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    Bishie syndrome

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    Man or woman? WHO CARES? IT'S BISHIE!

    Bishie syndrome, a disease affecting 95% of all DeviantART users, is the leading cause of shitty art. It stems from lack of anatomical knowledge, poor drawing skills, and the sickening urge to make everything kawaii. Art infected by BS is to be avoided at all costs. Artists infected by BS are to be trolled, for they are lolcows like no other.

    Typical BS Art

    Thank Christ N.Gin is already a fag

    A prime example of art infected with Bishie syndrome. The picture is pornography, like much of BS infected art, but also nauseatingly cute If you find that cute then you should probably kill yourself. The anatomy is typical of the fucktarded, notice the penis has no head and the creature also has a vagina, and is as girly as Fred Phelps. The characters are drawn in that cutesy-Anime style with no noses, a common feature. Also note that while the creator claims that she is drawing an actual creature, like many affected by BS, she can only draw miscellaneous shit that is kawaii(See:Pokemon) and make all her characters look like women.

    In fact the whole point of Bishie syndrome is to make men look more like women, in order to help the sexually confused 16 year olds who lap that shit up like Cristal feel more comfortable about being into freaky gaysecks. Also, many BS sufferers have never seen a male body in detail, and they're just goin' with what they know.

    Bishie Syndrome is also a bastard stepchild of the Fursecution complex.

    BS symptoms

    File:Kain Raziel Merry Christmas by GoddessMillenia.jpg
    If this seems cute to you, self-pwn please.

    Warning: If you notice yourself suddenly displaying such symptoms, do the right thing.

    • Posting pictures/poetry on LiveJournal about you cutting yourself/flying on the astral plane/buying new Wapanese shit.
    • Dedicating an entire AMV to a couple that has no canon support yet you claim is "true love"
    • Going off on a Drama Llama rant when someone constructively criticizes/compliments your artwork.
    • Harassing people who disagree with your opinion and getting them banned out of spite.
    • Saying everything is kawaii desu when really, it isn't.
    • Thinking two animals/children/undead guys make the perfect couple.
    • Writing fanfiction about them.
    • Drawing fanart featuring them in "cute" poses.
    • Whining "I just have a distinctive style!" when someone points out how your drawing skill hasn't risen above Elementary level in ten years.
    • Posting a picture of two people making the book with two covers and insisting it isn't pr0n.
    • Going batshit insane at the drop of a hat.

    The Artists

    File:Sirius Bust by snapesnogger copy.jpg
    WARNING: If infected by BS, all your drawings will look the same

    The creators of such faggery all fall into one category: 16 year old girls. Mind you, some claim to be in their twenties, but such claims cannot be taken srsly; especially when phrased like this: "im in my 20s yo, wtf is up wit dis Anna Tommy chick?".

    Some notorious BS sufferers

    Note that many of these examples are Wapanese and Emo. This is a huge factor in the abillity of the body's immune system to fight off such fucktardation. However, many fangirls embrace the syndrome as it creates such fabulous art.

    What to do if you contract BS

    • Rinse your mouth with Shotgun Mouthwash. Spit, rinse, and repeat until you're no longer alive.

    What to do if a friend contracts BS

    See also