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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    You know, I have most of their IP addresses right? And you know what drastically overclcoking a CPU can cause? Hint: Electrical Fire


    —Proving how much of a fucktard he is

    Blackwingdragon is a basement-dwelling furry self-diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome who uses his psychological condition as an excuse for being a total asshole.

    Blackwing's Biography

    He doesn't care what we have to say, but he sure loves spying on us!

    Blackwingdragon doesn't consider himself an internet tough guy at all. There have been examples of him threatening people who messed with his friends, that's a fact. But it's also a fact that he plans to go to, or at least visit, America some time in the near future. Going into games or internet communities with a "I'MA KILL YOU!!!1111" flag is totally his style.

    Mildly bipolar, and self-diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, the person in question doesn't even think of trying to control his emotional outbursts. Admittedly, his style is a brash, often rude one that he uses to "get a point across". That seems to work, as extremes surround him. People either really hate, or really love his personality, and even some of his enemies say that he is a person that never goes unnoticed. Ironically, while he has few real life friends, he claims to have an active social life, most likely on the internet. A look at his LJ would indeed reveal this to be true, as he is surrounded by about 250 friends total. According to him, he keeps 30 or so close for good reason.

    Fagwing is usually the victim instead of the aggressor they portray him to be. It is told among furry circles that the one he was in love with long ago was the one who placed the biggest dagger in him. Since then, Fagwing has been having trouble finding love, or trusting people with his feelings.

    Fagwing likes to pretend he's an intellectual and a self proclaimed genius compared to the rest of the world, he is said to be self taught and enjoys spouting random bouts of nonsense in an attempt to prove it but only seems to prove the exact opposite. Somehow he has access to scanned "documents" on everybody he wants, even people from around the world whose real name he doesn't even know, though anytime he's asked to prove this he will sign off saying that he's tired of all the drama. He accuses others of spelling and grammar mistakes and when you point out the massive flaws in his, especially with the concept of spell check, he ignores you and rants about some other bullshit. Realistically, he should an hero and make the world a better place. [1]

    WikiEdit Drama

    The following excerpts are taken from this article's history, don't ever try to quote them as you WILL be sued and you WILL get your ass in e-jail.

    • After first edit by Banaan (which is everything in the "Some Editor's Notes" section).
    This space to be edited by the dumbass editor soon. Between two sessions of wanking off to test dummy sex, he will click with his mouse in the basement he lives in and change and wound people he doesn't even know to satisfy his non-existent ego, or to increase his microscopic dick size.
    Please take pity on the poor idiot and laugh at him now. Thank you.


    —Fagwing is an intellectual and a genius and deals with his problems as such]]

    • After Mister Six adds the image under the second headline.
    Here's an idea, shithead. Don't screw around with people, and my friend. One more bullshit out of you and I'm going to sue you so hard, you'll suck my cock all day just for the tip I'm going to give you. Is that getting through to you yet, dumbass?


    —Fagwing on giving tips for blowjobs

    What does this tell us? As you have undoubtedly noticed, the person in question is quite intelligent. he possesses a passionately rebellious soul that he directs towards only the foulest of reprobates, such as ED editors. There is no doubt about it that this man has plenty of time to spend on his hobbies despite the countless parties he is surely continually invited to by his dearest friends, eager to hear tales of the time he was dumped by a furry. Indeed, one might call him a Homo Universalis - or homo for short - channeling the spirit of Oscar Wilde as he cuts us down with his rapier wit. Yes, he is indeed a gentleman, and a powerful charismatic force to boot. No doubt the internets will rue the day when they come face-to-face with Blackwingdragon!

    Blackwingdragon Threats

    As you can see, "Niggerwingdragon" is a fan of internet tough guy threats. Below is a minor anthology of his ever so witty remarks, never induced by frantic rage or quick-tempered stupidity, but always guided by reason and enlightening thoughtfulness.

    Don't overestimate your value. you must die, for you are a stinking Romanian. An infestation to this planet that must not exist. You have no worth, and your empty barking only amuses me. Yes, you're a selfish bitch. You will burn in a house going down with nobody to help you, because you choose not to help anyone else, either. You truly are a pitiful existence. I'd kill you with my own hands if I could, to help this world . Now stop taunting me before you find several of your "race" banding up to maul you


    —-Blackwingdragon on tolerance

    Yes, I have issues. It's that sick people like you roam this planet. This is the Romanian team up bullshit you're doing even now, with your asslicker friends. My issues are not your concern, you worthless bastard you. Just watch your back, you might not live long anymore. You worthless fool you...


