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    This is Athene IRL.

    AtheneWins Bachir "Chiren" Boumaaza(Born in 1980 in June 9th and being over 30s and should get a life) is a self proclaimed Pro-Gamer who is an falled Youtuber he think that he some what an Moral person.

    Surprisingly, this obvious troll video caused uproar in the European community and soon the American community as well. He ended up posting at least 100 more videos of him acting like a huge douche with his cumdumpster plastered over the thumbnail, but no one watches these because most of them are all TL;DW.

    Why do I care?

    Athene and his ex-boyfriend

    Besides his videos, Athene has been an active part of the Net Neutrality front. He's spread awareness of Virgin and its campaign against the internet via clips hosted on YouTube and his iPower account, the thumbnails of most of which have his hawt bitch plastered over them.

    Besides him being and self-proclaimed Best gamer in the world and never winning an trophy or being on e-sports tournaments he goes on to the Bullshit Media to promode his already dying Channel. How did got to news-channels like Fox CNN CBS And Other News channels is because he and his mindless drones help Some poor little niggas in africa.

    In-game Accomplishments

    Because people don't respond as angrily to some guy claiming to be the best who really isn't, Athene decided to make his trolling attempt even lulzier by actually being the best. After achieving #1 in every bracket on the most competitive battlegroup on the continent, he caused even moar nerd rage by breaking three world leveling records, showing the WoWfags that not only could he get a girlfriend hotter than theirs, he could spend less time playing the game and still accomplish more than they ever could with the countless hours they'd spent in their basement. It's too bad anyone who plays WoW automatically fails, or Athene would be pretty win.

    Lovers (A.K.A his Dicksuckers)

    Athene has apparently two girlfriends the other one is Tania Derveaux who he uses her for Fame to put her on one of his video to get the click for money and she benefit by sucking his cock, he has with her with more that 16 year not even married or even engaged. The other one that he cheats with is that from Sweden her name is Moral Moghadasi he met her in his shitty charity stream on Twitch.(To gain fame and notoriety for being a good person). He gives her money so she can sucks hes dick. He even admitted that he likes her more that his Fame Whore Tania.

    His Shitty Crew

    Since athene cant maintained his channel most shit is done by his crew.

    • Dries leysen (A.k.a reese). The guy that filmed and edited his shitty videos and left him for period of time just to get the Moneys.
    • Tania Derveaux (A.k.a TaniaUncensored) His personal Dicksucker. she left him two for period of time and came back for the Moneys
    • Ian Left because he had big ego
    • Dean Leysen (A.k.a Furious) Left him because of his big ego.

    His new 2015 updated crew is still with people that what to uses channel you now for the Moneys. That are basically his mindless drones.

    Real Talks On His Twitch Stream

    Athene thinks by being an dick and two point Os of Stefan Molyneux and Tommy Sotomayor. He talks about how Vegan like him self are so extreme and bring emotional arguments like him self. that can be proven on his video with is Moralefag friend friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNFjCkkXsxA . Consider him say how people are dum and how Mindless people are to his Mindless fans.


    Some time last Thursday, while Athene was trying to break the first-to-level-80 world record, WoWfag GM Calordian decided to pwn him by jumping out of nowhere and raping him right before he hit level 80.

    This caused Athene's fanboys to shit themselves and BAWWW to Blizzard about how unfair it was because another GM had already told Athene that his method of leveling was legal.

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