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    File:High school atheism.jpg
    Atheism+ in a nutshell.
    Did You Know: Women and the internet do not mix

    what is it with all the rape jokes


    Atheism+ (moar liek Atheism plus Insanity) is a vanity project, marketing scheme, and colossal circlejerk that aims to be a social justice movement. The site itself was created by Jen McCreight and supported by the internet activists over at Freethought Blogs. Atheism+ is a forum where retards complain about homosexual issues, women's rights, and new enhanced ways to check one's privilege. Posters are all disenfranchised and opressed homosexual feminist activists.


    St. PZ Myers banishes the infidel.

    It all began when Freethought Blogs wanted to become more accessible to the common people so they could drive more traffic to their website and steal more of Google's money. In July, three YouTube vloggers (Romanian camwhore Christina Rad, highlander AronRa, and Thunderf00t) were hired to make the site more interesting. However, Thunderf00t proved to be incompatible with the radical feminist agenda at Freethought Blogs, so PZ Myers kicked him off. Thunderf00t, butthurt over being treated as the intellectual knave he really is rather than Almighty God of the Internet proceeded to barrage the Internet with a series of whiny YouTube videos. Neck beards and basement dwellers everywhere heard these videos as a call to arms and have hated Atheism+ ever since.

    In August 2012, PZ Myers realized that most people saw Freethought Blogs as a collection of whiny attention whores who all have a massive persecution complex and the site hasn't really contributed anything to the atheist movement. With this in mind, he had the freakish woman/horse hybrid Jen McCreight write up a post regarding a super special new social justice movement: Atheism+, a thinly-veiled attempt at giving Freethought Blogs an air of credibility. At its heart, it's nothing more than a re-branding of humanism, but Jen won't admit that. She then sent forth her drooling minions across the internet to spread the divine word of Atheism+.

    Soon thereafter, all of the bloggers on Freethought Blogs were talking about Atheism+ and how great it was and how it would save the atheist movement from certain annihilation. Then Richard Carrier wrote up his post on Atheism+ and blew their friendly image out of the water. It consists of a lot of TL;DR bullshit, but it can best be summed up with this final paragraph:


    Remind you of anyone?

    It took Jen McCreight an entire week to renounce Carrier's extremist views. During that time, countless atheists on Twitter tore the movement a new asshole calling it all sorts of things including "pointless", "unnecessary", and "divisive". The Atheism+ supporters fired back by accusing them of being racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, neurotypical rape-enablers who are bathing in a pool of their own privilege. Ironically, in their overzealous crusade to the rid the world of bigotry the members of FreeThoughtBlogs became the biggest bigots of them all.

    On September 4, Jen McCreight stepped outside of her hugbox and realized, "Oh no! People don't like Atheism+!" She then wrote up a blog post saying that she was leaving the internet simply because people were making fun of her and her abortion of a social justice movement. Shortly thereafter, her father wrote up a post saying how he would punch the face of any person who dared make fun of his daughter. Not knowing the cardinal rule of "Don't feed the trolls", people started making fun of him as well. This prompted Jen McCreight to break her promise of staying off the internet by writing up a post telling people to stop trolling her father.

    Jen McCreight is still on the internet, mainly moderating the Atheism+ forums, sitting in the warmth and security of her hugbox. Christina Rad remains brainwashed by feminists. Aron Ra sits comfortably with his Jewgold.

    Atheism, Really?

    While you would think that atheists would be interested in something called Science instead of egalitarian bullshit, the main function of Atheism+ is to protect libtard aspies from the inconvenient truths and consequences of Darwinist Theory:

    Of course, that theory was created by Charles Darwin to keep the negro and the bitches down, you know it is truth because all white men are evil, but we are not racist, of course, we are TEH ANTI-RACIST File:Atheistplus.jpg

    How To Troll Atheism+

    • Tell rape jokes.
    • Be white.
    • Be privileged.
    • Have a penis.
    • Disagree with Rebecca Watson on anything.
    • Mention Thunderf00t.
    • Say that women only are good for cooking and blowjobs
    • Embed pictures on their forum of women being anally drilled.
    • Tell that you just jerked off to their avatar.
    • Ask what the plus stands for. Repeatedly.
    • Call them out on their bullshit.
    • Tell you like to watch porn
    • Use the words "retard," "stupid," "moron," and "dumb fuck."
    • Earn a place on the Level 1 Block Bot list


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