    —Blackwingdragon has some serious issues

    When you have four rather large men at your door, you can "LOL INTERNET" them, but they can hurt you, and they are coming, so <3. Fuck you ^_^.


    Lemon party? In my house?

    Freaks like you, I want to kill, and I'd enjoy it. Piss on your corpse even, you're so dang worthless



    Whatever :-P. You're being laughed at by my 350+ friendslist, LJ team is giving you the finger, and one more word out of you and you're off LJ. IS that clear or should I translate to idiot language so even you can understand?


    —Blackwingdragon on having imaginary friends.

    *flashes katana and pulls back hair* You should leave now or else I will kill your family



    I can, and will do so much to you, you will hate every single breath you take. Trash like you are an eyesore and a threat to others that must get removed. Everything that is precious to you, I will take away from you. I will leave you to rot in the mud you crawled out from, with a smile on my face. Since you so lovingly crave it.


    Internet tough guy

    Yes I would. I'd break all your bones, for starters, because I truly don't think you deserve to be alive.


    Ironic, considering nobody thinks that he deserves to live

    Naw, I should kill *you guys*. That would make the earth a bit more worthwhile place to live in :-D.



    I'm not gonna go to jail because of shit like you. I'll get someone else to do it <3.


    —Blackwingdragon not being able to do shit himself

    IP tracing is a wonderful invention, you queer :-P . Perhaps when all of your bones are broken, shit like you will realize they are, in fact, not at all save ^-^. Hum? Oh, you don't bother me at all. You're making me laugh like mad over how pitiful you are, that you are unable to take a fight in real life so you seek one that nobody can hit you in *grin*


    —Blackwingdragon, totally not a fucking psychopath

    Well point out who it was so when and if I visit, I can break their arm for you.Why me?THAT WAY YOU WON'T GET EXPELLED!:-P.



    I swear to god I want to break a fucking signal pole over your head because you seem to be more than psychotic.



    What lies? Tolerated? Who the bloody fuck are you, sugar? Oh, nevermind. I'll just send some friends over to play with you. The game is called "Connect the bones", and they'll break yours so they can start. Lay the bloody hell off, or I swear to god I will put you into a hospital, where you will have to shit into a tiny little pedestal, where you will eat food through STRAWS!



    Oh, you are such a cute bitch. I want to tie you down and claw out your motherfucking eyes you cheap son of a bitch. If you dye your hair, I could dye it red with your rotten blood.



    Pitiful fuckers like you that get off on racism or discriminative shit should just die in a forest fire. I got 2 and 6 words for you. IP Logging / Lots of Viruses to your compy!


    —I refer you back to the first quote

    Leave or I'll hack the shit open from your info and put it on the net, and I'll also be kind enough to hack the school computers and let them know you did it. Here's to being very pissed


    —Oh shit, now he can [email protected] 0UR 1337 C0MPZ

    "Shutup furry" . Say Char, if this bitch goes in one class with you, how come she can't even SPELL? Last I heard, you aren't in Kindergarten like she is. Hahaha, I like pathetic people like her, it's fun to laugh at them . I hope you die soon you waste of oxygen. Also, you'd better get anti-hacker tools ^_^.


    —Dont worry, we do

    Oh, I'm not a newbie like you losers, hon. I got her IP and I'm gonna play with it.Say hack her open and destroy everything on that frail little compy. If you don't piss off, you're next. I've been in front of a computer ever since I was 2 years old, and that was 15 years ago, so heh heh heh. Cower, bitches.


    —Blackwingdragon conceding he has no life whatsoever.

    I'm already going to cripple you when I meet, just stay the fuck clear of me.


    —Blackwingdragon making another threat

    Summing up random words of the quite tl;dr text above, we get this alienated resistance message to society and its wistful yearning: Technically, his age being past what would be a few million in earth years, it *might* explain the strenuous member, which can grow to 15-16 inches hard, and even harder, if his arousal is channeled into his cock, thanks to a psychic ability.

    Responses to Trolls

    If you decide to troll BWD, don't.

    HAHAHHA "channel unavalaible". Epic, got yourself banned in the 5 minute span I got your trash email. Notice, only retards like you click tinyurl links. You pathetic, slithering worm you . :-D


    —BWD never knew how to make itself anon.

    Naw little memebarfing jewish nigger failure faggot animal.iSuperior. <3. I love hacking the fuck out of stupid little cunts like you. Lose everything you had. Gmail?gone. Facebook?Oops. Cut your internet, it's so much *FUN* taking your right to speak. filthy worm <3. Don't bother replying, you're still on block.


    — BWD being a totally 1337 h4xx0rz.

