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    Cat eyes.JPG

    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Austral-Azn is a basement dwelling AusFAILIAN who thinks she's a chink. This is obviously a lie. She is at least over 9000 years old, but draws shitty Kingdom Hearts fanart obsessively, along with Dragon Ball Z fanart-with self inserts and OCs. On top of this, she can't stand critique and screams at 14 year old girls on Deviantart after being told her anatomy leaves much to be desired, which it does. She considers herself to be a better-than-you (even when faced with art that required some skill to compose) 'artist' and the ultimate authority on anatomy. Despite tracing everything in her gallery. She shamelessly whores her art with the feeble and tactless, heavy-handed posting of a person much too old to be on the internet, and will absolutely loose her shit if you accuse her of spamming, or even just being a pest.

    Tracing? Im my DA?

    Yes! The bitch traces! OH NOES! Make sure you report fucking everything in her gallery. THE BEST PART IS, SHE SWEARS SHE DOESN'T TRACE.

    LET'S ALL TAKE A LOOK AT HER HARD WORK. And for the record, replicating every single line to a fucking T, while not tracing using a light table, is still fucking tracing, retard.

    The gallery of tracing

    REMEMBER KIDS! IF YOU COPY, COPY HALFWAY DECENTLY. WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT? It's so bad it made Nancy Grace have a pulmonary embolism.

    File:Her trolling.jpg

    The animu drama

    One fine day in the land of Deviantart, Asstral decided to go spam everyone's pages with her shitty half naked Kingdom Hearts fanart, literally begging for faves and asspats. BUT! She made the mistake of posting on the troll Shin-zo's page. Shin-zo, being the troll that she is, left harsh, yet constructive critique on every piece of shit that was thrust in her face. Like any other true tartlet would, Austral instantly replied to each comment with her best insult, hid them all and banned the troll from talking to her. Then, like the outstandingly mature woman that she is, she went into the troll's gallery and began blatantly insulting pictures, which while still average, were still better than anything she'd ever traced.

    Lulz were had all around, and several more trolls joined in the userpage flaming of Austral [1]. In the end, she declared they were all much too childish for her and she banned anyone else who'd gotten involved.

    It starts

    i've seen it, its not that good and stop whoring your self on my page. i hate it.



    Now that the GTFO comment has been made she made a VERY SCARY COMEBACK. OH NOES.

    That's coz you are a stupid mangey ass face who has no idea how to let people be themselves. What a loser. If you dont like my work, feel free not to look at it. You are the one who faved one of my pics and I sent you some extra links in response. So who is whoring? thats a big word for a little child like yourself. It is my understanding that whoring required payment. I require nothing which means that word is not applicable in any way to me. I am simply trying to promote my art as do half of DA. I dont know what your problem is but you certainly do have issues dont you.



    UH OH. SHE'S PISSED NOW. We forgot to pay her for her services! And typical Ausfalian spelling, too. "coz you are a stupid mangey ass face" certainly shows she knows how to grow old with grace!

    This is why no one over 28 should be allowed to interact on the internet before gaining a license. She and Urd-chan would be great friends (if Urd could pull stop bitching about DA policy for ten minutes).

    The fave worthy art

    If you are under the age of Jesus, please do not view these images. Please have hydrochloric acid, soap and bleach on hand before you look at these images. You will be scarred for life. This bitch is hell bent on drawing all of Organization XIII in jeans so tight that they would cause each members minuscule testicles to be pushed into their intestines until their entire digestive systems imploded.

    If you made it this far without gouging your eyes out, you win. Or you are a 16-year-old girl. Or a faggot.

    Please note that, if you dare to tell her that her art sucks, eventually she'll crop up with the "100+ Artists tell me it doesn't!" response. Feel free to point out that (if you suck), being unable to draw does not mean you're blind to mistakes, or (if you win/have more than 100 watchers), laugh in her face and call her an idiot. After all, pageviews and watchers are the most desirable thing on the internet, and if you have more, you're better than her. Going by her logic, at any rate.

    Austral-Azn critique

    As we've already firmly established, our little azn friend does NOT appreciate negative criticism. Fair enough; no one wants their art shredded, unless they actually want to improve (protip - if, after ten years of 'not tracing', you still suck, perhaps you should take the crit). But how well does she fare with genuine, friendly, constructive criticism?

    Pretty much sums it up. Many of the lurkers following the drama decided to put her to the test, with lulzy, predictable results! Below are instructions on how you, too, can join in the fun!

    • Step 1: Pick a picture in her gallery [2].
    • Step 2: Leave genuine, helpful crit that a real artist would appreciate.
    • Step 3: ????
    • Step 4: profit! Or, get blocked and insulted. Remember, if your art is lacking in any way, you're obviously not qualified to give critique. Disregarding the fact that most movie critics aren't out there making their own films and still have a job. DISREGARD THAT. She's deleted every piece of shit in her gallery. How the art world will ever recover from such a loss is unknown. Disregard, she's now carefully sneaking in each picture, a little at a time, in hopes of slipping under the radar. Nice try, faggot.

