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    BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, or BTSSB for short, is a japanese company that sells loli clothing. Most of these articles are overpriced pieces of crap, likely crafted by fucktarded asian women who think that people actually look good wearing their shit. All of the clothes sold here look like something only an 8 year old (or younger) would wear, therefore whenever a girl wears it, pedophiles can safely assume she's just asking for it because only attention whores actually buy this trash.

    BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT is located in Shibuya, Tokyo and is the most basic representative of EGL style. The store is a haven for chicks with absolutely no fashion sense and a Peter Pan complex. Since weeaboos must take everything from the land of the rising sun and pervert it as much as possible, some of them actually buy this expensive shit and wear it to anime conventions for bonus loser points. BTSSB is an exclusive loli brand, and the fact that they threw away their money on brand-name clothing gives them a bigger e-penis as a result.

    Since BTSSB is a very typical label of the lolita style, it a common tag for the Shibuya fashion subculture in popular culture such as doramas, manga, and anime. Note that all of these references to EGL are in Japan because no sane person in America would pay any amount of attention to this sort of ridiculousness, except maybe Fox News. Obesity by itself is far more newsworthy than buying/wearing these articles of disgustingness and trying to act Japanese, while being fat at the same time. Right?

    KAWAII PRODUCTS~ ^_______________^

    OMG! Their product line is so kawaii! ^______^

    ♪ALICE and the PIRATES♪

    Alice and the pirates has a totally fresh pirate theme!


    How do you make your shit merchandise appeal to people? Combine it with some overhyped shit! This is exactly the case with this fashion line. It is full of shit. Tasteless shit. The kind of shit that would make you the target of ruthless bullies in middle school but what would be every weeaboo's wet dream in high school. ^________________^

    ♪Kitty vs Samipooo♪

    How to exploit a thing even further? Make a kawaii character, in this case Samipooo (notice the three Os) ^_______^ And combine it with something old, in this case Hello Kitty. They are just so kawaii!!

    Buyers beware!

    What is normal in Japan isn't necessarily normal outside Japan. Take hentai, used panty vending machines, the 4,387 different KitKat flavors found in Japanese stores, Razor Ramon HG and Junichiro Koizumi's hair for example.

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