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    The AuroraFurries are, simply put, a bunch of furries who dump yiff on /b/. The target of many trolls and sage attempting to make a name for themselves and become Internet famous, but little do they know the Aurorafurries are not even recognized by most 4channers, or 4chan related groups. In fact this is shit that nobody cares about but them.

    The sort of thing that happens of a daily basis
    File:Face IRL.JPG
    The reaction to the question "Why do you do this AuroraFurry?!"

    How to Join Them

    Even the "Sagers" are not immune.
    • Download a torrent of furry porn, dump it everywhere and one will fap to your threads. In turn, you will instantly be a member and will know all of their seekrets! Start ranting about how you feel you are actually a wolf inside a human body for extra lulz; you will be promoted to Fuhrer, or something, because you're actually a furry, and they aren't! Also quit your job, dump your girlfriend - pick up a new shiny boyfriend so you can share and cherish all of your tender sensitive furnigger moments with (Dont worry, they will help you find one if you are in need).


    Like all furry groups, the lack of a clear goal limits anything productive or useful that could ever come out of it. Their reason for existence has been everything from simply posting yiff in turn fighting anti-furry groups by... apparently... posting more content for them to fight, dumping porn for reason of nothing better to do, to trolling [sage]s. Any real question like "Why do you do this" or "Why do you just dump porn?" usually interrupts their rather otherwise bad day.

    Do not call our operations "raids."


    —Serpentor(ex.leader) masking the real purpose of the group, to circlejerk himself with others following closely behind in a personal army while he has them troll others.

    Our purpose is to provide a service to ourselves and others. It goes beyond simply spreading and sharing yiff for us all to enjoy, but also building a community for those furs who do not fit the stereotype. This is a place where you don't have to be embarrassed about being a furry. That's what we are all about


    — Jay trying to justify the group's purpose to newcomers.

    The drama on ED

    An article plagued by furniggery, constant edits, poor grammar, the inability to count, and various other lulzy deeds. Aurorafurries declares itself "Not posting on /b/ anymore" yet they still do, just by denying it because they have clearly lost the page's edit war and get called "sociopathic pedofiles" by every sage that happens across their shit dumps. *cough*... Ex-shit dumps, ReCaptcha > furfags. All of their names are changed, and they deny this saying it's completely false. The leader of the group admitted this page was true, and then they all tried very hard to dox Marforius for writing what they do with their lives. Sounds legit.

    Changing Identities

    A while back, Aurorafurries copypasta'd the article of themselves, deleted half of it and changed the names of those involved in hopes of getting a new identity. Protip furfags: Keeping the same wording and imagery does not work.

    All of the members have since changed their aliases to other shit(Most pre-existing names that they were thinking of using).

    The Owners

    The elite members of the Aurorafurries are referred to as "the owners" of the group. This stems from the moderation ranks in their chat service. The owners are the retarded epileptic head of the Aurorafurries who control how things work. Most of the owners are straight with the exceptions being Trapper, the owner Serpentor promoted when he ragequit, and Marker, the newest chink.

