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File:Benthelooney Crying.jpg
Ben, after discovering his ED article...
...and after finding out that his long-lost brother is Chris-Chan.
Our manchild after a bukkake blizzard.

BenTheLooney (Powerword: Ben Tannehill) is a nineteen year-old nostalgic commentator who has generated enormous amounts of lulz. Ben makes videos with intelligent points discussing the downfall of today's society. His contributions to the YouTube commentary community has gained him at least 100 subscribers, and thousands of haters. Ben's love for ponies, cocks, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, and Tara Strong has led him to create a shitload of videos defending Lauren Faust's lesbian ass. Despite not caring about teh trolls who plague his comments section, he made a video bitching about those evil cyberbullies who make funny ass videos about him jerking to Pinkie Pie and ponified Tara Strong. For now, Benny Boy isn't posting any new videos, thank God, and is attending a shitty, unaccredited diploma mill, learning about animation. Here is an example of one in progress.

Birth of a snake oil salesman

Ben didn't start out as He had an account called YouTube Favicon.png PuffyZillaman4. He originally exploited it to upload videos talking about his favorite DVDs and tributes to Godzilla. On May 16, 2009 Ben uploaded his first rant. It's pretty much Ben talking about how much he hates Cartoon Network because they don't air The Powerpuff Girls anymore. Noticing his success, he uploaded moar videos to hoard views and subscribers. Ben's videos even has his avatar, which illustrates his artistic talent. He even thinks that, with his skill, he'll become an animator one day.

Ben's Original JewTube Videos:

He has sex with horses.

Top 10 Hottest Animated Women

File:BenTheLooney Pinkie Pie Sex.jpg
This is the closest thing that Ben will get in terms of getting laid

On April 20, 2011 Ben uploaded a countdown video. It was a list of the animated women that he jerks off to. The list included:

Some argue that Ben might be a pedophile on Chris Hansen's list because of the underage girls in the video. He received so much hate from this upload, that it makes even Aaron Barr's pwnage look like a walk in the park by comparison. This is what Ben masturbates to:

Ben wishes he could get laid to a hot slut like this but we all know that won't ever happen

Other "Women" That Ben Faps To

The Birth of BenTheLuser

Not even Pinkie Pie thinks BenTheLooney is worthy of life

Because of all the hate that Ben received from the Top 10 Hottest Animated Women fiasco video, Ben had to switch accounts to heal from the sting of beez. He made up the brilliant excuse of losing his password, unfortunately, nobody's buying it. I wonder why? Back to the drama, Ben uses this new account to make his rants. His first rant is, oh what a surprise, a rant on Cartoon Network. He uses his brand new 2011 drawing, which is pretty much like his original work, but with 42% more detail. So basically, Ben just bitches about CN not airing PPG and Ed Edd n Eddy (a show about three dorks who do random stupid shit with no coherent, tangible plot) anymore. My god, even a second grader could do better than him.

Ben vs. Family Gay

Ben has crossed the line now. He decided to rant on Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane. So basically, here's how it goes: Ben gives an unbiased description of Family Guy, bitches about why it sucks, then calls MacFarlane a talentless hack. What's funny is that Ben, for some reason likes Drawn Together which is even more crude and sexual than Family Guy. What also shows his hypocrisy is that in his "Top 10 Dumbest Soccer Mom Moments" he complained about Sarah Palin protesting against an episode of Family Guy that was making fun of autistic people and Ben replied with "It's Family Guy, it's supposed to offend you" yet he got butthurt when Family Guy killed Yogi Bear and Bugs Bunny.

Ben's insight into Family Guy

Some mariofag realized Ben's latest bullshitery and decided to put a stop to it, with a critical analysis.

Ben vs. Mario the Plumber:

BenThePussyLicker Voices His Opinion On Anime

Apparently, Ben haz knowledge about the intriguing culture of Japan....NOT!!! He made an upload about his perspective on animu and how the fast pace is too much for his feeble, autistic brain. Unlike most of his other videos, he actually doesn't bitch about something. Instead, he's neutral on the topic. Nevertheless, Ben manages to fuck up his position because he has absolutely no insight to animu whatsoever.

