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    BDIC Logo

    The Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation (BDIC) is the oldest Crown Corporation in Canada; historically it was a slush fund for fascist politicians and their friends. Today it continues to serve to fill the pockets of whiney MLAs and their buddies. The BDIC is completely separate from the Government of the Northwest Territories


    At the dawn of the eugenics movement, its main proponents in Western Canada needed ready access to start-up capital. Determined to safe-guard the purity of the white race, Charles Davenport teamed up with feminazis Nelle McClung and Emily Murphy to advance forced sterilization laws. With intense lobbying, the Government of Canada chartered the North-West Territories White Purity Protection Fund (WPPF).

    During the 1930s the WPPF was run by Karl Dontez, a Canadian-German fascist and Nazi supporter. Following the Second World War and the decline of fascism, WPPF renamed to the Northwest Territories Business Development and Investment Corporation (BDIC) due to many objections.

    Despite the name change, the BDIC continued to develop police and programs to support neo-fascist and other fringe causes. During the early 1990s, the CEO of the BDIC was headed up David Thorstad, the founding member of the North America Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). Over the next decade BDIC developed many NAMBLA-friendly policies and programs.


    File:BDIC Propaganda.png
    BDIC Propaganda

    The BDIC offers the following services and programs:

    • Start-up funding for,
    • NAMBLA gear such as white, windowless vans, trench coats, used ice-cream trucks and pencil crayons
    • feasibility assessment of prime targets of liberal Zionist regimes
    • the acquisition of firearms, explosive, chemicals and biological agents
    • Funding for training programs such as take-off/mid-flight pilot training (safe landing course not included)
    • Photo shoots of young boys and incidental expenses for items such as duct tape, chloroform and cotton candy
    • Networking events for the 21st century freedom fighter


    The BDIC is ruled by a board of directors. Members are appointed from among the friends and family members of powerful politicians. The board sets the polices and mission statements. It is the responsibility of the officers of the BDIC to carry out its anti-zionist mandate.

    Strict adherance is paid to hierarchy. The CEO is greeted with a 'seig heil' salute. While the BDIC is subject the strictures of the public service, former CEO David Thurstad successfully lobbied for change to child labour laws so as to lower the minimum age for males to eight. This allows the BDIC greater access to young boys.


    BDIC has partnered with many organizations to more efficiently serve its clients. The most well-known partnership in modern history is that between BDIC and NAMBLA.

    BDIC has also signed on to the fight against Zionism and partnered with Hezbollah in 2006. Lebanese clients are able to access key BDIC programs through Hezbollah.

    List of CEOs

    Name Term Comments
    Charles Davenport 1903-1931
    • Founder
    • Developed program for aspiring and struggling fascists
    Karl Dontez 1931-1946
    • Member of the NAZI party
    • Approved key grant leading to development of Zyklon B and, ultimately, the Holocaust
    • Fled Canada to avoid prosection, believed to have assumed a new identity in New Zealand
    Darrin McCalaster 1946-1959
    • Developed special fund for anti-Soviet fighters
    Karl Seigman 1959-1980
    • Ultra-national South African neo-fascist
    • Provided funding to pro-apartheid regime
    • Played key role in capture an imprisonment of Nelson Mandella
    Adoplh Mueller 1980-1992
    • Resurected pro-fascist roots
    Karl Schultz 1992-1993
    • Indicted for involvement in covering up BDIC role in Kennedy assassination
    • Died of ruptured colon after sex with large stallion
    David Thorstag 1993-2001
    • Fond of young boys
    • Complimented BDIC's strong fascist, NAZI identity with a strong pederast identity
    Eli Ulayuk 2001-2004
    • Position vacated after he was arrested for decapitating parole officer and having sex with corpse
    Daryl Hawkins 2004-Present
    • Previouly tried and acquitted for attempting to abduct six year-old boy from Weledeh Elementary School
    • Arrested in early 2013 for masturbating with frozen chicken at local grocery store
    • Rumoured to have fathered a child with his mother


    Role in Holocaust

    File:BDIC Holocaust.jpg
    BDIC subsidiary

    During the 1930s, Karl Donetz, a Canadian-German and Nazi supporter lead the BDIC. During that time BDIC provided much needed funding to primary and secondary sector businesses with connections to Nazi arms suppliers.

