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    Big Daikon

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    Big Daikon (also known as BD or that fucking shithole) was an internet forum populated mostly by thick, fratboy foreigners living in Japan. Primarily without moderation, trolling was rampant with the only recourse being the occasional wielding of the banhammer by the generally absent sysop, Mochee. Big Daikon was notably different from other Japan-related forums as most of the members are racists. In fact, most hate Japan yet continue to live there, probably because they would still be virgins without help of gaijin cock-hunting slappers.

    Most of the posters on BD came to Japan on the JET Program which is a government sponsored version of NOVA. Others have awesome jobs IRL where they make serious bank and fuck race queens all day. Srsly.

    A daikon is a large white raddish and the name "big daikon" relates to the idea that a white man's penis size is larger than a Jap's.


    Big Daikon can sometimes be a harsh environment containing offensive subject matter. There seems to be an unspoken rule against censorship, as posts can cover subjects ranging from the consistency of one's fecal matter to child molestation and pornography.

    Of course, the environment is not always so harsh, and there are sometimes perfectly innocuous threads; however, the average person would probably find much of the user-contributed content on BD offensive. Generally, it is not advisable to read and/or participate in the SYM (Speak Your Mind) forum if you are easily offended.

    Until the later part of 2007, Big Daikon had no moderators, but this was mostly due to popular demand, as trolling and general abuse of others was, and still is, not only a favorite pastime but often appreciated by bored losers who have nothing better to do than post on BD every waking moment.

    Noobs were (and are) frequently treated harshly, although it was difficult to blame the abusers since the noobs tended to ask such silly and ridiculous questions, like, "Should I shake the interviewer's hand at my interview?" or "Should I wear a pinstripe suit or a plain black suit?"

    A common theme on BD is "apologists" vs. "racists." The "apologists" were the people that defended Japan against unwarranted, overblown, normally misinformed, racist rants. The racists enjoyed referring to Japanese people are "gooks" "nips" and "japs" and would whine endlessly about every single shortcoming of Japan as if it was unique to Japan. Ironically, despite being racists themselves, BD racists constantly cast themselves as victims of racial discrimination over ever single perceived slight, such as being spoken to in English by a Japanse waiter in a restaurant or someone complimenting them on their chopstick skills - both guaranteed to make the BDer stomp off in a huff. By some sort of twisted logic, the racists on BD convinced themselves that they were not racist because they did not have the courage to use the same sort of racist language without the safe veil of anonymity.

    As well as being racist, most BD users were rampantly sexist, using the safe anonymity of the internet to engage in tired stereotypes about gaijin women being pringle munching fatties who have difficulty finding men to hook up with. bored with the pathetic attitudes on evidence on BD, some forum members abandoned the board altogether or moved to a site that is moderated, such as I Think I'm Lost.

    As of 2007, Mochee installed a new moderator, but he (or she) had very limited moderating powers and seems to continue ruling by the anti-censorship policy that has come to characterize BD so well over the years.


    Enabled by a large population of Japanese speakers, Big Daikon collectively engages in occasional bouts of external trolling - specifically those of Japanese supremacist groups & bloggers, celebrity fan sites & 2Chan. Retaliation from butthurt 2Channers has occasionally resulted in BD being slashdotted. Evidently some nips are still pissed about nuclear pwnage.

    Occasionally incidents within the posting population arise, usually after some kind of offline meetup involving alcohol. They invariably result in some tard crying like a bitch after being butthurt and quitting the forum. These events are demarcated by the suffix "-gate" after Watergate, when Nixon got his shit all pwned and quit the WhiteHouse to avoid the impending ban.


