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In need of some THUG MOTIVATION.

Bags of Money, or Tobias Boyland, is a derailed tree-swinger who, after being released from prison on a 14 year drug sentence, decided it would be a sterling idea to try to amend himself into an outstanding businessman while at the same time claiming to be a hardcore gangster despite abiding in the whitey cesspool of Buffalo, NY. His main claim to fame is authoring a self help book that reads like an orthodox MySpace profile mixed with one of those get rich quick infomercials they air in the middle of the night. If that alone was not bad enough, after the book was published, he ran a large promotion campaign both IRL and OTI. His success can be demonstrated by the book becoming an alleged massive hit, so much so that it has not yet been classified as "out of print" on Amazon (only three copies left!).


U motivated bro?

Few words can be said to accurately depict the modern literary chef d'oeuvre known as THUG MOTIVATION. Published by Bags in 2007, it is an unabbreviated 120 pages split into 60 informative chapters (that's two pages a chapter) such as "CHECK YO BITCH", "EVERYDAY HUSTLIN", as well as "CUT OFF A CHICKEN HEAD". The entire book was quite incontestably made to serve no real purpose, other than to stroke Bags' ego for the fact that he, unlike his ancestors, was fortuitously able to afford a mediocre home in a humdrum suburban neighborhood. Because of this and a wide range of other matters that tend to get to his head, Bags sees himself as some kind of high class entrepreneur (if not an omnipotent deity), and credits entities like his ghetto entourage to his "success" rather than accepting the actuality that he liberally throws money around to anyone willing to "model" for filler content in his writing. It should also be noted that he did not learn to read till he was in prison, and was taught by the department of corrections (no srsly).

Selected Passages

Who the hell would ever think this would be appropriate to put in a financial guidance book?

Then it dawned on me, these people is in jail. The only difference is they do not see the bars. The jail is the way they think. The way they think keeps them trapped in a certain place in life... just getting older.


Thug Motivation is about freedom. The freedom to do whatever U wish with your life. The freedom to fly. Although I felt free once I was released from prison, it wasn't long before I realized that true freedom comes with financial freedom. U can be as free as U want to be, but if I don't have the loot to get on a plane and fly to China (if that is what U want to do), then U are not free. Don't get it twisted, money isn't everything, but whatever it is, we tryin to enjoy it Thug Motivated. If I want to be free, stay tuned fro my next drop, "Bags of Money presents, Credit: Other People Money." And stay tuned for:"Prison Body", "Hood Rich" and "The Bags of Money Show."


I grew up broke, hungry, and dirty. Don't feel sorry for me, it was all I knew so it was no stress. Winters without gas or lights was common. Not bathing for 3 or 4 days was how it got done. I brought those bad habits into my adult life. No matter how embarrassing the situation, bad breath, dirty clothes out the hamper or just body oder... I continued doin' it how I did it. Until I decided to pimp my ride. Now I'm known for smelling good, clean clothes, and fresh breath. Don't confuse the habits with the thoughts. Once I was honest enough with myself to replace the bad thoughts with the bad became good. Once you have a clear picture of who you want to be you have to get inside yo head and place shiny new thoughts in there, that will move you toward that picture. You want to Pimp Yo Ride while U motivatin a thug.


The e-book (Sort of)

YouTube Favicon.png BagsofmoneyTV has uploaded a slew of videos that give off the impression they relate to his book. In all actuality, they are no more than further ego stroking on his part. For instance, a video titled "THUG MOTIVATION CHAPTER 1" would lead anyone to assume it was somehow tied in with the first chapter of his book, right? Wrong. It is no more than a collection of Bags of Money magazine spots and memorabilia (it should be noted that he had it made) played over a radio interview he did shorty after his release from prison/release of the book.

Lamentably, some tasteless honkeys were confused as to what his core message was, and Bags was forced to explain his big bad self.

Lol v& again

Good thing they didn't find the steroids.

Over the years, Bags slowly moved out of the real estate market, and into the debt collection business. His "agency" was founded with a handful of other criminals on the grounds that it would be a totally good idea to impersonate police officers and other federal officials in order to solicit debt money from random families. Anyone with two brain cells would at once comprehend that this is highly illegal, regrettably, Bags isn't one to learn from his previous experiences. All nine agencies he owned were outed by Chris Hansen in a Dateline investigation about people getting threats from "police officers" over credit card debt[1]. Over a span of two days, Chris had uncovered that jailbirds from around the New York area were hired to pose as cops, lawyers, and even judges to scare people into paying up. During the night of Bags' arrest, he was reported to have been armed with an AK-47 while the feds broke in. gg.

I saw the stirt on Dateline NBC. This dude is a clown. Street thugs still don't know how to get rich--they just know how to get money and spend it, eventually going in and out of jail just like this clown. You need some thug motivation just study the Bush family story and see how they trafficked drugs, see how Bill Clinton trifficked drugs and maybe you will learn how the game is played, but if you dont learn you will just be a pawn used as a poster child for black criminality.


—Anonymous commenter on his YouTube channel

Why don't you take a seat over there?


You know who.

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