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    It's a fucking dog, geeze
    She's a true furry
    Ruining the meme with her weight

    'Blackfrost', real name Julie Wondra, is yet another attention whoring wolfaboo that has caught the eye of the internets. Like most furfags, she craves attention and cannot operate without the sympathizing yiffscritches of her small fan-base of furs equivalent to an elephant's fecal matter. With an easily deflated E-go, she creates journal posts on her fagaffinity more than she actually draws. Her art is a furry standard, which involves poorly penciled sketches of her "perfect bodied" fursona in little to no clothing. The character is far from unique, being a fucking wolf-thing with a fetish for oriental weapons. Being such an attention whore, she whined on her journal about how her Pomeranian was put down because it attacked her mother. Unlike most furry "artists" she checks every fucking submission of hers for new comments and posts, no matter how old it is. This is noted in the drama fest that forced her to delete the art and attempt to leave the fandom 4evah, as well as use reverse psychology to try and find someone that will love her sweaty rolls of flab.


    Blackfrost's IRL self is your stereotypical furry female. From the looks of her pictures (now removed), she is estimated at about 360 pounds. Being this fat means she probably cannot reach her ass to wipe or squeegy. (Explains her virginity) Most fat people have emotional problems, which is not stereotyping this furfag at all. Because of her whining and constant insecurities, she takes medication for mental conditions. Though the journals and submissions having been deleted over butthurt, there was a large explosion of drama. A user named Zerowarrior posted a comment on her submission of her RL self with the response, "Fat and ugly, that's all I have to say." As a lardball, she goes on an emo-fest and nearly becomes an hero. For the next several days, she posted typical emo journal logs explaining how she felt "empty inside." Honestly, one cannot fathom how she even knows what it's like to be empty, since she's never gotten laid and continuously eats. The crescendo was Blackfrost deleting all of her art of Furaffinity, and leaving a journal saying she was leaving the fandom. The last section read that she needed a week off, which becomes more ironic as she comes back within 16 hours of the last journal. She opens the journal with, "Well, I guess it wasn't a week that I was gone." Upon returning, she posts some poorly drawn bestiality porn that burns the eyes to look at. In conclusion, it would seem that Blackfrost is some of the easiest troll-bait on the internets. Sadly there is no contact info available to troll her with.

    Her Mother

    The mother of this furfag just recently joined the fandom. You can read about the article here This is unusually sad because most people of this age should have a sense of morality, and a wisp of intelligence. Blackfrost's mother proves that even older people can lose all sense of sanity.

    From what is observed of Blackfrost, she'll probably become a 30+ crying sob from the butthurt induced by this article.

    Lend Her Money? DO NOT WANT!!!

    Blackfrost is always out of money. According to reliable sources, if you lend her your money, it'll take over 9000 years for her to pay you back. An example of this can be found when Anonymous lent her money at Anthrocon, and she went and spent her con earnings on a shiney new office chair instead of paying the person back.


    Yes, I know I'm fat and ugly! I don't plan on reproducing! Don't worry, no more fat and ugly people will come from me!



    What you want me to do huh? Kill myself!? You want me to leave DA and FA?? Never appear on the net again? Hey just let me know huh.. and I will never step upon the net again.



    Ways to troll Blackfrost

    1. Call the bitch fat.
    2. Say her art sucks.
    3. Tell her that her fat clogs the tubes.
    4. Explain to her why she has a back problem. (It's her fat.)

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