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Big Dog

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Big Dog will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

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What's the matter? Too MEME for you?

Big Dog is a forced meme spawned on SA's FYAD, and soon went to 4chan's /a/, /mu/, and finally out to /b/ with video games. The images consist of a cool dog saying something is too DEEP for you. It tries to be NO U, but without the charm. The meme plays with the well-known fear of Anonymous for dogs. The sequence of using Big Dog tend to resemble this exchange:

  • Anonymous #1: "Final Fantasy 7 sucked."
  • Anonymous #2: "Don't like Final Fantasy 7? What's the matter? Too DEEP for you?"

The dog itself originates from a line of t-shirts called Big Dogs. The shirts have one of these cool dogs on it, along with an outrageous saying such as "Don't like my ATTITUDE? Take a number." It should also be noted that the entire Big Dog fashion line targets the severely obese. It is possible that the dog image and outrageous comments help fat people feel better about being huge.


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