    DroneToBe was a failure of a poster who was on medication, a closet pedo aspie and who lived with his Japanese girlfriend and her family. He made outlandish claims that he was built like a brick shithouse and incredibly talented with the ladies. Although everyone knows that Japper sluts will bend into pretzels for white cock.


    okay, so I'm going downstairs this morning, like every other morning, well, not so much the morning as it's about two o'clock, but still my morning...anyhow I enter the shower area as usual, nothing different yet.

    down to my right, on the ground lies the laundry basket. It's a little pink thing with holes all in it. Usually, I pay it little attention, just throw my dirty socks and underwear in it and get on with my shower. However, this morning, I spotted something that caught my eye...

    as you all know well by now, I'm living with my girlfriend and her family in their house. My girl has an older sister. She's not as hot as my bird, but still about a seven out of ten or so, and her tits are a bit bigger (and that's saying something, since my bird wears a D cup). Her room is also next to 'our' room so I often fantasize that it's her I'm f*** and not my girlfriend.

    anyway, I look down and what do I see in the laundry hamper? Only two articles of clothing, a t shirt and a pair of white silk panties. I know the panties don't belong to my girlfriend, and they're sure as hell not her mother's. Plus, I knew her sister had just gotten out of the shower.

    So what would you do? Pick em up? Smell em? Put em on and have a wank?

    What do you think the Drone did?


    —DroneToBe, panty sniffer, cocksucker.

    By this point, most posters were sick of DTBs self fellating postings and this saucy post was met by lukewarm responses.

    my guess is that you wore them and beat off in front of a mirror.



    what a fvuckin weirdo.



    put em on and waited for her dad to come in and bend you over?



    Does anyone really care?



    Of course an attention whore will try ANYTHING to get fed, even the "I'm really serious, you guys!" post

    this is a true story, just wondering what others would do in my position..

    anyway, I gotta go to work, so I'll be back at about nine or so to check what you all came up with...

    why is this so out of the realm of possiblity given my living situation. Swear upon my mother's grave it happened


    —DroneToBe, fuckhead.

    By this point, people had had enough of DTBs liberal sprinkling of shit, and told him to fuck off enmasse.

    Nothing, I'd take my fucking shower, because I'm not a loser who would cheat on his girlfriend by fucking her sister.



    You "swear to god this happened"?

    So let me get this right. You live in your girlfriends parents house. You went for a shower in their house and saw their laundry basket. In said laundry basket you found, unbelievably, laundry. What were the chances of that happening eh? A bazillion to one probably. Anyway, for some reason you think this is unbelievable and so gloat about it on a message board. Finally, you want to know what we would have done. Well okay, heres what i would have done.

    Nothing at all, its their frigging laundry. people wash their clothes you know.


    —Ippolite, telling Drone to fuck off.

    I wouldn't have done anything because I wouldn't be a leeching cock-a-roach bumming a free place to stay of my girlfriend's parents. Oh, I forgot, its in exchange for you helping them out with their lives...



    I already got the answer though! so whats my prize? can i touch one of your rippling biceps? or will you let me in on the secret of "never being turned down by a Japanese girl"?



    Of course, nobody wants to be told they're a sick fuck or uncool by internet people so DTB backs up like the pussy bitch he his and recants his fantastical tale of panties and sniffing.

    okay, back from work

    and the answer is...

    I did nothing!!

    I was thinking of smelling them, but thought that maybe my fantasys would be ruined if they smelled bad.. that was my main reasoning...

    thanks for playing


    —DroneToBe, panty sniffer, cocksucker.


    After an offline meetup of BigDaikon posters, to which DroneToBe brought his girlfriend after posting the above thread and mentioning numerous other times about his cheating on her, the following was posted in the after-party discussion thread.

    Ah well...she told me a fair bit of stuff about our boy DtB while he was sitting a few feet away too.

    Feels a bit personal getting into this on the net, because I hit it off with her really well and she got chatty...I think maybe she figured he couldn't understand the Japanese conversation...

    Lets just say she isn't the happiest girl in the world in her current relationship...



    Which resulted in DtB calling for the Waaaambulance whilst publicly demanding that MightyAtom retract his statements. DtB was told to GTFO and instead created a new thread to cry like a bitch.

    those are all lies and you know it. I dont know why you posted that in the first place. I think it has something to do with the fact that you dislike me as a result of the way you think I treat me girlfriend and attempted to get at me somehow. My best guess is that you also think you are better than me and if anyone deserves a girl like mine, you do, and certainly not me.

    Here is your chance to come clean and admit that the above is total and complete bollocks, verified by my GF. And please dont even bother and insinuate that she would lie to me and not own up to this, you dont know her, I do.

    So tell everyone MightyAtom, you scheming, scum bag, why did you post that, because you know as well as I do that everything you said in that quote is untrue.

