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    Baby Fuck

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    9 out of 10 sick fucks agree that it's Awwright.

    Baby Fuck is a meme that originated in part two of a guro/hentai manga called Mai-chan's Daily Life. Mai-chan is what is known as a Physical Idiosyncrasy, meaning as long as there is any part left of her after being raped, stabbed, cut apart, disfigured, beheaded, mutilated, disemboweled, burned, crushed, skinned, skewered, etc., she can regenerate herself. So naturally, she became a torture doll for anyone willing to pay. Later in the manga she finds she has a brother who is the same as her. Her "mistress" makes her have sex with her brother. And, in part two, we find Mai-chan pregnant. Mai-chan then gets abducted by the president of "A" country who cuts her open, rips the child out, cracks the baby's legs open, fucks it, puts it in a blender, and pours the liquified remains into Mai's hands. waht the fuck

    What constitutes as Baby Fuck?

    The question of whether something constitutes babyfuck or not depends on age; does a baby fucking another baby count, or is it only babyfuck when the baby is fucked by an adult? In the case of cartoon characters, age is even harder to pin down. Some argue that Maggie Simpson, the voiceless dummy sucker from The Simpsons, is now officially 21 years old, as she has been drawn as being 1 year old for the past 20 years. Others would tell them to shut up and get a life.

    Mai-Chan's Daily Life Replicated in India

    In 2007, an undercover reporter IRL trolled a bunch of murderers and rapists in India by posing as a novelist and promising them confidentiality, all the while catching their damning confessions on hidden camera. From NPR's aggressively liberal WNYC radio program, On The Media (Transcript/MP3):

    Interviewer: One man, named Babu Bajrangi, a confidant of the ruling party's chief minister, described how he attacked a pregnant woman.

    Interviewee: He describes in detail how he actually tore open the stomach of this pregnant woman and wrenched her fetus out.


    A quality video or transcript of this translated into the Mother Tongue has yet to be found.

    A Serbian Film

    Newborn porn is awwright.

    In 2010, some people in Serbia thought it was a good idea to top every other horrific, disturbing, and just plain sick film ever made—this was an aspiring idea. Thus, they created a story of a porn actor who wants out offered the chance of a lifetime to star in a strange porn film by a mysterious and inspiring director who eventually drugs him and forces him to perform on the some of the most lulzy scenes ever filmed. No serious film fan should miss this one. Seriously, don't see it; this films is the sickest of the sickest!

    "This is a new genre, Milos! Newborn porn!"

    You have to have a demented sick mind to even write a script like this and call it “entertainment”. I can’t say this on YouTube; but the only answer for white supremacy and whites……..death to all of them and all those of color who breed with them; all their offspring. Their genes must be completely wiped out….. extinct. I hope some kind of fatal disease is attracted to only whites.. then all are completely wiped off the face of the Earth. It’s the only way. They aren’t human. We have been completely fooled. These are savage, demented, beast….our psychopaths and terrorist of the world.


    UMOJA, because Whites created this film all White people deserve to die


    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Brotha Lynch Hung

    In 1995, before any of gay ass jap cartoons, that nigger Lynch baby fucked the shit out of crap on his album Season of da Siccness. The album includes some the finest baby-eating and baby-fucking verse ever composed:

    Broth Lynch Hung - Siccmade
    do ya'll wanna know what that Siccness is? / the Siccness is when you hug your mama and your dick get hard / or when you walk in on your baby's mama and she's suckin' your son's dick. / that's the mothafuckin' Siccness. / so, ya'll mothafuckas don't forget that shit. / and don't forget where that shit came from, / that nigga Lynch. / I take my mouth off up that cock / and trip / cause eatin' dead / pussy clit / 'll make ya sick / but it's the season so my reason is legit / I'm havin' fits / I dreamed of eatin' bloody pussy clit since I was six / I fiend for a dead pussy on my dick / [...] / baby barbeque ribs and guts and, ah, don't let me get too deep fryin' baby nuts / [...] / picture this: pussy meat ripped in a pan full of nigga nuts and guts and intestines and shit / [Etc.]


    Broth Lynch Hung - Return Of Da Baby Killa
    you better pray / when you see me put that nine up in that pussy hole / cock it back slow / rock it back and forth / wait for the nut / then let my trigger go / BOOM! / pussy-guts all over the room / [...] / as I creep / picture every human that I see / slabs of human meat cause my kids gotta eat / I lives kinda deep, dark, up in the cut / where niggas load nines, and barrel-fuck a slut / nigga, what? You ain't even seen me in my prime / eatin' baby brains, baby veins, baby spines / I know baby cryin' when I'm cuttin' off the neck / I'm peelin' off the skin for some bacon-fried croquettes / [Etc.]


    Lynch is currently serving a life sentence for murdering 21-year-old roommate Tynisha Ysais and eating her lung.

    Fetus Fuck

    Oh God where will it end? There's now something for those sick fucks who even think that babies are past their prime already - foetus porn. You're fapping to this right now, aren't you? You really are sick, and deserve to get raped by a guy named Bubba in prison. Is this as far as the internet can go? Who knows? Who WANTS to know? What's next, zygote porn? Sperm porn?! Isn't the internet amazing?

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