    Hans Brennan, a German entrepreneur with ties to Western Canada started a small munitions factory. He received a contract with the Nazis to use workers detained at Auschwitz-Birkenau. BDIC provided funding for Brennan to make the initial deposit. Given the large number of BDIC clients using such workers, the BDIC negotiated directly with the Nazis. As a result a section of Auschwits-Birkenau became a subsidiary of the BIDC.

    At the same time the BDIC funded the research efforts of a firm of German scientists. This resulted in the invention of Zyklon B. Experts agree that the Holocaust may not have been entirely possible but for the BDIC.

    Report from Warren Commission

    File:BDIC Osward.jpg
    Successful BDIC client

    Following the assassination of John F, Kennedy, the Warren Commission was established to investigate any conspiracy behind the assassination. Volumes of documents were filed. It was revealed that the BDIC approved a special contribution for Lee Harvey Osward just weeks before the assassination. Records surfaced in the late 1980s that BDIC had a special program for funding pro-Soviet activities. This came as somewhat of a shock to the residents of the Northwest Territories as the BDIC has always had fascist roots.

    Conspiracy theorists believe the BDIC coaxed Oswald into killing Kennedy in an effort to send the United States and the Soviet Union of a collision course, thereby resurrecting fascism in Europe and North America.

    In 1993, Karl Schultz, CEO of BDIC and founding member of the white supremacist and neo-fascist party, Western Guard, was formally indicted on charges of obstruction of justice and counselling perjury, all stemming from the destruction of evidence concerning the BDIC role in the Kennedy assassination. He was acquitted in 1995 following the untimely death of the only prosecution witness. She was found dismembered and stuffed behind the walls of an abandoned adult movie theatre.

    Involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair

    Investigative journalist Ryan Harrison uncovered records showing the BDIC funded Guatemalan rebels. Funds were funneled through the United States' Central Intelligence Agency.

    The same senior manager at the BDIC who was implicated in the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis was caught at the Iraqi border with a truckload of long-range VX2 chemical rockets. As a result the United Nations Security Council recommended to the body at large to impose a slew of trade sanctions.

    It was rumoured that the then head of the BDIC kept a large portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in his office.

    Association with NAMBLA

    BDIC Company Vehicle

    During the early 1990s, David Thorstad was in charge of the BDIC. He was also the founding member of NAMBLA. BDIC came under intense scrutiny when it was revealed BDIC funded photo-shoots of young boys by NAMBLA members. It was later revealed that the BDIC program policies were tailored to NAMBLA and their followers. Clifford Olson got debut through the BDIC Serial Killer Start-up Fund.

    The Attorney General of Canada launched formal investigation into the BDIC funding HappyTime Summer Camp for Boys. After years of silence, several survivors came forward with stories about the goings on at that camp. It was rumoured that the camp had several notorious alumina, such as Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Eric Harris, Dylan Kleybold, Luka Magnotta and Paul Bernardo. The BDIC CEO, its senior managers and a handful of its employees also worked as counsellors at the camp.

    Holocaust Denial

    When questioned about the BDIC's pivotal role in the Holocaust, the current CEO denied any BDIC involvement. In denying involvement, he said, "BDIC could not have taken part in the Holocaust anymore than it could have taken part in the of the Epic of Gilgamesh, as both are Jewish myths."

    Ties to Al-Qaida

    BDIC funds at work

    Mohamad Atta was having difficulty procuring funding for training his crew in aviation. Just as he was about to give up, his friend working with Hezbollah informed him of a BDIC grant for start-up and training funding for anti-Zionist terrorist cells. Atta successfully obtained $150,000USD which was used to train him and the other 9/11 hijackers.

    Air India Bombing

    A former senior manager at the BDIC was tried and acquitted as a co-conspirator in the Air India Bombing. In later civil litigation it was revealed that he used his position at the BDIC to launder and disperse funds which were in turn used to cover up the bombing.

    Satanic Rituals

    Former BDIC employees revealed that the CEO is fond of holding numerous staff meetings. It was disclosed that the meetings were held in a dark, damp crypt. On the wall was a large portrait of Hitler. The CEO and senior management would start off meetings by offering a sacrifice to their fascist diety. The sacrifice would usually be a bucket of newborn kittens or puppies. On special occasions, especially during quarterly fiscal sessions, an employee was required to sacrifice his or her child.

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