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"A refreshingly aware and taboo-breaking look at blackface"

Black face was actually the number one form of entertainment among planet Earth's English-speaking people for at least 100 years. Similar to Kabuki theater of Japan, Black face is theatrical makeup used by white people in order to pretend to be black. However, the Jews just do not want YOU to know anything about this American custom. I'm 12 years old and what is this? and lol wut? make up for over 90.00% of initial reactions to being asked what is black face. The civil rights movement is over spread the word, there is a large difference between comedy and hate. Dressing up as a towelhead terrorist is full of lol. But put some black shit on your face and make jokes. That's just racist!

American Double standard

The truth is that not until the 1950s did black face become the American taboo it is considered today. Also, it is actually still quite common act to find in other parts of the world. Once more, the attitude towards black face by Americans is in complete contradiction of its foundational purpose for this opposition by frequently dressing up as Native Americans, Asians, Arabs, etc… to obtain the same effect for a variety of similar reasons. Is even still done today.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
After ending up in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a village to find three stones. He agrees, and on his journey finds religious group that worship the deity Kali that plot child slavery, black magic and ritual human sacrifice.
Many see the use of Indian mascots as offensive. Granting all this, the concerns that have been made, many Native American mascots are still used in American sports.

<video type="youtube" id="GsElecvWXu0" width="200" height="200" desc="Listen close and noticed many of the same jokes: but not racist!" frame="true" position="left"/> <video type="youtube" id="04BhAxBNWIo" width="200" height="200" desc="Listen close and noticed many of the same jokes: very racist!" frame="true" position="right"/>


The very first minstrel show in all probability first developed in 1843, in New York City. Within a year, it had grown into the most fashionable type of pastime, followed up by baseball OF COURSE. The range to which black face conduct conveyed what would become authentic African American culture and traditions is really just plain ironic. Many believe that black face acts actually invented African American culture, which African Americans being lead on took to be their true culture. This can still be seen in the actions and fashion of black people today. For a better example of this, you have to understand how a blackface performer looked and acted.

Stereotyped black face characters acted: buffoonish, slack, superstitious, and indecent characters, who lied, stole, and damaged the English language. Stereotyped Niggas are characterized by these same attributes today.

In the beginning, black face performers used human feces in order to blacken their skin and intensify their lips. They later switched from feces to paint after the feces unions demanded higher wages. Performers often wearing wigs and white gloves in order to accomplish a genuine changeover. Early black face minstrels were all male, so transvestite white men played black women. Another good example of how black face influenced Niggas is exemplified by the Jubilee Singers. This African American group did blackface even though they were already black, and they performed one famous song that is still heard today. This sung was an origami Jubilee called Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. But, of course, by the mid-20th century, changing perspective about black face initiated by the Jews effectively ended the thread bumping of blackface makeup used in performance in the U.S.

Black Pete is the slave of Saint Nicholas, not silly elves. Stupid Americans!
Korean girl group, the Bubble Sisters, sing and dance to teenybopper pop in blackface. Yeah that's the truth, really!


Performers in the U.S. would not get away with black face in the name of humor, satire or art. It just wouldn't be well-received. In the case of acceptable racism, Asia seems like an alternate universe compared to the United States. Racism is a part of our culture.


some Asian from korea..

Living in South Korea as an African man is comparable to living in

Western society before the civil rights movement came to be.


some Asian from korea..

In real life today, Black face still is done routinely in many parts of the world and without but perhaps a few eyebrows being raised. One good example of this still in the U.S. is a group called the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, which does black face annually for Mardi Gras. Mostly, however, Black face is popular overseas, especially in Europe, and Asia where the attitude lasted even longer than in the America, occurring on the tele as long as 1981 and is still happening in theater, music, holidays and festivals today.

In addition, there have been several flame wars over blackface. When white college students go blackface as part of possibly innocent gags on campus. On such occasion as Halloween, when people often wear costumes based on themes such as those of characters from movies and other popular culture representations. This often leads to unneeded reactions being taken on the individuals by overly sensitive Jew crybabies.

<video type="youtube" id="FwaZWUGg6KM" width="300" height="300" desc="Translation: We inquire that you give us what we give to you. By all means, if someone translates this and I call you “black, Arab, or negro”, it does not mean I am disrespecting you. I mean no harm. We respect you." frame="true"/> <video type="youtube" id="5oPfeIo9NuE" width="300" height="300" desc="Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib has reportedly dressing up as incarcerated rapper Lil' Wayne in black-face. " frame="true"/> <video type="youtube" id="5tnhUEEqCSc" width="300" height="300" desc="I think you need to watch a few videos of the actual Louis Armstrong, and look at the faces he makes. This is a legitimate impersonation." frame="true"/>

White Face

Remember that movie where two black guys dress up like white women but get busted cause they have short tempers and love rap music...
Whoopi Goldberg hosting the 1999 Oscars in white makeup as Queen Elizabeth

<video type="metacafe" id="3666771//dave_chappelle_reparation_checks" width="270" height="203" desc="dave_chappelle in whiteface" frame="false" position="center" size="full" allowfullscreen="true"/>


Habbo hotel

Habbo is a website made by a roving band of escaped mental patients with a degree in Computer Science III. The site itself is made of rooms in a 'hotel' in which "people" make avatars that can interact with each other. Black face raids are fairly simple. Just find a spot where many people want to be and make sure those people can't get to where they want to be by simply standing in the way. This would usually be blocking the entrance area to the pool by allotting four NigraJim's in a row. What is a NigraJim? It is a form of internet blackface where a white person plays a black Habbo character, especially one with a suit on and an afro. Those who do this are fast to say it's for the lulz.

Prank phone call

Prank phone calls can also use certain aspects of black face. The most obvious is called stump speech: The act of sounding like an angry stupid nigga for comical relief using a technique called sound boarding. This is commonly done to the elderly, other blacks, and businesses.

Examples of Stump speech

Samuel L. Jackson Soundboard Prank Call
Soundboard Prank Call- Black Guy Calls an Angry Man
Great example of modern oti blackface!


  • Here is a free face transformer so that anyone can do blackface or yellowface.

  • Here is a free text transformer so you can complete your transformation

Internet blackface

Internet blackface is the art of pretending to be a nigger on the internet. This is most likely in response to accusations of racism by sensitive users on forums or other sites. It's an effective defensive because blacks can say whatever the fuck they want about other blacks without it being at all offensive.

How to pretend you are black on the internet

If you are going to pretend to be black, it is very important to be convincing or you will be outed as a fake black and your anti-racism defense will backfire, making you appear doubly racist because you not only insult]ed blacks, but then appropriated their culture for your own amusement. There are places on the web where this can get you lynched.


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