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    B*KewT is not a retarded all-girl band even though it seems like it. The idiotic acronym translates to Blair*Kairi Els WuTiffany. They are all Mary Sues from the children's TV show Yu-Gi-Oh. These sad little 16-year-old girls were very popular on FagArt Central. Els first started on the site, where she then met Blair. Later on, they met the other fucktards of the group: Kairi, Wu and Tiffany. Kairi decided that they should be a group. She spent a good few months deciding what they should be called, she eventually came up with the name B*KewT.

    Hey Wu I thought up a group name for me, you, Els, Wu and Tiffany!

    It's called B*KewT (pronounced be cute)
    B (Blair)

    K (Kairi)
    e (Els)
    w (Wu)
    T (Tiffany)

    Whatcha Think??



    —Kairi, a total genius in the creativity department. Apparently there are two Wu's in B*Fail!


    Blair is a popular art thief on devianTART. Her character who is also called Blair walks round in skimpy outfits with a pack of condoms in her shoe, but she doesn't have the sense to use them. She falls in love with Yami Marik, who loves her back so much he magically gets his own body and attends the correctional ward of Domino High School with her. He also has two kids with her that magically turn into teenagers. Their relationship also goes back into Ancient Egypt where Pharaoh Yami Marik and Queen Blair ruled one half of Egypt that Atemu didn't.

    Main article: Bean


    Kairi is the emo of the group. Her real name translates to beaver. Her character is a knockoff of Kairi, and she cries and slits her wrists if you say her character looks like Tea or Kairi. She went around bragging that she made B*Fail and made herself the leader. This caused a massive argument because the rest wanted Els to be the leader but this argument stopped after Wu said if they didn't shut up she'd jump from the London Eye.

    Kairi's character is Varon's sister, their parents where killed by Kaiba and she is in love with Marik -- or as they say, "Malik". Their relationship also goes back to Ancient Egypt. They have two kids that also slit their wrists because they can't get dates.

    Kairi also has a dark side: a purple, long haired tranny named Kouta. He is madly in love with her and kills himself. So you can see where Kairi gets this emo shit.


    Els is also a popular art thief. Her character (who was called Els but her name has been changed to Etsuko) is just DMG but with no loliness. She loves Yami Yugi and uses Yugi to get to him. She gets raped a lot and Yami always has to save the day. She also loves Kaiba and makes sex videos with him.

    In Ancient Egypt Yami Atem and Etsuko who is Eliza have a relationship, Els tried to write a story about it but got tired of adding all the rape, death and emo scenes she stopped and deleted it.

    Etsuko and Yami Atem have four kids who all love buttsecks.

    Main article: Etsukoajibana


    Wu is the Sporty Spice wannabe. She reckons she is the most left-out one. She has threatened to leave B*tards many times, but they beg her not to.


    Duke: Yeah we do please?
    Marik: please?
    Malik: please?
    Yami: please?
    Kairi: please?
    Tiffany: please?
    Blair: please?
    Els: please?



    —Tiffany, Loves roleplaying and begging.

    Wu's character (also called Wu) is in love with Yami Bakura, who also loves her back and magically gets his own body. They too have a relationship in Ancient Egypt. They both have a child together, named Amy/Ayame.

    Just one? Holy shit!

    Not much is said about Wu except she hates Tiffany.


    Tiffany fancies a ton of boys. Almost all are from an anime TV show. She makes up fanfics which are all the exact same but with different names. She is Yami Marik's cousin, Tristan's sister and Duke's girlfriend.

    Tiffany, like Etsuko, gets raped a lot and thinks she's pretty. So she's mainly asking for it. She has two kids with Duke; one cries about her dead dog and the son is nuts and tries to kill everyone. But not before he strips them naked. She and Duke have a daughter named Denise; they have a deceased son as well.


    If B*Agoat wasn't sad enough, Kairi decided to make a group for the Yu-Gi-Oh boys they fancy.

    MAYDZ (pronounced maids)
    M = Malik
    A = Atem
    Y = Yami Malik
    D = Duke
    Z = Zork (Yami Bakura) -- wut.

    Lisa & Kirk

    Lizua/Lisa is Etsuko's and Yami Atem's first daughter, and Kek/Kirk is Blair's and Yami Marik's son. They both hook up, have sex and have twins. These two are popular OC'S on FAC. They are also friends with B*rat's other children, Blair and Yami Marik's goat daughter Anna/Anka, Kairi & Marik's daughter and son Meril/Malil and Namu Isatar, AKA Etsuko's other crabs.


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