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Black History Month is that time of the year when liberal-possessed public schools ignore their standard curriculum of teaching important Jewish contributions to society like the atomic bomb, accounting, currency and Monotheism along with the noble White, Northern European contributions of freedom, The pocket watch, The jet engine, radio, the printing press and the Holocaust so they can give their black students a month where they are filled with lies, in the hopes that they may develop some pride in their race so they wont be so angry when they have to go home to a cold apartment and have grape Flavor-Aid and overly processed chicken nuggets for dinner. White students, on the other hand, are accused and assaulted with imaginary crimes in the hopes that they will believe that their ancestors' sins have been passed down to them along their DNA in the hopes that they will develop a proper case of White guilt that will always ensure the black-man a free ride from them.


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Black History Month originally began as Black History Week, created by Black Historian Carter G. Woodsen and was held on the second week of February because the 12th was Abraham Lincon's birthyday and the 14th, Frederick Douglass'.

Since, at this time, Blacks in America had no information regarding their place of origin, Woodson's goal was to promote a homogeneous mixture of information and history from country's like Ethiopia, Nigeria, Chad etc. He also had the goal of teaching about black accomplishments, history and figures in the United States.

Woodson's motivation for creating Black History Week was he feared the extinction of the Black Man saying,

If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it stands in danger of being exterminated. The American Indian left no continuous record. He did not appreciate the value of tradition; and where is he today?


—Carter G. Woodson

Put The Blame On Ohio

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Sometime during the year of 1969, overly liberal, trustfund kiddies at Cunt State University, yes that Cunt State, were looking at the results of culturally biased IQ tests and felt that black children weren't capable of absorbing all the information being offered in a 5 day school week, nor was there enough time to convince children with lies about the inventivenous and creativity of Blacks by giving them credit for the inventions and accomplishments of whites or enough time to properly brainwash white students into feeling white guilt so they pushed for a Black History Month.

In the year of 1970 the first Black History Month was held in the state of Ohio and 6 years later in 1976, Republican President Gerald Ford officially recognised Black History Month after someone convinced him that he was signing for the Pizza And Beer that he had ordered.

Some criticism has followed President Ford's recognition and overall creation of a Black History Month saying, "Why isn't there a White History Month?". Some, such as those from Stormfront, feel the need to reply with their favored answer of, "Because there's way too many white accomplishments, inventions and greatness to fit into a single month."

Black Celebrities like Morgan Freeman have criticised the month saying, "Black History Month is a fraud and keeps children from realizing that Black History is also American History. By delegating Black History to a month of its own, so called open minded liberals are doing blacks no favors because they are doing what has always, historically, been down and seperating blacks into their own group rather than letting them be seen as equals by standing next to other races for comparrison. Where will Obama be taught 10 years from now? In American History or Black History Month?"


Having a month for black history compartmentalizes the issue, as if once the month is over we can turn our attention away from it again until the next year


Zia Hassan

When do we get to treat Black Holidays like MLK Day like everyone gets to treat St. Patricks day? Hell! Let's make MLK Day a day where every body gets to claim they're black, wear black face, drink forties and smoke crack?


—Liam Hogan

The blackman wants to sell the idea that he is the only one being molested and kept prisoners by the federal government. He does a disservice to us all when he performs his sleight of hand and gets us watching him by crying "Look here! Look what they are doing to me." And we all look, falling for the magic trick; no one asking if we were wearing chains when we came in to see the show.


—Jim Traficant

SJW Whine About MLK Speech Used In Super Bowl Ad

Thinking that they are the owners and caretakers of his legacy, Blacks and SJWs became incensed when Dodge used a speech from Martin Luther King Jr, recorded exactly 50 years to the day before the Ad's airing, as a voice over for their Super Bowl ad for the Dodge Ram.

The ad dealt with everyone being able to achieve personal greatness with MLK being used as the voiceover with audio being taken from his before mentioned, 4 February 1968 speech with King saying, "Everybody can be great, You only need a heart full of grace; soul generated by love."

Ignoring the positive message and choosing to only to be offended, detractors admonished Dodge harshly, suggesting that Dodge was trying to repackage and sell Dr. King's message into a white friendly, pro-capitalistic series of sound-bites with the underlying scheme of weakening the legacy of a positive, Black leader and to detract from Black History Month with Dodge only using Dr. King in the ad in the hopes of making him another well behaved and short-leashed spokesman like Bill Cosby.

Critics of the ad have claimed that Dodge's desire is for Americans to associate Dr. King and his speeches as a call to consumerism and spend, spend, spend because as one Tin-Hat put it, "If the Dodge executives had read the entirety of this speech from Dr. King they would have noticed that it also speaks against unchecked consumerism and taking on more debt than one can afford."

"You Know, economists tell us that your automobile should not cost more than half of your annual income. So if you make an income of five thousand dollars, your car shouldn't cost more than about twenty-five hundred. That's just good economics. And if it's a family of two, and both members of the family make ten thousand dollars, they would have to make out with one car. That would be good economics, although it's often inconvenient. But so often, haven't you seen people making five thousand dollars a year and driving a car that costs six thousand? And they wonder why their ends never meet. [laughter] That's a fact."