    • Serpentor: Founder and former leader of the Aurorafurries. If it was not for this G.I.Joe-obsessed furfag, then all this mess would have never happened. He loved doing everything in secret, even if it was not efficient. He didn't want the group to part ways into what was planned to be "aurorafurries V2", AKA "Those Fucking Furries", because he would lose his personal army, so he quickly undid the work of Jay and gave ownership to Trapper. It is likely he has changed his name and is still within the group, never relinquishing control.
    • Jay: The oldest member, and inventor of the furfags of a group, Jay has administrative rights on both the group's chat and website, but has absolute control over nether. The idea running around the community is that the former leader and founder of the Aurorafurries; Serpentor, appointed him before abandoning the furs. As a result, Jay is at constant ends with Trapper who is the head administrator (or main owner in Xatfag terms) The resulting arguments are often carried out in front of everyone, one of the popular forms of entertainment among new and old members alike. Jay is very opinionated and will take part in any political or social discussion he sees. This is excellent for trolling, but you must be careful, since once he recognizes your purpose he will put on his srs bsns hat and probably ban you. His bans are usually undone by Trapper after the victims complain Jay is being a Nazi, even if it is a fair an legitimate ban. Jay is also known in the chat for having a shitty laptop, resulting in him using his iPhone for most of his time online. He works on airplanes... shwooosh. He is also the main reason for the group losing members and almost breaking apart(twice), a eternity-old set of spies being uncovered and a shitstorm of lulz and hate resulting in the dox of a moderator of IB4F.
    • Trapper: The main owner of the Aurorafurries' pathetic flash based chat room. Trapper enjoys cybering with young boys, and shocking new members with his twisted furry porn. Trapper will, and has, fapped to everything other than scat and cat gore. (But it is prophesied that he will fap to the former one day.) He is particularly sensitive about the latter and has been known to ban members for even mentioning it. The German also claims to be bipolar. The purpose of this is, no doubt, to make people feel sorry for him, and give him a e-blowjob. Trapper can be found lurking Lulz.net 24/7 with the exception of the time he takes out to post pictures of his very small bent penis on /b/. The constant feud between Trapper and Jay is often filed by their conflicting values. Trapper believes that everyone should get a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance, and however many more they need to stay in the group.
    • 'Millenia A member who has caused the group nothing but unneeded stress and doubt but who still happily idles in the Aurorafurries chat day in and day out notably Millenia is a true nigra; idles in their chat secretly spying on them, while making smilies. The only notable violation of this chain is when he/she posts with them in raids, usually taking form of an anime character and using Tor.

    Everytime you enterd the Chat ... i felt sick .... it feels a bit better now.


    —Trapper, Marforius(See below) did this to him

    • Filthy: The head administrator of U-18chan, the group's home site, is not seen around the chat room much since he is mostly busy tracing porn(Abitfur4u). Filthy is also notorious for posting pictures of his womanly ass every chance he gets. In addition to his fetish for fur, Filthy also gets off on pictures of trains, and flowers.

    I got so horny I wanted to fuck this flower


    —Filthy, Expressing his lust for floraporn

    • Spud: Spud came in on the same boat as Filthy and Jay back during the group's creation. Spud is generally found talking either about computer hardware or pot during his time online. He claims to be from Scotland, but you wouldn’t know it from the twelve or so time zones he seems to live in.
    • Marker: One of the new(er) members of the group, this chink came in obviously recruited the same way that the group recruits everyone. Instantly promoted to "owner" and thought himself a very big penis he speaks surprisingly good engrish but still needs to work on his grammer. When he tries to troll you it usually sounds like "we need to get him" or the best "why u do this".
    • Anu: The Aurorafurries secret owner/programmer, Anu is rarely spoken of and never seen. So much so that nearly no one in the group is aware of his existence. The owners all know him, some kid going to school for programming. He made a few dumpers for their shitty porn, he does hardly anything else for them. Is also very afraid of putting his password or email in plaintext.

    Due to recent drama between Trapper and Jay, all the owners are main owners, and the two hate each other more then ever.

    How come every time Jay is a dick, he ends up coming out with more then he started with?



    Because he's right?


    —Aurorafurries member, saying what was on everyone's mind

    The Sagers

    Click this and fill out some generic truth about furries to get them B&
    ED got them taken down on a completely unmoderated chat service one time so far, keep up the good work ED men

    The enemies of the Aurorafurries are often as bad as the furries themselves. The term "sager" is used by the furs as a general term for all enemies of the group who sage their furry threads on /b/. Most of the sages troll on the side as well. Note, that most of them use characters from videogames or kids shows as their names and sage material.