    Do one decent thing and come clean on this. If not, then I hope everyone on this forum will see you in the same light that I see you, as a lying, two faced, scumbag cvnt.

    Here's a wee chance to redeem yourself.


    —DroneToBe, whinging pussy.

    Which opened the floodgates for a stream of abuse.

    It's funny, because you could have come out the better person in this whole Dronegate fiasco. but true to form, you royally fuck it up so now you're the complete wanker again. Well done. I applaud you.



    I'm sure MA snagged your girl's keitai (cellphone) address. Shall he apologize personally to her instead?



    Why would she own up to such things to you and cause herself trouble? Are you going to own up to her that you've cheated on her? I doubt it.



    I fancy chipping in with my completely well informed view.

    If DtB thinks that his burd does not know what goes on he is thicker than a butchers turd. Japanese girls in my experience are master detectives. And as so everyone say that she is a smart lass, I have no doubt that she has got the ol mullet wonder pegged. Keep up the good work fellas, nothing like a bit of early morning entertainment to get the wheels spinning.



    DroneToBe responded to this barrage with a petulant "Not listening, Not listening, lalalalalalalal!!!"

    I will not respond to anyone on this thread but MA

    come forward MA and admit you are a lying sack of sh1t

    go on, put a nice spin on it if you want

    just admit that you lied

    thats all I am asking

    we both know you are a liar, be a man, admit it


    —DroneToBe, really bigf fuckhead.

    Addressing the obvious stupidity of this thread, Homunculus tells DtB to shove it.

    So you publically post a topic on a public forum so that everyone can see how much of a dick you're being (publically), then you say that only MightyAtom is *allowed* to respond.

    You seem to be a person who gains gratification from being recognized publically. You had to bring your lady-friend to show off at the O-rama, and now you need a public apology from MightAtom, so that everyone can see how *you* win in the end. I think you need to re-evaluate your constant need for approval.



    After this point, DroneToBe basically gives up and dies like a little bitch after a humungous 8-page tl;dr of doom.

    Sometime shortly after this, he disappeared from the board. Hopefully he has become an hero.

    JET Hit by Subway

    One minor controversy worth noting is known by the name of "LegGate," "SeverGate," or what some refer to as "Yet another example of Marquis making an ass of himself." In January 2008, a first-year JET from Sendai had just left an enkai and was about to take the subway home. When the subway was approaching, she "became dizzy" and fell in front of the train, severing her left leg and injuring her right.

    One BD member by the name of Marquis (who used to also go by the name, "AussieBill," "Jackass," and "Hypocrite," understandably objected when people began to make puns at the poor girl's expense, remarks such as, "i like to get legless at an enkai as much as the next person but this is ridiculous," or "She's a shoe in for Top JET Bloopers of the year" or... "Surely this is just an urban leg-end?!"

    Though some of his objections were understandable, Marquis also seemed to be offended when people simply made light of the situation or merely mentioned the accident as if it were a random news item in the local press, objecting even to the mere existence of the thread that had announced the accident. He made several moral judgements about these individuals' characters, and even threatened violence against the forum member who posted the OP.

    This incident would likely be a minor footnote in the history of BD if it weren't for the way in which Marquis has, in both the past and present, been insensitive and heartless in the wake of others' tragedies. For example, when Steve the crock-hunter died in 2007, Marquis responded by saying, "That annoying crocodile prick has kicked the bucket". And in May of 2008, Marquis had posted a link to an article about Lindsay Ann Hawker, an exNOVA employee whose murder in 2007 shocked the expat community. The article he linked to was poking fun of Hawker's demise and the cruel way in which the killer attempted to cover it up (no pun intended). The paragon of morality, Marquis, had remarked that it was funny.

    Common phrases found on Bigdaikon

    "NRT" Threads that have the tag "NRT" listed first are used to let the other board members know that the contents will contain little entertainment/informational value. This system was originated because the poster, nrtguy, was constantly being belittled for being the most boring and dull person ever to grace the internet with their presence.

    "H-cup jammers" referring to giant breasts. Someone posted pictures of a Japanese English sucking leech with giant H-cup breasts and the pizza faced nerds of BD went crazy.

    Some BDers

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