Lies Told Every Black History Month

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We's wuz kings an shit
I believe that children are our future

Myth #1: Your fat ass would have to take the stairs if Alexander Miles hadn't invented the elevator.

  • Lie: The elevator has always been known through history in one form or another. It was Elisha Otis who invented the modern safety elevator. All Miles did was improve how the doors opened and closed.

Myth #2: A black American by the name of John Burr invented the lawn mower.

  • Lie: Lawns were popular with the rich in England way before the idea of the green suburbia started to appear in America. It was an Englishman, Edward Beard Budding, that invented the lawn mower in 1830.

Myth #3: You have Frederick McKinley Jones to thank for the reason that you aren't sweating your ass off on a hot day because he invented the air conditioner.

  • Lie: It was Willis Carrier, in 1902, who created the Air Conditioner. Jones, contributed to the air conditioner by making it smaller so military hospitals could store perishable supplies like blood.

Myth #4: A pioneering black doctor, Dr. Charles Drew, that specialized in blood was allowed to die in hospital after a car accident because racist doctors refused to give him WHITE BLOOD.

  • Lie: This myth became popular because of the television show M*A*S*H. The truth is, Dr. Charles Drew was pretty much Dead On Arrival and nothing could be done for him. This has been confirmed by John Ford who was one of the passengers in Dr Charles Drew's car at the time of the accident.

Myth #5: You have a black man, George Washington Carver to thank for the Peanut Butter in your PBJ.

  • Lie: Peanut Butter was invented in 1895 by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the same guy that invented your corn flakes.

Myth #6: George Washington Carver started the whole green movement when he envisioned the diesel engine that could use bio-oils like peanut oil as fuel.

  • Lie: The Diesel engine was invented by, surprise, Rudolf Diesel who originally envisioned his engine being powered by vegetable oils.

Myth #7: The cannon was invented in the 14th century by African Mercenaries, The Moors, who were hired by Muslims in the war that created the Ottoman Empire

  • Lie: Historically, the first cannon was a hand cannon and was used by soldiers serving the Song Dynasty in China sometime around the 12th century.

Myth #8: Africa's gratest contribution to the world is its invention of paper.

  • Lie: We get our word for paper from the Egyptian word papyrus which is a writing material made from crushed plant fibers. Paper was invented by the Chinese.

Myth #9: Cleopatra, the one that fantards like to ship with Julius Ceaser and Mark Antony from Roman History was black.

  • Lie; The Cleopatra they refer to was a member of the Ptolemaic Kingdom founded by Alexander the Great and was of Greek descent.

Myth #10: Blacks printed the first books and the oldest printed book is a work from Alexandria, Egypt.

  • Lie: The first printing of books started in China during the Tang Dynasty and the oldest printed book is a copy of the Diamond Sutra that was published during this period.

Myth #11: More blacks died in Vietnam than all of the whites put together.

  • Lie: On Average, blacks made up around 14% of all the enlisted men who died in Vietnam with whites making up around 84%.

Myth #12 George R. Carruthers created the digital camera.

  • Lie: The digital camera was actually invented by Steven Sasson while he was employed by Kodak. George R. Carruthers invented an "Image Converter" which detected electromagnetic radiation in short wavelengths. He also invented an ultraviolet camera, that used old fashioned style film made from acetate, that was used on the Apollo 16 Mission.

Myth #13: At the end of the Civil War, every freed slave was promised that plantation lands would be confiscated and former southern lands would be redistributed to all freed black men with everyone of them getting 40 Acres And A Mule.

  • Lie: being inundated with former slaves and civilians following his Army and being unable to feed and protect them William T. Sherman said that every black man over a certain age could claim 40 acres from the lands around where his Army had marched. At no time did the U.S. Government make this promise and the lands that were confiscated and given to freed slaves by General Sherman were returned to their original southern owners simply because a United States military officer does not have the authority to make land distributions that require an act of Congress.

Myth #14: Africa Is The Cradle Of Civilization.

  • Lie: As most people are used to hearing that Africa is the Cradle of Life because what would eventually evolve into modern Homo Sapians first appeared in Africa very few contest this. Asia, which is known for having some of the oldest civilizations, some that are still in existence, such as Mesopotamia, India, the Indus Valley and China is the real Cradle of Civilization.

Myth #15 The Persian Empire was the largest, significant empire in the history of man.

  • Lie: This myth, like Myth #14, suffers from intense Afro-Centrism by either trying to ignore Asian and White Achievments or inflate and falsify African and Black History by suggesting that Persia is in Africa and not the Middle East. People try to include this in Black History because the Persian Empire ruled North Africa and Egypt and because, in the past, many of the darker Middle Easterners were refered to as being Black. Historically the largest empire was the British Empire at its height, controlling over 35.5 million square kilometers of land or about 24% - almost a quarter of the Earth's usable land mass not including oceans and seas. Before that, it was the Mongol empire controlling 24 million square kilometers of land or about 16% of the Earth's usable land. The Persian Empire controlled about 5.5 million kilometers of land or 3.7% of the Earth's usable land. Although it is far from being the largest, the Persian Empire ruled the greatest percentage of people. In 480 B.C. or at the height of the Persian Empire it ruled 49 million of the Earth's estimated population of 113 million or about 44% of the Earth's population.

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