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    Furries ruin everything. Plain and simple. They always manage to incorporate something into their sick community, whether it be a meme, video games, movies like The Lion King, or anything you hold dear and sacred. Some furries will take it even further by bastardizing certain terms that result in the likes of pregfurs and babyfurs. Surprisingly, some furries will take some time off from their faggotry to, out of all things, smoke some weed. What isn't surprising though is that since they're still a bunch of furfags at 4:20, they decided to call themselves Bakedfurs.

    The Definition of Bakedfur

    Bakedfur (adj.) Of or relating to the association of weed with activities involving furfaggotry that includes, but is not limited to, periods of relaxation after yiffing, fapping to some rule 34, diving down the stairs, taking the phrase "puff the dragon" seriously and ending up bawwwing every time cause there's never a real dragon, or tripping to escape the fact that you're a furry and you have no life.

    Bakedfur (n.) A drunk or intoxicated furfag.

    Bakedfur (n.) You fail it


    Where there are furries who get high and yiff, there are furries who bawww about it and yiff. They call themselves Dopelessfurs, a group of furries who are against drug use, especially smoking weed. A typical Dopelessfur will rant about how smoking weed is harmful to your health. They usually follow this up with their own personal experience:

    Well, I can't say I've never tried drugs (tried pot & coke, due to peer pressure when I was 16, and smoked cigarettes from when I was 12 till about 2 weeks ago), but I can honestly say that, with the exception of the ever so occasional social drink, and any prescription meds I might get when I'm sick, I am 100% drug free, and I love it.



    Of course, nobody gives a shit and just the fact that a furry is telling us that marijuana is bad is lulzy enough. Not even D.A.R.E would approve.

    Ask a Bakedfur

    Some bakedfurs think they're so smart about drugs that they'll hold their own question and answer sessions on their websites. Epic failure ensues.

    Question: SWIM takes an LSA extract (HBWR source) to help him get in touch with his furry or animal self, but he doesn't like the negative sexual side effects (impotence) that come with taking the extract. Any recommendations to deal with the problem or perhaps any alternative drug recommendation to help SWIM, preferably an ethnobotalical SWIM can legally buy.

    Answer: LSA usually turns this fox into a crazed, perverted bastard - but from what I understand it tends to be a fairly individual thing.



    Question: Is there any risk of rectal bleeding with an enema containing an oil and DMT admixture?

    Answer: Any time you insert a foreign object into your anus you are risking hemorrhage.



    Question: Why drugs?

    Answer: Why art?




    IRL Gallery

    Winners Don't Use Drugs

    These furfags do. What does that tell you?

    Say No! to bakedfurs.

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