    More Faggotry

    My inner feelings are pretty simple. I want the love I deserve, and for your kind to die out o_o. What's wrong with that ?


    —Dont worry, everyone on ED is giving you the love you deserve

    I don't usually hit women, but hey. Look me up when I visit Char. I wonder how the trolldom's gonna react when they find out their members are getting hospitalized, nyahahaha.



    Don't worry, I'll put your army training to good use.Though I fail to see how you can defend against a six foot long steel pipe, but we'll see.


    Even MOAR empty threats

    When I rip your arm off and shove it up your ass, your balls off and down your throat, we'll see


    —Still obsessed with the cock and balls, are we?

    Hey, piece of shit. Which one of your worthless friends gave you those, hmm? I banned you the second I read that crap you posted, meaning it couldn't have been you. Give me the name of the bastard who did it so I can send them to death row with you.



    Perhaps when all of your bones are broken, shit like you will realize they are, in fact, not at all save ^-^.


    Samuel L. Jackson disapproves

    I'm a lot better than most of you envious little pricksuckers here. You kid, are, however, going to end up in hospital very, very soon ^-^.



    I'd rather kill you. I'd be doing the world a favor.


    Blackwing dragon doing the world a favor

    Really, run away and hide, because when I get into the US, I'll make you wish you died before you backstabbed me ^-^.


    What a suprise his friends hate him too.

    If you don't want me to royally fuck up your worthless life, get the hell out of my face..


    —the hell outta his face.

    Ooh, banned. Like I care. But you did wrong. Therefore, keep your PC turned off whenever you aren't using it. Fari warning given, heh heh.


    —The hell is fari?

    Oh, just because I live here, you tard you, doesn't mean I'm bound to helplessness. Well, but I guess I can humor you. The same thing's gonna happen to you as what happened to my "soulmate", who had the face to cheat on me and tell me he never loved me :-P. He got the basic package of losing his job, his home, and almost all his friends.



    Someone's been asking me for a lot of PAIN :-D. Mmm he'll get it alright <3. Stupid drug-eating fat piece of shit :-P. I'm starting to enjoy ruining people. Mostly because I only do it to the ones that reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally have a long list of crap against me or others. And his is longer than most of the people I've tolerated over 5 years. <3. Mwahahahaha! I feel so deliciously evil!


    —Because its not like anyone has a long list of shit against him...

    I see you found where you belong. Between those insane motherfuckers :-P. Neither of those are lies. Don't make god spin fate's wheel so I see you, for your own sake. While you can breathe, I'd consider using your brain. Not everyone might be as innocent as you think .Fuck with the wrong person and you get painful proof to that. Now, go to those worms, and out of my sight. Be like your mom, a filthy street whore. See ya.


    —Overheard inside his bathroom.

    Here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna hate and spite you where I can because you are a disgusting little worm that needs to be crushed. If you do so much as reply to this very E-mail or leave that post up for your idiot friends to annoy me on, I'm gonna report your to LiveJournal and nicely just disband that idiot community altogether. Do NOT be a smartass, do NOT reply or you will be in big trouble. I despise bitches with no moral or honor code like you, discriminative bastards who THINK they can get away with everything. Now get out of my bloody sight you pathetic scumbag.


    —Yeah. HE'S the scumbag

    I don't know why you have to be a retarded smartass trying to be the cool guy around here but it's not going to do you much. But because you and your loon-ward friends are laughing so hard, I'm just gonna sit here, point at you, laugh and pity all you fools all day. Excuse the hell out of me for being perfect, next to you single-celled losers. It comes with genes, you know, being able to THINK and all. I'm sorry for your mom, she must be sad to have such a retarded loser for a kid. Ah well, I've got an abuse report to make now. The last thing though is funny, if I'm psycho for having a moral code I stick to and I'm not a bitch to others like you then I'm the craziest bastard alive on this planet, and yet I'm still so much more sane than you, it hurts.



    Basically, I turned to the fat bitch and slapped her upside the face. The customers just laughed...oh, and one pregnant idiot raised an eyebrow accusingly. As if I could care for a fat woman harboring a rat in her stomach .... So uhh what happened was he returns with cops 15 minutes later, on account of personal injury or whatever it's called. The employees and the few customers still nearby said the woman started it :-D. Haha, fat bitch stormed out of the house screaming and crying ^-^. Lesson learned : IF you're stupid, people will punch you in the face along with life.


    —Violency torwards wimmins is always a plus.

    I'll just return something you gave me once. "Don't let me catch you on the street".


