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    Battle of /q/

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Battle of /q/
    Part of The Great /pol/ - JIDF War
    Date 2013
    Location www.4chan.org/q/
    Result Deletion of /q/
    30px /pol/ - Politically Incorrect
    30px Jewish Internet Defense Force
    SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Shit Reddit Says
    30px /pol/lacks, /q/ueers,
    4chan logo 1.png Moot
    30px Shlomo Goldstein
    SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Laurelai
    30px 500+ Neckbeards
    4chan logo 1.png Banhammer
    30px 6,000,000 Shekels
    SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Curves
    Casualties and losses
    4chan logo 1.png /q/
    30px banned
    SRS's fitting logo a fat bird .png Hurt Feelings

    The battle of /q/ was a conflict that took place on 4chan's whining board. The shitposting began when a sudden number of legitimate users started to voice their concerns about the large amounts of racism and anti-semitism present on the Politically Incorrect board, attempting to convince 4chan's moot that the best solution would be to remove it. The result was a large orgy of flame wars and asspain between the shills and most of 4chan's users and mods. This would later inspire moot to create /s4s/ (Shit 4chan says), a mockery of Reddit's /r/ShitRedditsays subreddit.

    Once /pol/iticians caught wind of the news that shills on /q/ where attempting to get their Bastion of Free Speech deleted, their response was swift. Soon /q/ became nothing but a place of Social Justice Warriors, shilling for the removal of /pol/ and tighter restrictions against hurting one's feelings, under the false impression that mods or moot give a damn about any of their demands. Hundred of posts demanding that /pol/ be deleted later, moot became annoyed and banned many of the shills, later he gave the crybabies the middle finger and deleted /q/ instead.

    These events essentially justified /pol/'s belief to a few other boards that they where indeed constantly being shilled by Shit Reddit Says and the Jewish Internet Defense Force.

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