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    64px The Pope says:
    "I have always wanted to meet Belladonna, and this has nothing to do with the fact my cock is exactly a foot long"
    See: Datura for the drug

    If anyone ever posed the argument that porn stars are normal and well-adjusted people, then they obviously never heard of Belladonna, AKA Michelle Anne Sinclair AKA Totally Batshit insane. And given that her southern-pride face and southern-fried ass have been pasted from one side of the internet to the other with pallid, disgusting nerd-sperm and black person, black person desperation, they would also be a complete and total self-hating liar.


    File:828680161 m.jpg
    Belladonna gets nostalgic for her childhood

    As her father was a Bishop in the church, she was raised a Mormon. After being born in Mississippi, her family moved from state to state, before finally settling in Utah. By this time her parents had eight other children... she really had no fucking chance whatsoever.

    She was sexually abused as a child, which her mother blames for her career in porn, totally ignoring the fact that she and her cock of a husband never paid attention to any of their brood, and when the instances of abuse happened they blamed Michelle and didn't do anything about it.

    While dancing at "The Million Dollar Saloon", a Salt Lake strip club, a fellow stripper asked her to move to California to try porn. Although initially hoping to take it slow, her first scene was a 10 black person gang rape. The experience has obviously warped her.

    She has showcased her Britney Spears state of mind by shaving all her hair off, and by sticking the fat end of a bat in her ass and pretending to enjoy it for the camera. She also signs fan autographs with "Enjoy Me", maxing out her possible Creep Points.

    Her parents are probably happy that she was at least married before being impregnated by a fat white guy twice her age.

    Special Abilities

    fall. in. to. the. gap.

    Despite her Porn Goddess status and the income of running her own production company she has Mega Bucktooth Power. Srsly, what is up with that gap? Also, only she and two other girls have the distinction of being able to deep throat foot long cocks.

    She contracted chlamydia sometime before 2004, and even though she participated in well over 200 scenes, she managed to avoid herpes until August 2007, then ArchiveToday-favicon.pngfreaked the fuck out and quit porn forever, which lasted about one month.

    Me, pregnant and dead, in the morgue


    Belladonna envisioning her next scene

    The Diane Sawyer interview

    The interview that got her banned from many companies is the one that she did for ABC with Diane Sawyer. In this interview she admits that porn has driven her to drugs and suicide attempts, and that it is an awful, awful thing.

    She keeps doing it of course, despite claiming how much it had ruined her life and her emotional well being.


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