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    Bebo Concerned

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    Cat eyes.JPG
    Amanda belcher eating meat.png

    Bebo Concerned is a Bebo group that is moderated by a gang of undersexed middle-aged mothers, who feel as if it is their God-given duty in life to single-handily police the entire Internet. The group came to the forefront of Anonymous' attention when it and a sister group called Fake Finders organised a mass report against one of Anonymous' main Bebo haunts, inevitably leading to its deletion by the KGBebo Administrators. This led to what one with a deep understanding of the Internet and its surrounding tubes would call a shitstorm, as an army of restless trolls with nothing better to do with their time decided to seek revenge on those who had so mercilessly depraved them of their OL home.


    War broke out and not long after, anonymous had gleaned enough information about these privacy-savvy moderators to start taking back the Internet and the freedoms that it had promised them. It was found that one moderator was a 40-something year old blind vegan whose main hobby in life seems to be having epileptic fits. Upon discovery of Jennie Ellouise's (real name: Amanda Belcher) personal information, Anonymous quickly published everything to the public domain, along with several Photoshop edits of her Facebook profile image. This single action alone, against a blind vegan woman who suffers from epileptic fits, proves that Anonymous is physically and emotionally incapable of showing any mercy whatsoever.

    Anne Skillen (Bebo Mama)

    Anne Swillen, the head modfag behind Bebo Concerned, operates under the screen-name Bebo Mama, which pretty much sums up her entire do-as-I-say-or-else OL attitude. Her information, and information/images relating to her darling young daughter Katrina, were also found and distributed to the general Bebo populace.

    Iain Rooney

    Iain Rooney is a Loyalist Scotchman who is steadily balding at the age of 21. Fat and unwanted by cumdumpsters, Iain spends his time on the Internet, herocially battling away against evil demonic trolls. Please take some time to read a story that Iain wrote when he was 20.

    it was on a october night in callander and me and my friends were walking by the calalnder graveyeard when we got a glimps of a figer staring at us it was glowing in the dark. as we looked at it to me and my friends it lookd like a green lady. so we all when to the libery the next day to look up on this lady and it come back as a lady who was murderd or drowned in the river teath at callander. meny years ago. she was murderd by her son who was so drunk he didnt know what he was doing to her. to this day it is still thair . we were very scared and couldnt move for shock. so. we all went in to the graveyard to look rownd the grave stones and it was a name that came to me amedeletly. it was maggy morison of callalnder. we took the cam corder in with us and filmd it to 10.00 pm and got something on cam. it was that lady. and thats the end of my story.


    "In August 2011, Iain Rooney was arrested in a joint operation between Strathclyde Police, Central Scotland Police and the newly formed Football Co-ordination Scotland unit after he was found to be creating online hate pages directed towards Celtic manager Neil Lennon.[1] Iain was witnessed and criticized by many on Bebo of making these pages, yet he claimed he was "tackling abusers and preventing bullying" on the social networking website - obviously sectarian violence is acceptable to our hero as he is too dense to notice the hypocrisy of his actions."

    Justice Returns

    Yet again, our self-appointed Bebo moderator has found himself in trouble with the law, but this time it didn't involve the internet. On May 14th, 2013, Iain Rooney's sectarian campaign continued as Rooney was summonsed to court on two charges.[2] The first was a charge of breach of the peace at Pearl Street, Callander by shouting, swearing and threatening to kill police officers. The second, at the same locus and in the course of a journey by van to Stirling police office, was a breach of s 38(1) of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2010 by shouting, swearing and uttering sectarian and racial threats of violence, which latter offence was said to be aggravated by racial and religious prejudice.

    As you can deduce, a shit-leopard never changes its spots and at a relatively young age, Iain has had more court cases than your average Bebo vigilante and no doubt more to come. He also doesn't see the irony of having a common Irish surname despite his disdain for all things Irish.

    Iain on ED

    Iain is one of the most incessant and laughable ED vandals. His recent strategies consist of replacing his section with text from some Mary Bale article, and blanking sections with hilariously misspelled edit summaries.

    His accounts so far:

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