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    Now you know why her deviation photos look "good".

    Common sense dictates that throwing anything with tits onto a flock of cosplayers and gamers, popularity is instantly achieved. Feed them something actually pretty with tits, what is achieved, you may ask. A GODDESS, that's what! Meet File:Deviantart-favicon.png blackmage9, a.k.a. Alodia Gosiengfiao, the Philippines' most famous cosplaying tartlet. Shining beacon to tartlets everywhere, she is everything her fans aim to be a successful faux-model someday.

    The Birth of Alodia-sama

    File:Alodias Raepday.jpg
    A chance to give back to her fans.

    Before partaking ambrosia, Alodia was just your average weeaboo. She was a relative nobody in the forums she frequented, chillin' with other weeaboos. She even rped as a goth nurse in forums, like your average, normal girl. That soon changed when she produced her picture though. Mods who have never seen pre-pubescent tits collectively shat bricks at the sight and threw a party for their new baby. After the celebration subsided, she ascended to the throne of Modhood she so rightfully deserves.

    Every Cosplayer's Dream Come True

    Whorikku, as she was affectionately called.

    Circa 2003, Alodia broke beyond the interbutts and filled the world with the gloriousness that is her being by cosplaying some cumbucket from an obscure video game. Commoners gushed at the sight, a female was dressed as a female character and vaguely resembles a woman. Since she was the only tit-bearing tramp without a mustache in the event, she was given the People's Choice Award. Realizing that this was far better than getting attention over the internet, Alodia never looked back and decided to build her own cult of KAWAII and milk the zombie members for all they're worth.

    Choosing her target audience

    Alodia's fans are the same as your run-of-the-mill fan, except that they 9,001x more insane. They truly and honestly believe that Alodia is the Messiah for cosplayers and the faithful shall receive their deity's kindness and blessings. And just as any other faithful believer, nay-sayers who have the gall to slander Alodia shall be swiftly fed to the lions. Majority of her flock are found in DA, so kindly praise them of their faith in the Goddess.

    Self-appointed Alodia Knights

    Her most lifeless fans have made it their mission to protect their goddess from any perceived threat there is. Any internets drama brewing drama relating to Alodia has been immediately extinguished by this marauding horde of masculine e-protectors. That's an irony in itself, since their greatest fantasy is to violate their dear Alodia the moment an opportunity presents itself.
    Her less popular sister, File:Deviantart-favicon.png orangeish is one of her staunchest white knights. Like her fanboy counterparts, she is quick to douse drama and criticisms of her sister.

    I could not STAND people who say bad things about my sister.


    — orangeish, expressing her love for her Oneesama.

    Her zealots' crusades, screencapped for your pleasure. About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Modelling first, Cosplay later

    For cosplaying tartlets, it is a must that they frolic in their own handmade masterpieces. Though the clothes may be shitty, that's fine and well, as long as they poured their hearts into it and made them with their own grimy sausage hands. To do otherwise is the cosplayer equivalent of sodomy in the Bible and is penalized severely.

    So when their deity admitted to have been donning purchased crap all along, one would have thought that it was only a matter of time before Alodia's tartlet fans transform into a lynch mob and burn her shit-stained corpse in true Guy Fawkes fashion.

    Instead, the tartlets ripped out their eyes and popped their eardrums and promptly ignored all the criticism. Her fanbase, are special after all. Again, in true tartlet fan fashion, they recite as their mantra:

    ur jus jealous of Alodia-sama coz ur ugly and fat!


    — tartlet, describing herself.

    Who cares, she's still fappable tho.


    — Fantard's psyche is revealed.

    Alodia, in a true display of benelovence, promised to give her award to Mang Poli, her couturier. So to all you cosplayfags, it's OK to buy your frock from now on. In the event you win, just give the trophy to the maker, mmkay? And Alodia still hasn't learned her lesson after the first incident.

    Commissioning ain't easy y'all!! About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Genius Artz

    Truly, our glorious Alodia-sama is the complete package. Not only is she beautiful, she is blessed with talent and also a great artist. Just check out her DA gallery for her amazing works. Be careful though, the unworthy who gaze upon her art have been known to go blind from the sheer beauty in her work.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    For sale: Fapping AIDS

    Contrary to popular belief, Alodia just cannot have enough monies. Not only does she make a shitload of cash from the modeling jobs she's receiving, her fantards' constant need for her cosplay pictures keep both her and DA happy with the luxuries of life. She even made a love handmade doll of herself and proceeded to auction it off in her DA account. Her divine self doesn't even need eBay to sell stuff. From a mere $12 or so, the price immediately went up and finally sold for $297.33 to this lonely tartlet. Some speculate that a limited edition Alodia fleshlight is in the works.

    The Merchandise

    Her business prowess. About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Spotting lolcow behavior

    Visual aid for fantards.

    Unfortunately for you, this tartlet seldom engages in lulz-worthy behavior. As soon as she is called on the fakeness of her boobs and attitude, her fantards intervene and leave little to be said from their Goddess. In fact, her fanboys keep a closer eye on her DA account than Alodia herself. But fear not, dear EDiot, here are chronicles of lulz from Alodia herself! Indeed, her true self cannot be concealed.

