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    BadfurDay Takes Advantage Of A DA Exploit

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    The Note That Started It All

    Screenshot of note.

    BadFurDay said the following:

    You just saw a note in your inbox, sent from a banned deviant, and you opened it.

    You're wondering: "WTF, how did he do it?"

    Simple enough: I just hacked deviantART. Normally, banned deviants can't send notes. Well, I did. And to many people.

    I suggest you take the time to read this whole note, as it's extremely important, I am sacrificing my time and sweat to send this.

    By now, the note has already be sent through a script to millions of Deviants.

    Why this note?

    My point is simple: deviantART is not what it used to be. It is horrible, corrupted, and not a place for art or for a community.

    Who is responsible? - Mostly lolly who is payed to lie/troll and does his lying/trolling job extremely well. - spyed too, who cares only about the money and not about the art/community. - And a bit realitysquared, who doesn't know shit about the law.


    I don't want to bore you with a long note, so I'll make it quick and let you judge by yourself.

    Here are some interesting links:

    1) surrealist-geek's last journal. It blames a staff member who does everything wrong. Look at the comments, he saved the journal (of course, lolly deleted it), it's a blatant case of trolling by lolly. Do admins troll? What the heck? Here it is: link

    2) guruubii posted a comment insulting a member, calling him a "retard". Since the comment got deleted, all I have in backup is an animation made out of the comment. Ironically, it's submitting this animation that got me banned.

    Here it is: link

    And please don't think that GD's do their job for free. They get paid with DeviantDollars, and gain many privileges, mainly the one to insult everyone without being repressed at all.

    3) The submission agreement is a SHAME and they can easily rape your art if they want to. The only thing you can do is trust them not to do it...but didn't you trust them not to fire jark?

    Read this translation of the TOS: link

    4) realitysquared knows nothing about the law, and he's meant to represent it on DA.

    5) Many more things, from the constant dAramas going on, the dramawhores never getting banned due to an impassible staff, the way art and money should never be mixed, etc...

    The risks you are taking:

    By being a member of deviantART, you are taking three risks. One is small, the two others are A HUGE SCALE RAPE.

    1) They can terminate your account whenever they want. badfurday:, surrealist-geek, cageybutterfly, we all three got terminated because we did not like the administration. We never wrote an insult, never a swear word, we remained civil and polite, yet we were forced to leave.

    2) DA can rape your art. I can't remember his name, but someone got his art used without permission during a recent DA tour, and the staff asked :devlolly: to act as if it was all normal, forcing a great artist to leave DA in fear of it being used again. More info about the TOS is found back in the "proofs" section of this note.

    3) DA is EXTREMELY VULNERABLE. I managed to hack every single part of the site, and I COULD GET YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO IN A FEW CLICKS IF I WANTED TO. I won't do it, but someone else might, seeing how vulnerable DA is.


    Many artists have already moved out of deviantART due to these problems. Art and money don't cope, especially when run by some retarded admins who don't know the law and troll their users.

    DA Love:

    Despite all I'm writing, I love DA.

    I love it for its community, not for its website or its administration.

    I'm not doing this to hack DA - I could easily hack the database and erase everything on the site, it's hell so glitchy - I'm only doing this to prevent more people from believing the lies lolly and spyed are feeding to you.

    Come on, they are "monetary on a shoestring" and can't buy servers, therefore the site is slow, according to lolly. So why do they have a pimpin' brand new HQ? How did they pay for it?

    There are alternatives:

    Despite popular belief, deviantART, SheezyART, FurAffinity, and Elfwood are not the only websites out there.

    I can suggest one to you all - I'm in here and I'm loving it, for the awesome community spirit, the nice and user-friendly administration, the fact that it's run for free and without ads - no money is involved, it's all about art, and mostly the fact that it's totally drama-free and secure.

    Come and join me to storm-artists, march out of the mess that is DA before it's too late. Storm-artists: link

    If you come to storm artists, please drop a hello by my page. here is the link: Me on S-A: link

    Post scriptum:

    I'm not realitysquared, so I checked the law with an accredited lawyer before doing what I'm doing. I'm not hacking the site, only exploiting a backdoor. If they wish to attack me legally for what I'm doing, I am waiting for them rather gladly.

    If you wish to talk to me further, do not reply to this note, rather come over to my storm-artists page (linked previously in the note) and send me a private message do discuss whatever you want.


    Due to the possible confusion by users between trolling and a simple spam assault, most of the notes have been deleted through another backdoor before they could be sent. Though many users received and read the notes, several thousands according to monitoring (not much compared to the intended million, but an exploit is an exploit, eh, and the real intended goal was to use the backdoor, not to massively flood)

    Admin Addresses The Situation

    BadFurDay addresses the situation

    Smilie face goes here- $lolly is efficient at his job I see --Great justice loves your AIDS 00:35, 13 February 2007 (UTC)

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