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    Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense

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    Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense or BJOMGWTFBBQAODN is a TL;DR page on Wikipedia where Wikipedians try very hard to prove they have a sense of humour. This page makes no sense for a number of reasons:

    1. Wikipedians have no sense of humor.
    2. The title makes it known that the jokes they are finding are bad, yet they are the only jokes on Wikipedia.
    3. If you like humour so much, why are you deleting it?
    4. Why make the obvious assertion that jokes are nonsense, dummy?
    5. They call themselves Wikipedians.
    6. Wikipedians have no sense of humour
    7. This list is very British.

    Spending any significant amount of time at BJAODN is srsly hazardous to your lulz, and may cause you to laugh like

    File:Icon External Link MP3.png this


    Original Research

    The first BJOMGWTFBBQAODN edit that still exists within Wikipedia edit history (see below) strangely enough contains an actual joke on the concept of logical positivism. This is hysterical to Dr. ParkingStones as he is the only person in the whole of the known universe who would ever find such a joke funny.

    The joke follows:

    Logical positivism asserts that only statements about empirical observations are meaningful, effectively asserting that all metaphysical statements are meaningless.
    Unfortunately, this fundamental tenet of logical positivism belongs to the family of statements that it asserts to be meaningless. As a result, the entire edifice of logical positivism vanishes in a puff of logic.
    This insight appears not to have occurred to the logical positivist school of philosophers.

    A link on the front of the current page leads to a page called Wikipedia:List of really really stupid article ideas that you should not create and contained the following box which looked like a template. This box would be funny if it were, y'know, funny — but it's not.

    The page was obviously marked as VFD by a Wikirobotian operation on Neutral. The page was saved but people actually voted to delete because it was irredeemably POV. Idiots. (For the VFD Page, See Below.)

    Classic quotes

    Quotes from Wikipedia:Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense and Wikipedia:List of really, really, really stupid article ideas that you really, really, really should not create

    • No, it isn't that funny to anybody except you. That is what Uncyclopedia is for.
    • Anything about which you cannot be buggered to write one complete sent
    • It basically shoots cum out of it, and girls eat it, and then screams of pleasure, and jail bait, and getting banged in jail, and dying with it erect! WOODY!

    Links on BJAODN

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    Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense is part of a series on


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