    Gallery of Alodia Lulz About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Cake Incident

    It's Alodia's birthday!! As she gracefully ages, a cake is presented to her in front of her millions (and millions) of fans. But in her self-absorbed mind, she nor her legions of fantards notice something is totally amiss with the cake...

    Delicious cake, you must fuck it About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    You stole her picture? HOW DARE YOU!

    An improvement, actually.

    You'd think camwhores would be flattered if someone actually had enough sense to use their picture in a media campaign. Again, Alodia surprises us. Though it appears her concern is that her sublime head was removed and replaced by a globe. Be sure to spot those internet lawyers!

    PROTIP: If Alodia cries "help" to her fantard-tartlets, she actually means EAT THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS ALIVE.


    On September 26th, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy decided to make some lulz and wreck havoc on those Mexicans on an Island. While the storm didn't manage to off Alodia, the storm inspired our tartlet into some "creativity", all the while her fellow countrymen were frantically bailing out their homes, trying to save possessions, and dying horrible watery deaths. Obviously, the wrath of Mother Nature and the deaths of peons is no matter for the Goddess herself. Even more amazing? Her fans don't give a shit about people dying, rather just worship their false god. Of course, with disaster, there is the inevitable Charity mode, where people will whore themselves out to seem like they want to do something to help those in need, when in reality, it's more to stroke egos and appear to be caring for people you don't wanna know or meet. Ever.

    "This turned into a really good shoot! Maybe we can all buy prints of this series to help the flood victims? Great work, both of you, glad you are safe."


    Alodia's fanfags trying to appear like they care.

    In this case, for every 10 pesos the print garners, 7.90 pesos will go to "production costs." I hear theirs a new Angel Blade Statue in the works that Alodia wants to add to her collection of sex toys. A 4channer tries to help in the effort, but the way most bad MySpace pages are coded, he is redirected not to a charity site where his US$1 will buy some poor flooded out kid 14.7 years of food, but to Kid Nemo, an online toystore that utilizes Alodia as their spokesperson via a navigation bar to the side.

    To the person who had been questioning the occurrence of this shoot during the Typhoon Ondoy, will you please allow me to explain. We had this shoot planned days before Ondoy hit. The terror typhoon came as a surprise. While we were going about the shoot, we were stuck inside our house and we didn't really have any news yet about what was going on outside. So for those who thought we were "camwhoring" while people outside were suffering, no. We were "camwhoring" before any news of how grave the situation was ever came up. We were "camwhoring" because we were STUCK AT HOME. What did you want us to do? Go out and help while it was happening? Out in the rain? Without knowing what to do and who to help? LOL. Think about it, ~catgirlshyla. ;) Besides, we did some volunteer work a few days after. When it was actually SAFE to do so.


    —Alodia, showing a complete lack of common sense.


    "you want us to HELP PEOPLE!??!! WTFLOLBBQJJFLEF!?!! we'll do that when it's SAFE,and our shoes won't get ruined thank you. plus we were BOOOOOORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!11!!! being rich isn't enough sometimes. so we go camwhore to make ourselves feel pretty"


    —Babelfish's impeccable translation of Bitchinese to Engrish

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Commemorative Kanye West Imma Let You Finish

    Yo Alodia, I feel happy for you and Imma let you finish but New Orleans had one of the best hurricanes of ALL TIME.


    —Kanye West

    Furries rejoice!

    She's a furry nao guise.

    Alodia-sama is casted as leading character in shitty remake of Korean show "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Furries shall furiously fap as her fursona unfolds on national TV.


    On April 4, 2009, Alodia's first fans day was finally held. This event was held simultaneously with a PR event for some MMORPG, but on to the point. She was granted the honor of being among the judges for the cosplay competition, coz, you know, she's the BEST COSPLAYER EVAR! Much to her dismay, however, she was left to judge only a mere 10 out of 100%, despite being allegedly promised to be given equal judging weight with the other godkings of cosplay. The nerve! She should be given at least 100% judging weight! She is THE god-queen of cosplay, after all.

    This spurned another a cry for halp in her DA and her plurk, the latter have since been edited to conceal her butthurt. Said plurk is the current capital of Alodia-drama. Needless to say, it attracted symphathy and disdain alike.

    Gallery of Butthurt About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Lesbian Goddess?

    Straight from the girl herself, ladies and gentlemen.

    I think I am a guy at heart because I enjoy looking at sexy women, videogames...


    — blackmage9, on wanting some virtual poosay.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Coupled with the disturbing number of hentai anime female pvc figurines she possesses, such theory is plausible. Gender dysphoria ? Or is she simply a bona fide lesbian? This theory just gives her fantards moar reason to suck up to her, in hopes of being invited to a lesbian threesome.

    BREAKING NEWS; Going to the USA

    This coming July '09, Americunts have a chance at meeting Alodia-sama. Don't miss it! Didn't appear due to being nicked by Customs and Border Protection for using a Tourist Visa to do Business-Related travel and deported back to the motherland.

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