    • Jack Spicer: Arguably one of the main reasons for the creation of the Aurorafurries. Jack was at one time synonymous with fur threads on /b/ due to his consistent sage bombings. Spicer was most likely several anons rather than just one. The particular Jack Spicer involved with the Aurorafurries hailed from the very same site the group formed on, Aurorachan. Post-creation he was rarely involved though, choosing to stick with his RP friends. He is no longer involved whatsoever.
    • Dojo: An Australian college student working in the field of biomechanics and with a part time job at an insurance agency, Dojo was the Aurorafurries' favorite rival. If it were not for him, the group would not have grown as it did. Their attempts to raid Dojo were not only on 4chan, but also 711chan, 888chan, Paws.ru, Aurorachan, and U-18chan. This sager's career went down hill when he became the group's pet. He would be lured into the chat for the fur's entertainment under the impression that he was trolling. Dojo was infamous for preaching about how suck and wrong furries were, and strongly encouraged furries to seek medical help. He frequently stressed that he was trying to help furries become better people among much other moralfaggotry, which is lulzy since it was quite obvious he was a closet fur. After having all of 888chan turn on him do to some furry spyops, Dojo began to lay low for a while, but this was not enough for the Aurorafurries. They quickly performed a finishing move in the form of an email sent to his place of work explaining that an employee at that location had been posting inappropriate and graphic content on an adult site using the companies’ IP. Since then Dojo has only been spotted twice on 4chan, but not on /b/, and upon spotting an Aurorafurry posting he immediately left. The last anyone has hear of the former sager was an email to his sage friends stating that he was still alive a few months after he disappeared. Speculation says he is busy trying to find a new job. Later, it was revealed that Dojo was possibly three different friends who all used the same name and tripcode.
    He couldn't compose a question let alone answer a question if he was asking one already. A godly troll, srsly.

    for 14(Two weeks) days I set out on a search, going on Anthrochat and FurAffinity, and among other sites, to see if Furries are really as bad as people say.

    The only reason I really did this, is because I’m extremely curious, I’ve pulled all the locks in my house apart just to see how they work, I’m currently studying maths and science, (Chemistry and Physics) and I will soon be on my way to a degree in civil engineering, which seems to be right up my alley.


    —Dojo's trolling.

    He followed these fags around everywhere, devoting what looks to be like at least 100 years of his life to saging them.
    • Antz, Scout: Two of Dojo's lesser minions, these closet furs posted pictures of Mishu from Malan and the scout from Team Fortress 2 as apposed to Dojo's Xalmain Showdown dragon. The two disbanded after Dojo disappeared.
    • HAZMAT: Posting pictures of hazmat suits got boring for this closet fur after Dojo left him and the other sagers on their own. One day, while saging a fur thread, the yiff got to him and he flipped sides. HAZMAT is now a stable member of the Aurorafurries.
    • A.T.: He has no ability to sage bomb threads, but he is the only one who can actually troll. He has gotten the best of nearly every furry he has crossed at some point. Unfortunately, the weeaboo spends what time he has on the Internet lurking Lulz.net and only shows up to troll the Aurorafurries once in a blue moon. The relationship between A.T. and the furry group is odd, since most of them get exited when they see A.T. around and do whatever they can to get him to stick around. This could perhaps be because he is the last of the original sagers who prompted the creation of their group.
    • Youmustdie: Some anonymous faggot who sage bombed furry threads and posted numerous personal army requests on /b/ (To whom nobody gave a shit), but also more effectively, spammed the threads with links to the Aurora chat room, causing it to fill with newfag /b/tards causing substantial lulz.
    • Archibald: The newest sager, once popular on 4chan Archibald is known for posting Owls while sage-ing furry threads. One day Archibald joined the Aurorafurries' chat room and hasn't left since. Most of the furries love him even though he spends most of his time there trying to be insulting and talking about Team Fortress 2. Everyone believes Archibald to be a furry, but still he denies it. On occasion, Archibald's 'cat' gets on his computer and begins asking people to pet him. There is currently no explanation for this. He has recently admitted to being a furry, and quite often roleplays with users such as Trapper, Wyatt, and Kitty.


    In the past, Aurorafurries have been hit hard by certain people who have raised their paranoia levels through the roof today, you can be expected to be banned immediately if you join their Xat. AuroraFurries members will, like most of /b/, pretend to be super secret agents in a super secret club and will stalk everyone for years because of their autism.


    Marforius is the real reason why there is an ED article on the Aurorafurries in the first place. In their attempt to quell the mass of their members leaving when discovering they were in another shitty two bit candyass 4chan group they like to write that he wrote this article for any other purpose then disbanding them by causing a mass of attention to suddenly be directed to them. They worked very hard in a private image board's password protected section to dox Marforius because they were so pitifully desperate to stop this article from being corrected from their vandalism every-singly day until Trapper discovered from Jay admitting he sponsored this article, causing the group to wonder what the fuck they were doing. In an attempt to get them on a real chat engine he recommended them come on IRC, soon it became apparent they were all 12 years old and were unable to comprehend IRC mathemathics he soon made them join Patriotic Nigras IRC to commence trolling, sadly Patriotic Nigras was playing the idle-rpg and he had to take matters into his old hands, blowing his cover and writing this article; Once Marforius became discovered, he decided to run off with their seekreet dumper and write the original version of this article with the dumper available. The only real concern they Aurorafurries had was the dumper being public, but since then interest has completely lost. However, this did not prevent Marforius from continuing to lurk his precious claim-to-fame article for three years.

