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    Proud to be furry

    Bastnfalkr, otherwise known as Emperor, is an example of a Fine Furry Faggot™. What makes it worse is that he is a babyfur, the worst possible furry. He is a member of FA (no surprise there), but is ridiculed by many. Even with his stupidity he is backed up by administrators of this very hypocritical site. He's just being himself, and that's what the site supports: crazy, half-bred, basement-dwelling idots who think they're some kind of baby animal. Good job, FA. You'll most likely witness him on furry fag sites, drooling over some baby shit and yelling about someones father. Along with his accomplice buckywhitetail13, they'll be fagging it up on your place soon!

    Emperor Basitan

    There is really no way to describe this person. Let's take it from his own words:

    Emperor Prince Bastian Falkor of Fantasia, the world of Human imagination, hopes, dreams, wishes, and fantasy's. I'm an middle aged fur but I look like I'm a 6yo cub, because of the vampire / werewolf thingy, so I'll pretty much look just the same now, when I'm 600yo. I'm a funx, one third, red fox, which is to say that my head, chest, belly, and front boy bits are the fox part of me, and the rest is striped skunk, especially back there. ;-)

    I've, most likely, been a furry all my life, but didn't discover the culture until December 30th, 1997. I've been active in the fandom to some degree or the other, for going on a decade now, and I've been admin and wizards of forum groups and MUCKs, during that time.

    I'm getting back into drawing... a lot slower than I wish, and I do a lot of erotic horror fiction type writing, as well as songs and poems.

    I'm trying to get into sculpting as well.

    Wanna know more about me, since there is a lot more to know? Check out my journals, submissions, and favs, then PM or Email me, and we'll see where to go from there. ;-)



    NOTE: For the love of God, do not actually contact him, unless for some reason you want to yiff in hell with a faggot.


    Around FurAffinity you'll find many weirdos, homosexuals, and once in a while a straight, sane person. Some day you'll run into this faggot. When you do, and you try to troll/flame this person (as any self respecting person would) you might get a really long and boring text wangs that are tl;dr. Responding with tl;dr will result in lulz. He'll either give you ANOTHER really long and boring response or a blank one. He tries really hard to be the smartest one of the group and constantly yells at everyone "USE YOUR BRAYN CELLZ!" Anyone having screencaps please insert and edit this, submissions were baleeted. Be careful not to be text raep'd.


    Something else that was baleeted by mods, was the long and incredible fight over something no one really cares about. It all started when Anonymous found a link to a furry pic where there was an argument going on. Someone started by stating that the picture was commissioned by him for his dad, or that his dad commissioned the picture for him. Along came the emperor prince and started yelling at him with his text wang stating that he was the baby's daddy or some shit like that. They went on forever yelling back and forth until the person who commented first decided to stop because he could not keep up with the rantings of a lunatic. In his replies he was trying too hard, and he would not shut up. So a group of anonymous furries decided to come around and troll him by stating facts and telling him ur doin it wrong. Of course he replied with more text wangs, and he continued to try to be smart. And babies can totally talk, amirite? Anonymous decided to spam tl;dr on his comments and he replied with blank comments. Much lulz ensued and anonymous was pleased.

    Final note

    Babyfurs make anonymous cry.

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