    And as we've no doubt that she'll fervently deny any accusations, we've preserved screencaps for your pleasure. Can't lie to screencaps, faggot!

    Regrettably, Austral-Azn has disabled comments on her pictures and Anon was too slow to screencap replies; however, from a first hand source, Anon can confirm that one reply to this constructive crit was simply "Thank you oh art guru" (grammar unedited). This confirms that Austral-Azn refuses to take ANY crit, contrary to what she says. Lulz.

    This might explain some ten years of failure. If you decide to join in the lulz, screencap like mad, because Austral-Azn gets butthurt at the slightest mention of someone’s eye being a little wonky.

    Rally the personal armies, it's war!

    In a move of incredible maturity, Austral-Azn has summoned her fan base to defend her; pity she only has 150 watchers. Realizing she wasn't going to overwhelm an army of over 1,500 any time soon, the stupid bitch decided it would be a good idea to cross-post the journal to all of the clubs she moderates. Yes, she actually attempted to drag in oblivious, random DAers who probably have something better to do with their time than listen to some butthurt 40 year old whine about the big meanies on the Internet.

    Laughter was once again had at her expense, when the only people who responded to her were 13 year old boys. The older, more mature members of the clubs simply told her to GTFO.

    But wait, there's more!

    After her pathetic first wave had finished blowing smoke, Anon responded by absolutely raping her front page, journal and art. Most of the commenters were fueled by rage that she would dare try to invoke her clubs to fight with her, as well as her brazen attack on an innocent bystander who wanted nothing to do with all of the drama. Seeing that she was overwhelmed, Austral-Azn declared that she just wasn't going to listen anymore and disabled comments/blocked attackers- some of which were her own watchers. A small victory!

    It is Anon's hopes that future art will have comments enabled, so the assraping may continue.

    Breaking news

    UH OH. SHE BAWLEETED EVERYTHING. Notice the gay ass journal.

    Austral the Aspie has decided to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING in her gallery. Why would she delete everything if she didn't trace? Now we have more proof that she traces. She's such a special woman. Also she made a looong ass journal complaining that "OMFG ALL THE PEOPLE ON ED ARE SO MEAN AND THAT SHE KNOWS OUR NAMES." OH NOES. Man the harpoons again guys, we've gotta put this fatty out of its misery, and everyone else's. Please continue to post degrading yet lulzy comments on her page so she'll finally leave the series of tubes forever, leaving the world with one less 30 year old virgin to deal with. The sad thing is, that she continues to retaliate with teenagers, whom she is losing miserably to, leaving LULZ for all.

    Now with a recent change to her gallery, she has left only 4 SHITTY kingdom hearts pictures and one Mary Sue OC in her gallery. She also made a new journal whining about how she is asking Anon nicely to remove her picture. BAWWWWWWWWWW SOMEONE CALL THE WAAAAMBULANCE.

    Paranoid perpetuation of drama

    She can't just let sleeping dogs lie. Oh, no. Every single day, without fail, Austral-fucktard makes an update. Whether it's unhiding all the comments on her page or making some sneaky little journal declaring she's caught us, our little weeaboo just can't let this rest. She's done everything from beg for mercy to implicate several contributors to this article, and every time has been dead fucking WRONG.

    But this is a good thing! It's an endless source of lulz for us here at ED! Don't worry, Austral-azn, you'll get the attention you so desperately crave; we watch your every move, and screencap the shit out of it. Since you CAN'T resist the urge to reply to every fucking update, we know that you'll never stop making drama. You make our jobs easy, lady.

    A CHALLENGER APPEARS! (this is not the original creater of this epicness, I am merely continuing the lulz) right now on DA a bored teenage girl is flaming this genius Austral-fag more on that when the responses come flooding in. Update! she didn't comment on every single one of the messages sent. Instead she goes to the gallery of the person who insulted her and leaves rhe following "threatning" message:

    Bad idea to have your picture on the net. Never know who might be looking at it...



    After that VERY SCARY! Message she is replied to with:

    I'm so fucking scared!

    thanks for the page views! obviously this is not what I look like twenty/four seven, and with old guys wanna fap over me, that's fine! [link] isn't that you? *shakes head* perhaps you could take your own advice, meanwhile I'll call Captain Ahab and tell him that Moby Dick's gone missing



    I don't wanna say owned, but let's see what happens...

    Moar of her butthurt

    Hate art

    This old lolcow still has lulz in her saggy old teats. To milk some out of her, send her any of these images to her in the form of a fifty Hitler post. She whines constantly about her picture being here. Be sure to post it in as many places as possible.

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