    His last known act against the Aurorafurries was his failed attempt at taking down their site. Marforius blew the owner of ImageBoard4Free, U-18chan's old host site, until he became a global administrator. He promptly copypasta'd all their emails in the staff section into his "dox" and tried to delete the site. But Marforius bragged in the chat room with the ImageBoard4Free owner present, causing a lulzcoaster to be formed and all their precious furry porn to be restored.

    Marforius is also Jewish, has a small penis (which he has shown several times, no joke) and is a wowfag - I endorse this Marforius 22:32, 19 October 2012 (EDT)


    Originally, just a furry /b/tard with an obsession of memes, Fiskie turned to Marforius' side after many textfucking| sessions to get back at the furs for their constant ridicule. Fiskie was once banned for an argument with Jay over the lyrics to White Wedding by Billy Idol. Jay, still irradiated from USI, removed Fiskie from the chat then eventually banned him over an argument about song lyrics. Later that day, Fiskie was forced to make an apology on the group's site containing the correct lyrics to White Wedding to make sure Jay would STFU. The cute post was too much for the owners to ignore and he was let back in.

    Later on, when Marforius created this article, Fiskie realized the amount of potential he was losing from being in a group that didn't even know how to IRC and quickly started to contribute to the article in favor of Marforius, eventually getting b& from Aurorafurries fo' lyf and moved on to be a furry EDiot. Fiskie has since then psyopped himself into the group again at least four times for doxxing purposes. In result, he saw Aurorafurries asking a 13-year-old boy for pictures of his dick in their own Xat channel. lulz were ensued from this.

    According to Aurorafurries, Fiskie is a 16-year-old girl living in Toronto approximately 2-3 blocks away from Marforius. Also that they play Xbox and drink "nattie-ice" and call each other "bro-niggers" every two-three weeks (srsly) AuroraFurries found out what IP tracing was, but due to their amazing 1337 tech skills of creating a GUI in Visual Basic to trace a killer's IP address and under the belief that IP addresses won't point to the location of the ISP, thought of him to be in the city of Bristol, UK, real name Richard Sandall. They tried their best, but it's still completely wrong, because how else can he play Xbox with Marforius?



    —Fiskie, pissing off furfags like a pro


    AuroraFurries name is a runoff from this chan's /fur/ board, where a bunch of retarded weeaboo furfag scientists thought it would be smart to put "Fur" after Aurora, proving how smart furfags are. (Aurora, by the way, means dawn in greek.)In recent days this board has completely died off, they moved to u-18chan after a fight with the owner of the site over the instability of the group, and the fact that they were not completely into anime like his weeaboo self was.


    Ran by the eldest founder of the group, Filthy. Filthy's Fursona is a Fennec or whatever he feels like he should be at the time, with an anorexic body don't be fooled, from behind its toothpick body lies a trap.. he also draws trace overs under the name "abitfur4u" horribly, they look like they were done with... CRAYON + MICHAEL J. FOX not demeaning that all furry porn isn't srsly. He left the group in search for better endeavors one time, oddly around the same time as the groups epeen was destroyed. They have moved to another "new" website owned partly by "Kittheshit".

    He has tons more of this crap on his website and e621 now.


    All of their raids on chans come up short. Not a single one has been ever been successful in what they imply they do.

    • 888chan: - Raided with furry and pushed all the posts out one by one with about 6 furries.

    Quickly banned. hit again with a few drama posts, instant b&. When a thread was made to raid them, they promptly sicked their pro psyops nigger on them with 7 proxies to mess with their minds until R3X said "NO CHANH ON CHAN RAIDS," and deleted the 200+ post thread. Attacks by recent front groups like AuroraFurries have caused r3x, to move to a different server, showing him how easy it would be for Scilons to sap his sentries he promptly got to work on securing things. (of course he didn't read the part of the article where nigger and psyops was mentioned.)

