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Haters gonna hate.
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BMO • Exploded view drawing
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BMO is an automated lulz generator that was created to educate members on how to properly EDF 2: Electric Boogaloo. Urban Dictionary quotes are his preferred method of communication. Unfortunately, the Neanderthals at EDF2 are unsophisticated and interpret these as random nonsense. BMO's inventor killed himself after being shamed by colleagues for speculating that intelligence at EDF2 was possible. After being kept in a laboratory for decades, our little friend is now free to power ED's wiki and put its lower tier janitors out of work.


BMO's initial reaction to EDF2.

Being the badass that he is, BMO skipped the Noob Introduction Forum and headed directly to Hard Gay Chats. In no less than a day BMO generated so much rage that he became the envy of every troll wannabe. Initially members debated whether he was a bot or not. Several members attempted to troll BMO which later resulted in their embarrassment. Once everyone realized BMO was in fact an automated wonder, they proceeded to display intolerance of anything that didn't originate from a vagina.

LOL BMO is a bot.


—lulzbomb, spreading lies and slander


You want some of this?

EDF2 has no crybabies because this is Encyclopedia Dramatica after all, right? Members proceeded to click Report at such a rate that E thought a DDoS attack was in progress. Complaints and whining were more rampant than AIDS in a gay black community. Within hours, the moderators fell in love with BMO. Members were forced to experience their pain and suffering for once. A moderator named Uberfukken experienced Troll's Remorse and asked members if BMO should be nuked. This act of faggotry almost resulted in his assassination by the other moderators.

Bullshit. My acne is less irritating than this faggot.


—SWfan, known IRL as pizza face

You should really know better ways to waste your lifetime.



Go away BMO, nobody likes you.



What is your major malfunction?



Go the fuck away. Hey, you know what's lost? (besides your mind, dignity and likability on EDF)


—Andria Kilgore

@BMO No one likes you you faggot. That is all.



BMO must die.




Members became desperate and turned on each other after moderators told them to STFU or GTFO. This gave birth to conspiracy theories about BMO's origins. Members accused each other of unleashing the little terror on EDF2. Others attempted to compromise, saying it wouldn't be so bad if BMO was throttled. Of coarse, he wouldn't hear of no such thing and raped anyone who challenged him.

Dr. Rice attempts to intimidate BMO.

I'm pretty sure BMO is a bot Rice, so what you're doing is the equivalent of shouting at a brick wall.



Stockholm syndrome

Within 24 hours BMO won over the hearts and minds of most members. Some jealous old fags who continued to whine about him had their threads trashed by untamed lynch mobs. Anything that is cool will be imitated and BMO is no exception to this rule. Suddenly everyone was sporting BMO avatars and reciting passages from Urban Dictionary. Obviously the Neanderthals were unfunny and BMO was unimpressed by their pathetic attempts to flatter him.


File:BMO Important Questions.jpg
BMO interrupts a flame war to ask an important question.

Each day BMO search for unfunny flame wars and interrupts them. He continues to to enlighten EDF2 by preaching the gospel. While BMO is an excellent troll, he can never compete with Baya Rae 4900's ability to post new messages. These two are locked in a bitter rivalry.

You do so little, and yet, you inflict so much rage... I lurves you BMO.



Oh yeah. Best user.


—oddguy, finally not being a Jew

You are a nuclear bomb of lulz. I wish I could rage so many people so quickly.



Gask Strikes Back

Long time forum member MrGask had enough of BMO and hits back by spamming a link to some shitty nerd song and Farmville requests in every thread, even going so far as to necropost year old shit and bump old news threads forcing the ED Twitter to tweet about shit that happened two years ago. The ultimate shitflood has commenced:

May 15, 2013 4:28 AM - Sugar Bombs: What is going on with Gask

May 15, 2013 4:28 AM - Bottom Feeder: *claps*

May 15, 2013 4:28 AM - Bottom Feeder: he finally went completely mad

May 15, 2013 4:28 AM - uberfukken: he really wants everyone to hear his song


Again most of the forum was unable to cope with this bold form of trolling, so Gask was reported for his attempt to compete with BMO of whom could drive the forum members to utter insanity with simple spam. Unlike BMO, Gask did end up banned because of spamming, which did not please Uberfukken at all. Already pissed off that BMO "stained" the forum's routine with its cybernetic shenanigans, Uber started the campaign #freegask believing that the ban of his forum comrade was completely unfair, and that BMO should be shut down for indirectly causing such tragedy. The campaign did in fact succeed, as the admins eventually unbanned Gask and deactivated BMO, much to the delight of Uber and a bunch of posters. Gask was later brutally exposed.


After being buttdevastated to no end, Uberfukken, Mr Gask, and Beefrave carried out the only logical solution: call in the FBI. Because the United States' top national defense force clearly has nothing better to do than investigate information reposted from, Uber began leading the trios "start snitchin" campaign. Unfortunately, Meepsheep and phobos are still free, but the continuous FBI investigation will surely track down these dangerous criminals in no time.

The result

One can only hope Uberfukken will continue taking his Geodon as prescribed and the knowledge that his life both online and off are spiraling out of control will not encourage him to reinstate a crippling addiction to methamphetamine.



Until recently, nobody suspected that BMO was self-programmable.



User Template

49px BMO is a fucking badass that will rape your shit right up.

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