoint anyone to the senate seat left by Obama, all the democrats in the Illinois party hate him and don't want anything to do with him even if he spills the beans on their corruption scandals as well.

    Fail governor is fail



    See Also

    File:Bad hair day.jpg
    He would make John Edwards proud.


    File:Blagojevich rat.jpg
    Obvious joke is obvious

    Boy, you guys are fukken golden...

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