    • 7chan: Flooded with yiff, every thread on /int/ was 404ed before the furries were banned and 7chan launched a counter attack on U-18chan.
    • 4chan: Threads created on a daily basis using their tripcodes.

    Every Friday they create threads and arrange themselves orderly in their war room to coordinate using their dumpers. They have given up on this now. Instead they just use their website.

    • 1chan: Flooded with yiff every once in a blue moon.
    • n0chan/211chan: After two of the administrators, Cone and Holic, began talking shit on U-18chan and in the Aurorafurries chat room, the furries went ape shit. In less then two hours both 211chan and n0chan where reduced to one furry board each, and with pawstikas decorating the menus. N0chan was eventually restored from a backup once control was regained, and 211chan was taken offline permanently. Threats to their third site 789chan where also made. As of now both groups have agreed to leave each other alone.

    They would achieve the same effect if they linked a thread in their main chat and said "hit it" but they have to be like every furfag community online and do this in seekret in their "War Room" of course upon release of this article many furry feet were burned in hell so they had to relocate it to a even more remote, seekret location.

    That's cool n' shit amirite? Posting a link to this article causes lulz to ensure in their threads, their newfag gratification is instantly ruined and they realize that they are the cancer all these people talk of.


    Counter Raids

    When raided they got behind their chan; U-18chan, and buckled down for the rough seas, turning off their pathetic excuse for flash IRC and banning everyone that posted for the next 24 hours. They then had nerve enough to celebrate their victory and fap to more porn.

    Useful Programs that Came Out of this Group

    Somewhere along the line these furries raped a negro scientist, causing him to turn furry and create their dumper programs for them. These are to be handled with extreme caution as, if they are combined with sage they immediately undo what these furries have attempted. These are probably better than X-chan or any dumper on the market. These programs are now broken with the new changes applied to 4chan, a huge bump in the road with moot implementing recaptcha - however they do still work for all the crappy chans spread out on the internet. It is common fact that using this program is the equivalent of sucking a furries cock. Which, if done,will send you to hell's fire.

    Oh snap marf I have a present for you!... sec while I ask anu for it lol i lost it on my laptop in the shop


    — Jay, moments before giving Marforius the dumpers


    When an influx of members started complaining about them roleplaying gay situations and playing "house" in the main chat, AuroraFurries knew what they had to do and started up a gay roleplay chat. Its usually filled with descriptions of events that would make even the most hard pipe hitting nigger immediately think WHAT THE FUCK AM I READING?. This chatroom is used mainly for the purpose of yiffing as the name implies and is used most commonly by the furry named Wrath. This user has been over 9000 different kinds of species and genders that it has lost all memory of what it use to be. Proof circulates this user is a fat virgin furry that dwells in the basement and spends most of his time fapping to sonic and Rita pr0n. The typefucking room has been abandoned since they lost most of their green members that helped fill it, Wrath left too.

    The most common activity within in any of their chats is being a retard. As they don't have to put any effort into it it comes quite naturally to them. They seem to have risen on an IRC network underneath two names to resurrect their chats. irc.rizon.net's #AuroraFF and #Aurorayiff both are under +S(secret mode) and they think that grants them so much protection on IRC.


    Partial Dox.



    • Age: 21
    • Location: Germany
    • Trapper claims to be bi-polar among other things. Schizophrenic, bi-polar, and a large dumping of furnigger. Currently posts on Lulz.net 24/7.




    Protip: Marker is a really pissed off asian that listens to everything trapper says. See Virgin or Eunuch he wants to break up Marforius from his fat girlfriend to have him all to himself, but wonders if it's worth it. He worked very hard for 3 years and didn't get his trophy boyfriend.




    • AIM: JayKearnage



    Jaco Leostale

    Unknown/unmatched people

    • arcanenature One of Serp's YT friends, has a link to U18 in profile.
    • [email protected] Some faggot that takes credit for being in the 888chan raid, which was actually done by one person with tor - probably one of R3X's faggots.

    Previous Members

    Lemonade Coyote


    They have probably changed all of this information by now where possible.

    What will their children think? "Oh, daddy what did you do when you were younger?" "posted furry porn all my lyfe sun".

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