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    Don't let Chris Hansen find this on you.

    What Azureus "Was" (Before The "Upgrade")

    Azureus -now known as Vuze- is every pirate's dream. It comes with its own IP access/listen port range so that the technically challenged don't have to disown it due to fucktardery. It's between 46100 and 65500.

    Also you are automatically connected to anyone who has a piece of your torrent, anywhere in the world; which jumps your peers from 1 to 50 within minutes. What this means for you is that on a reasonably well-known torrent you have double the download completion speed of BitTorrent and uTorrent. This is called swarming and it is very useful.

    Azureus sweeps its entire network which is very large and very active, typically experiencing 64,000 to 124,000 users online at the minimum at any given time. It will still take you some time to get huge 1-20 gigabyte games and tools on your computer but it is a lot more reliable with fewer dead links than BitTorrent or uTorrent.

    It's also open source, which means that any angsty teenager who isn't busy downloading giant porn games or the latest version of Counterstrike plus keygen can improve something that already works perfectly for its intended purpose.

    What Azureus "Is" (After the "Upgrade")

    For some reason there's been an expansion to the original Azureus interface which itself worked just fine. It's called Vuze and essentially it involves a facelift for Azureus and that's it. Also access to "hot" videos about the view from outer space and also some chick's beach experience. So basically you can quickly download small videos and watch them for 4 minutes while waiting for hours for your "swarms" to piece your torrent together.


    Last Thursday, 1337 private trackers What.cd and Waffles.fm added Azureus/Vuze to its list of b& P2P clients due to it being a bloated, CPU hogging piece of shit. That and something about how Vuze makes it too easy to cheat on boosting your share ratio.

    How To Be Your Own Global Circlejerk

    Azureus homepage on sourceforge.net

    Let's hope there's a version of Steam source out there somewhere, DO WANT!

    Don't See