    —Would be a good comeback,if he ever left his house

    Please Ralesk die, okay? Just...turn up and die. Nobody gives a rotten fuck about some backstabbing troll like you. Die. I'm involved in this problem while you aren't. *Die*, okay? I'll piss on your corpse as a farewell gift or something.


    —Aaaaaaaaand we're back to piss and corpses.

    Show in Hungary, then we can talk about whips and I'll ask my policemen friends to help with the cuffs.



    Battle of Blackwingdragon and RaveRaptor

    Long ago there lived a peaceful village where the villagers slaved every day to find pictures. They would post thine pictures on Ye Old Bulletin and comment each other on their finds. These villagers were proud and happy, until a creature crawled from the depths of his grand mothers basement. This creature would then become known as Blackwingdragon. The villagers were confused as to why he would bring so much hate to the Ye Old Bulletin, and particularly on a certain artist's work. The villagers grew angry at Blackula and tried their best to keep the creature away, from summoning the Village guards to keep him at bay for three days, and another time for more. Ya know what, screw the polishing a turd thing. I'm gonna tell it all how it happened from the beginning of when he came to our board.

    See, all of us on this board would comment on other pictures, yeah we searched, and we uploaded. But theres always that one tard that comes along and ruins it for everyone, not in a funny way like any anon would, but in a retarded way. See, he would pull his internet tough guy act on pictures most people enjoyed and say they sucked or something. Always constantly going about it, always annoying everyone, even getting the temp. ban twice! The bastard would just never learn, thats when I made it my goal to troll him. Every time he would make his shitty posts, I would be there to slap him back to his place, as well as other users because we were tired of his crap.

    It started with one picture by an artist named Dragoneer. For some reason, he had a pasionate hate against him. So I told him to stop acting like a kid and move on. From there, he kept making his comments, he would get slapped back down. Then he would crawl away beaten to a pulp by everyone, only to emerge again for another beating. However, the recent might be his last because of how severe it went this time. He was pulling a Carlos Mencia on me for a while, taking me calling him a kid thing way too far and ruining it like Mencia would do like adding anti-lulz shit to it, and I caught him in the act. Though I have to pray for forgiveness from the Almighty Raptor Jesus for what I said. Anywho, here we go! (The following takes place on August 21, 2009)

    Exactly something I'd expect out of that idiot XD. Unfortunately the win of the character overpowers the fail of the art immensely. IN short, flamedramon is not \ yet \ ruined by stupidity.



    we get it, you hate dragoneer



    Actually I hate retarded shit like there is in the picture far more.Porn gets boners out of people. This?This gets a giggle out of me. Just because it doesn't arouse you doesn't mean there aren't people that fap to it. It looks like something a four year old made. You'd giggle, pat his or her head and hang it on the fridge because it's a joke...but you want to make the kid feel better. :-D.



    We get it, your a wana-be anon.



    What kinda 4y old draws furry porn?


    —ktkr, speaking truth

    We get it, your too full of unwarrented self-importance. Yeesh, just comment about a picture rather then attempt to start an all out fued with everyone. Let alone, your the only one who acts like a kid, always complaining about how everything does not go YOUR way. This site was never made to cater to you immature Rosie O'Donald lovers who think they can get away with anything and everything (Sure you learned that by now, haven't you?) And I hound your comments because all your doing is trolling. See, your Carlos Mencia and I am Joe Rogan. Carlos steels jokes, you make constant and failed attempts at trolling. Joe catches Carlos stealing said jokes, I catch you at constant failures of trolling. As for admins, you seem to already be on their bad side, and think by the records of your comments, they would just ignore you for pointless whining. Then again, thats what everyone had done already, eh?



    It's a big penis, get over it. some people find it hot, some people flame it like a marshmallow because they don't like it. You don't see people flaming those pictures of furries taking sh*ts or farting all over the place. Why not just look away instead of waste your time hating? it's a website for porn, not criticism.


    —Fish Man, winning at the internet.



    —Fishman, forfeiting said win

    See that's why most of the fandom needs to be purged with fire. I'm ignoring the kiddie as much as I can but he RAGES at the mere sight of me.


    —Blackwingdragon, purging the internet with fire

    Then there is the fact that not only you act like a kid, your a full blown coward. After a few hours, after you take your whipping and flee with your tail between your legs, you come back and your back at it again, thinking none of us would notice. No one takes you seriously anymore, the Mods apparently don't like you, so just look at the pictures and keep your negative opinions to yourself. Now get back in the kitchen



    The fact that he merits an ED article speaks volumes about his failure.


    —millis, in an epic win

    Delicious Sauce

    A visual metaphor of Blackwingdragon.

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