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Won't daddy be proud?

Last thursday an Asian met the Interwebz. Whilst reminiscing with her other slit eyed monks/ninjas about Kawasaki motorcycles, pickled ginger, and California rolls, she let slip her MySpace access email and password. During this time it was quickly haxxored by an Italian greaseball and his fahrends. It was quickly discovered that she was a Lesbian and as such was forever after subjected to lulz and trolling. Ayuka Narita is possibly the biggest batshit lunatic there is in the gigantic Asian community.


Ayuka was born over 9000 days ago to a Chink family. She was home schooled, as her parents did not want their daughter to get raped or go wild (well aren't they in for a fucking surprise). Her free time was spent farming rice, manufacturing NIKE's, or attempting humour (see desu). No one really gives a fuck about this, so we'll skip to later life.

Later Years/Present Day

Shortly after her stand-up career flopped, Mulan-er, Ayuka moved to Florida. It was here that she discovered Cubans, LSD and Kawasaki. She also discovered a knack for eating pussy. This ability would allow Ayukunt to meet Ami, some other random Gook that ran to America to escape the Jade Emperor and the smell of ginger. Innocently enough, she let her MySpace password slip out. This, along with her email, allowed ez access to an amazingly slutty MySpace. Unfortunately for her, an Italian person found her info, as they have tendencies to be everywhere they aren't wanted/needed (and also to give the room a faint smell of sausage, cheap cologne, and hair gel). Yeah, it was said. Goodfellas is a horrible movie. Pacino, DeNiro and Pesci enjoy circle jerking while slathered in tomato sauce, deal with it (oh, and spoiler for those of you who haven't seen the Godfather: MARLON BRANDO, NICE IRL DEATH. Shoulda ate a few more salads you fat fuck).

After the Initial Hack

After the first few lulz, many slutty pictures were revealed. Most included her and her lolninja brethren or her half naked with some KAWAII face. Way to break the mold, fucking Asian). If the first laffs weren't enough, it was quickly revealed that the Zen clit licking Asian had in fact MADE A SEX VIDEO. Although only three minutes in length, it quickly revealed the whore she was underneath. [1] OH I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW FATHER AND MOTHER. Thing is, if mommy ( a Geisha in the earlier days) or daddy (Samurai, noodle maker and rearry rearry strict bis-ahness man) found out, she would promptly become an hero. So, why not speed the process up and help her get dishonored?

Her Hobbies

Eating pussy, manufacturing NIKE's in a sweatshop for the U.S. for cheap(thanks slave labor!), and MySpace whoring. Speaking of MySpace, pay her a visit. [2] She LOVES it when people message her with AT LEAST 8 links to her sex tape[3]. Thanks for making God hate Asians Ayu!

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Ayuka Narita is related to a series on AZNS.

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