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    Barrett Brown

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    God Bless Anonymous

    Take Hunter S. Thompson, th3j35t3r, and ev0, mix the three, and strip the result of the dignity, inability to give a fuck, and all other redeeming qualities; add the internet and lack of a real job. Welcome to the world of Anonymous, a strung out mediocre reporter, and self-proclaimed spokesfaggot for the "Anonymous hacktivist collective" who, despite ongoing attempts, is not a household name. A former author (read, "I wrote two articles, does that mean I work here?") for the "American Atheist", Barrett is no more than, in layman's terms, a self-righteous, opinionated, attention-seeking, cunt. Eventually concluding that big brother and godhatesfags were not enough to shove his agenda towards, Barrett decided to take on drug cartels who have guns and power, with his computer and the effectiveness of a strongly-worded blog.

    Anonymous' one man army - #opCartel - Rambo!!!!

    The whole Operation Cartel business was probably bullshit—a lot of sound and fury signifying people's lurid obsession with the boogeymen of Anonymous and the drug cartels


    —Adrian Chen of Gawker Media (a respectable news source)

    Barrett finally received some of the recognition he felt he deserved in 2011 after Anonymous declared "war" on the Zetas, who were underestimated as being a bit more dangerous than the 13-year-olds and ghetto police websites usually targeted by 1337 Anons. Demanding the release of an alleged Anonymous member taken hostage by Zetas (remember, alleged) Brown and buddies threatened to release the names of 75 Zeta enablers that were purportedly collected through "hacked" emails.

    Police.gif Barrett Brown's heroin can probably be traced back to Mexican drug cartels

    Battle of the Two Clowns

    I'm sophisticated

    $1,000 for proof of th3j35t3r's name, location, identity. [email protected]


    —?Barrett Brown

    On one hand, Brown has cartels after him, however, th3j35t3r has done a stellar job of pissing off already-enraged terrorists. Only time will tell.

    [14:14] <@th3j35t3r> okay brown - post the phrase 'I harass innocent people by phone'
    [14:14] <@th3j35t3r> on your twitter
    [14:14] <BarrettBrown> Sure, after you post "I accuse random people of being criminals"

    The downward path of a schizophrenic

    schizophrenic thoughts

    @backtracesec Know anything about the man who photographed me repeatedly, up-close after my speech at city hall in NYC, 2011?


    —Barrett Brown

    07:59:42 <%BarrettBrown> does anyone know about the nut that has been harrassing me for the last 
                             few days?
    08:00:06 <%BarrettBrown> apparently i was told by Backtrace Security he was the HB Gary stalker 
                             that photographed me
    08:02:39 <%BarrettBrown> i was informed regarding such about the photographer, was the nut known as 
    08:04:22 <%BarrettBrown> the individual claimed he worked for the Derector of National Intelligence 
                             a few weeks ago.  He apparently called me with a spoofed number. 
    08:05:09 <%BarrettBrown> now i have this incident involving the photographer
    08:06:01 <%BarrettBrown> and him harassing me last night, regarding Operation Ethiopia
    08:06:18 <%BarrettBrown> i am not losing it
    08:07:06 <%BarrettBrown> i recently haven't been taking my Risperidone
    08:07:48 <%BarrettBrown> and my Subtex for heroiine withdraw
    08:08:09 <%BarrettBrown> i'm having massive heroine withdraws now....
    08:10:18 <%BarrettBrown> i haven't been taking my suboxone and and risperidone recently
    08:12:54 <%BarrettBrown> my psychologist prescribed me risperidone recently to take care of my 
                             schizophrenia diagnosis
    08:14:34 <%BarrettBrown> i've been feeling that the FBI is tapping my cell phone recently
    08:15:26 <%BarrettBrown> further research into Man Tech and Endgame has lead me to conclude that 
                             they are hiring individuals to photograph and track me
    08:16:19 <%BarrettBrown> o
    08:16:19 <@SanguineRose> <BarrettBrown> my psychologist prescribed me risperidone recently to take 
                             care of my schizophrenia diagnosis
    08:16:23 <@SanguineRose> <BarrettBrown> further research into Man Tech and Endgame has lead me to 
                             conclude that they are hiring individuals to photograph and track me
    08:16:41 <%BarrettBrown> i'm going through some massive heroin withdraws too
    08:17:38 <%BarrettBrown> suboxone isn't helping me anymore, probably need to get into a methadone 
    08:23:33 <%BarrettBrown> my schizophrenia is getting worse i think...
    08:25:50 <%BarrettBrown> i'm thinking the FBI is seriously tapping my phone lines now
    08:30:26 <%BarrettBrown> but i'm sure Aaron Barr is up to his old tricks to harass me
    08:30:33 <%BarrettBrown> with sending photographers....
    08:32:57 <%BarrettBrown> anyone here taken risperidone?
    08:33:47 <%BarrettBrown> sh4ri4..... was it for schizophrenia?
    08:33:52 <%BarrettBrown> i'm taking it now....
    08:34:39 <%BarrettBrown> yea it's making me eat more...

    The Con Man - Doing hard time

    Any armed official of the U.S. government, particularly the FBI will be regarded as potential Zeta assassin squads, as FBI knows... they know that I'm armed and I come from a military family and I was taught to shoot by a Vietnam veteran... and I will shoot all of them and kill them if they come and do anything.. I have reason to fear for my life.


    —Barrett Brown

    While conning many autistic kids about the "importance of Anonymous", he was arrested on September 12th, 2012. His various charges including stealing money from garden gnomes.

    In his disillusioned state he managed to think Sabu was after him. Little did he know it was really an army of Los Zetas exacting revenge for #OpCartel.

    Barrett Brown being v& and crying for mommy

    About two years after the above video was posted, the Internet was all atwitter with speculation about how many centuries Brown would get. It was also revealed that the video above was taken down by persons unknown, but thankfully a new, more complete version has surfaced.

    Poor boy - among "common criminals" and no dope

    His fans are already in the tank to free him
    For the last week I was denied opiates and thus forced to feel not just rage, hatred, all the primal things, but forced to endure them while sicker than most humans can imagine and in a jail that is overcrowded and filled with common criminals.


    —Barrett Brown

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