Ben on anime

Ben getting his ass handed to him

The Looney Tunes Show

This is his second most hated show, the first being Teen Titans Go. Ben made quite a few rants on this show, because it doesn't fit up to his nostalgic standards. This is the show which he is most infamous for ranting about, and the combined time he spends bitching about The Looney Tunes Show totals up to more than an hour. I'm dead serious. While he could be watching shows he actually enjoys, such as the classic Looney Tunes and My Little Pony, he chooses to bitch about a show barely anyone cares about and doesn't have his special type of comedy in it. He attempts to excuse his behavior by saying he's reviewing it as a fan of the Looney Tunes, but in reality he just delves deeper by pleasuring to his favorite nostalgic cartoons.

The first part of his shitty rant video

Ben Strikes Back!!!!11!11111!!1

Trolls and haters were just coming too fast for BenTheLesbian to handle. So, in a futile attempt, Ben tries to make it seem that he doesn't care. So he uploads a video on December 19, 2011 trying to make the haters think he doesn't give a crap. I mean dear god what Ben said in that video was just so stupid and so out of line that it'll most likely bite him in the ass later. He agrees with the trolls about his old videos sucking, then he addresses his logos and bumpers rant, then says he thinks the haters are funny, and finally says they're bullying him. This guy really doesn't know how the internet works and really needs to take Computer Science III.

Ben, striking back

The Empire Strikes Back

File:Benthelooney Devolution.jpg
Another example of Ben's hypocrisy

Ben really fucked up after that shitty video he uploaded, you know, about him striking back. That video made him a total lolcow and trolls are milking the drama right out of him. For starters, they were now able to expose him for the butthurt pedophile that he was. Ben also told his detractors that he couldn't stand it if his poor, defenseless fans were trolled to death. Thanks Ben, we now know how to fuck with you, all we have to do is find a bunch of Ben T. Lamer fantards and spam their channels to oblivion. A minor point, Ben revealed that he was too fucking cheap to buy a new microphone in order to fix his audioskip problem. Ben was also retarded enough to try to deflect the trolls on steroids attacks on him for his Top 10 Animated Women video. He said that he was just acting and that the video was just a joke. However, in the very next video he uploaded, he said that Disney makes the hottest princesses and manliest men. This leaves many to believe that Ben might not only be a pedophile, but also a raging homo. Yes, Ben's attempts at defending himself makes him even more of a lolcow.

Ben's arch nemesis takes on Ben's bullshit

A Flame War in Progress


888chan Drama

Ben has been making himself look like a total fucktard to the point that it got out to popular trolling anonymous imageboard, 888chan. The trolls down at /cow/ are making threads talking about the big, fat, retarded baby that Ben T. AssLicker truly is. One thread is dedicated to revealing the truth about the origins of this fatherfucking manchild. 888chan is pretty much just ripping Ben and his terrible videos to shreds. Another thead mentions him in a thread talking about Equestria Girls thread and in the process, proving that he's bisexual. Stunning developments reveal that 888chan's raiding branch might be teaming up with leftover LulzSec members who weren't partyvan'd yet, to ruin Ben's life. Their hacking techniques most likely will range from comment section raeping and haet mail to full scale social engineering and doxing. Either way if this trolling were to be approved by the hivemind, then one thing's for sure. This raid will result in a total victory.


vs. SoulBrothaNumbuh3

Around 2013 or so, Ben had his first encounter with a particularly nasty individual who had it out for him for shits and giggles. The dude went by "SoulBrothaNumbuh1/2/3/4", after some Pete Rock song or whatever. SoulBro constantly made comedy videos digging at him, fucked with him keyboard-to-keyboard, and even invited Ben to his radio show to extract more insight from his dirty, autistic mind. The feud was practically insignificant until early 2017, when SoulBro found out Ben was drawing legitimate child porn. Combine that with the video Ben did defending minstrel shows, and you have perfect comedy fodder. Here's a video narrated by him but made by a fan (of SoulBro, of course):

Ben The Racist

Chris-Chan: BenTheBitch's Long-Lost Brother?

There is one other shithead like Ben: the all-mighty and powerful Chris-Chan. Both of them show remarkable similarities, such as their physical and facial features, their autistic tendencies, and their brilliant videos. Further research has concluded that it is very likely that Chris-Chan is the long-lost brother of BenTheBitch.

Beggars can't be choosers.
This video explains it all...

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