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Lukashenko is the first Emperor of the shire of Belarus, He has upheld an oath to take to the frontlines if any wise cracking American dares to plant a Mcdonalds chain.

Indisputable proof Belarus is fucking awesome

File:Bust an AK.jpg
one man army

Presidential hockey

Is the greatest hockey player in the east and has a team of the best trained hockeys who win Belarus workers A DAY OFF TO WATCH HIM PLAY. This is what he pretends the presidential team of Belarus is.

Sometimes accidents happen when people block Lukashenko and his big black retard hat.

His Amatuer team consists himself and a bunch of actual fucking professional Belarussian Hockey players. All they do is win win win no matter what.


At 0:00=0:20 The great Premier decreees that he will rather be dictator than be gay

proof Lukashenko loves Goatse

He can forgive Lesbians, but not gays, you must require the presidential penal penalty.

Lukashenko defended the legitimacy of his re-election and vowed that Belarus would never have its own version of the Orange Revolution, in which every well built man must report in private to Lukashenko to prove his manhood.

Belarusian Economy

File:Belarus trator tato.jpg
arguably Belarussian Heaven

The driver of the Belarussian economy

The fruit of the rus

Some argue that potatoes and Tractors are the only resource available to Belarus. However the average Belarussian citizen would retort that Victor just eats every thing.

Oh Viktor you just can't put your hand from those moonpies can you you silly butterball. HEy now that big bowl of fancy swiss pudding was a big handfull of roubles be careful, youl gobble the enitre GDP at this rate. You are a real porker there arent you ;)

Crime and Punishment in Belarus

Quite fortunate for you stupid barbaric Americans, there is only one crime in Belarus. Perhaps Belarussians are just better behaved than the pathetic western parasite. Or it could be that all the unemployed are paying government 200 dollars a month, you American welfare queens. The next protest will be centered on breathing heavily 5 times to indicate discontent for government. Participants expect to face life in prison or service in Lukashenko's private potatoe garden for Victor. Also, Belarus is the last European nation to practice the death penalty, as they are badasses and don't give a fuck about what the rest of Europe says.

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