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BANGS is a young black brotha from Sudan who doesn't have AIDS, isn't a Muslim, isn't pimping 419 scams, and seems to have a lot going on for himself in his young life (including 2.5 million views on his seminal rap anthem, Take U To Da Movies). However, BANGS isn't very happy and never ever has a good time. You see his life is hard.

Meanwhile, 'BANGS makes Big Baby Jesus cry because BANGS has an iPhone. An iPhone in Sudan. Think about that for a minute. BBJ lives in Hollywood, California, USA and he used to be some kind of rich record producer or some shit, but does he have an iPhone? No. He does not have a fucking iPhone. That's fucked up.

BANGS has an iPhone in the Sudan. ODB has a crappy Motorola PEBL and he lives in the richest nation on Earth.

Meanwhile while BANGS has an iPhone, millions of technologically starved Americunts are just getting by with crappy T Mobile phones with Android.

According to BANGS, Take U To Da Movies tells of "asking out a girl you like, taking her to the movies, buying her popcorn and treating her right." BANGS’ unique, upbeat and infectious rapping style and refreshingly honest lyrics have won him millions of fans around the world.


[[Take U To Da Movies][Take U To Da Movies]]

Yea, your boy Bangs,

and this track is dedicated to all the ladies

out there who like to go to da movies,

you know specially you girl

[Chorus] 2xs

Let me take you to da movies, shawty,

I’m sure later on you will be my baby

Let’s sit down and just be by my side,

I got the popcorn, I know what else you like

Verse 1

Hey shawty, you really lookin’ nice,

let me take you to da movies coz I know you like,

you got nothing to worry about,

hold the popcorn and the drinks,

let me pay the money so we get in,

now hold my hand and take a step to the door, be careful don’t fall,

lets sit on those two chairs alone,

watching a movie so we can see what’s going on,

if you don’t like to watch u can lean on my chest,

take a rest and do your best baby girl… ahhhaaa!

[Chorus] 2xs

Verse 2

I hope you enjoy the movies coz I did too,

anytime you wanna go again just holla at me,

baby girl, we can make it to be better than before,

anything you want me to do, I can do it for sure,

you can be my Cinderella,

when it rains you can stand under my umbrella,

I know it makes us feel better,

I’m not like the other boys, I’m different guy,

coming from the sky, whatever I say I never lie,

just let me know if you wanna go somewhere… Yeahh!

[Chorus] 2xs

Verse 3

Hey shawty, where you at, where you going, can I see you later?

coz I can see you’re busy right now,

meet me at the shop about 4 o’clock,

don’t forget and don’t be late,

I can tell you what we’ll do when you come back,

I still remember when you told me

take me to the movie Friday night, that’s right,

what time’s it now, it’s half past three,

my girl, she’ll be back about half an hour,

let me go and take a shower,

dress good, put some perfume on so I can small good!

[Chorus] 2xs

Yea girl,

you can go to da movies anytime you like,

you know what I mean,

but guess who you ganna call?

your baby boy Bangs,

coz you still got a chance,

you know what I mean?

Yeahh, yeahhh, that’s right, a wow… ahh!


Let’s sit down,

just be by my side,

I got the popcorn,

I know what else you like, you like…


BANGS is a 19-year-old Khartoum-born Ausfalian rapper who moved there in 2003 with his family after his father married another wife. He has been writing rap, hip hop and pop since settling in Melbourne in 2004. He writes about his life, loves and hopes and all the usual shit rappers go on about endlessly.

His catalog of homemade hits includes such classic singles as “Music Is My Wife” and “Girlfriend” (with DJ Wasabi). In July 2008 he recorded his first professional studio album entitled “Hard To Be Up” it features the new hit single “Take U To Da Movies” which is available on iTunes.

According to BANGS, the name “Hard To Be Up” means "that I have worked so hard to put the songs together to make the album."

Critical Acclaim

your music is a joke but if you were 2 rap n your native language or rap about all the things that are happening over there or educate others, i think you would make a greater impact that trying to imitate what you think is going on in America ok


—caramelcutie313, a typical racist

dude your soooooo wack its not a joke like u suck stop rapping cuzz u suck im better then u n im17 buddy so stop



dude your so shit that your still singing that song and think people like you lmfao dude you have burnt that song into the ground and its old new your game is mother fucking over !!!! hahaha faggot



loool is this guy being funny or is he serious?



You really really suck.

You give all north africans a bad name, seriously man, dont do this to us.



i mean this in the nicest way possible, but rap isn't your thing, and your not gonna make it. there are way better rappers that never made it.



Please pay attention to the shit that's going on in your country and stop being so preoccupied with what you think is high class and "taking girls to movies" and direct the attention to the injustices going on not to far from your hometown.



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