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Bill Waggoner Crew

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For information about Bill Waggoner himself, see Bill Waggoner

  The Bill Waggoner Crew are a bunch of Russian super-hackers and Knights of the Lulz that are alleged to have strong ties to Al-Qaeda, the Yakuza, Joseph Kony and even, some say, Likeicare. They formed shortly after the WGMD raids in 2009 and went straight to BlogTalkRadio. The BWC tells their victims that they are getting paid by and work for Bill Waggoner. Bill often says that he himself is not affiliated with this group of fanboys, but he still calls on them if he wants someone doxed. Most All of the members in the BWC often show each other their uncut cocks and think it's funny.


Bill Waggoner started the BWC indirectly. One day, while advertising his penis enlargement pills, the spam king realized that he couldn't fill up all these inboxes by himself. Bill roped a few guys into helping him out with the spam with the promise of big money. He never delivered. Big shock, amirite? These employees turned trolls used Billy as their mascot for future escapades.  

Facebook Memorial-Page Trolling


You may be asking, "What is RIP Trolling?", and if you are, you are a fucking idiot.  

RIP trolling consists of going on the Facebook Memorial Pages and posting 'lol u died' videos and poorly made shoops of the deceased.  

Most of the BWC are RIP trollers and justify their actions by claiming that "It's because of the Grief Tourists." Grief tourists, as you will probably know, are random people who do not know the dead, but search for memorial pages offering their sorrows. They also tell people that Bill Waggoner himself is paying them to troll dead people.

Here you can see their work:


We put the "fun" in "funeral."


Versus the NCF

The NCF, known for their leader IHM, can be almost considered a "rival" to the BWC lol dead.

I also heard the GNAA is accepting applications, if you like trolling groups with silly acronyms



  Both groups can still to this day be found fighting with each other on twitter, trying to relive days gone past, and many death/dox threats are made.  


Being the heroes of the internet that they are, the BWC has graciously taken it upon themselves to fix this crisis once and for all by doxing everyone in sight, including the staff of almost every Gamergate, game review and game production site in the US, most notable of which was Twitter-favicon.png TheRalphRetort, who was doxed in the chat of his own livestream, freaked out, cried like a bitch, then proceeded to deny the dox was his before finally admitting to it and allowing the BWC to go live on his future streams merely so they could stroke their own ego's.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Many people have tried to take down ED but none have succeeded. But, that's only because those people were not, as Bill calls them, the "Gods of the Internet." After Bill became aware of his page on ED and the photos of his children contained therein, he took to Skype with ED admin and BWC member Likeicare and gave him an ultimatum: either take down his page or the Gods of the Internet would h4x0r Cloud Flare and take down ED's hosting provider (which he claimed he knew, but would not say the name). After Likeicare refused, Bill set ED's Death Clock for 10 days. In memoriam for the imminent death of ED (as well as the imminent death of Likeicare, whom Bill said he would fly to Australia to kill), we present the reason for ED's coming demise below. NEVAR FORGET!!1`

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