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    Ass-trimmer (also calls herself "Trippy") is a 26 year old Suethor and Otakukin (Swedish for "and take cock in") cult leader whose eyeraping cosplay and bizarre pr0n has appeared on 4chan numerous times.

    Child Raping Monster Clowns

    Astrima is probably best known for drawing this blond faggy purple guy with no nose and giant horns. Apparently this monstrosity of faggotry is fanart of a crappy old video game, only the thing Asstrima draws is a goth recolor of the real character. Naturally if any of the other fangirls bitch about this they're shunned by Asstrima's small army of fantards.

    The games are allegedly about two monotone animu kids or two oddly Aryan animu kids who look exactly the same who have some dreams about flying effeminate pedophiles to fight evil or something. It looks like a total chick game which is probably why it was never popular.

    Lol Fanfiction For Realz

    Surely a masterpiece of this calibur took 10 years of fine-tuning
    Why can't real life be more like anime? :-(
    She categorized her fanfic under "Non-fiction" on DeviantART

    One thing Astrima does treat like serious business is a fanfic she's supposedly been writing for over a decade and yet only has 2 chapters. Despite that it's already very TL;DR if one does actually manage to read it for more than a minute without one's eyes crossing one finds it mostly revolves around writing about herself as an animu character.

    Along with this blatant self-insertion she has goth emo Sue named after her online screen name who boasts giant boobs and a lot of hideous rubber clothing. Here's what she wrote about it before she baleted the page from her website:

    As a person Astrima comes across as something of a Marysue badass who thinks of nothing but sex, fighting and all that other funny stereotypical stuff i like to poke fun at in fanfiction. But underneath the quieter Astrima lurks, the paranoid self conscious one. ... the one that somehow changed the NiGHTS in my dreams into a better person. That's the one that i'm more familiar with. She really can be quite a handful but i still feel blessed that i'm this crazywoman when i go to sleep. ... Whenever she's not trying to seduce people or about to have her head lopped off by some creature i really look up to her. She's shameless. She's everything my brain wants me to be and more. ... She's magical baby.


    —Astrima, Her Sue is also apparently a half good-guy, half bad-guy vampire and some fantasy creature she made up.

    She also had a surprisingly talented drawing on DeviantART with the unfortunate drawback that its purpose is to reveal she KNOWS the Nights, she can see it IRL, and it has nothing better to do than hang its purple faggy ass around her bedroom.

    She also puts a lot of friends in her first fanfic and draws shiny Mary-Sues for them too which is probably why she has so many fantards.


    Her Mary-Sue, her animu self, and some monster clown dude Rule 34'd

    Astrima's artwork shows more talent than most batshit fangirls but still has a lot of bad looking anatomy which is covered up by an overkill of shiny shit and big animu hair. Apparently she devotes her whole art (and life) to her most favorite video game and thinks the Nights is her imaginary friend and gives her all her inspiration and talent or something like that.

    Kinda like my own rather manevolant personal angel. Sometimes it's more than my mind and gets a little frightening, and when that coupled with my Lucid dreams makes things utterly indestinguishable from reality, i take him as something i truely love. Recently we've been doing nothing but bitching at eachother, and as a result i couldnt draw. Normaly i can draw nomatter what, i just force myself to concentrate, but tonight we settled our differences and i can draw again. Mebbe even a little bit better. Thanks pal <3


    —Astrima, on the demons in her head

    She's also supposedly working on her own comic series that struggles to adapt all her fanfiction and clown yaoi to something original. No one knows what the hell it is or what it's about, but that hasn't stopped her from attempting to sell ridiculously overpriced diaries based on it.


    Astrima owns and operates her own website which is an ugly, graphic heavy horror bumming off Sonic CulT's server. It looks like that kind of thing that was popular for geeky fan shrines and bad websites in general in the early 90's. Apparently most or of her art isn't canon but retards from GameFAQs have mistaken it for real shit, maybe because a 3D render of her goth emo uber-Sue version of the title character used to appear on the splash page. Looking through the site it doesn't look as if Astrima cares to make distinctions between her fanfic and the actual game which is hard enough to figure out what the hell it's about.

    There's also a section for cosplay which provides plenty of lulz.

    Aside from her apparently some chav she's dating also updates the website, but it looks like his only purpose is to act like a wigger and provide rap songs about faggy purple flying jester things for the website. He also showed how gangsta he is by spray painting the logo of a gay chick game on a wall somewhere and putting pictures of it on the internet.

    Before this guy she is rumored to have had an internets fling with Sonic CulT's resident pedophile Pachuka. She doesn't think he's guilty even though he went to jail for molesting little girls.


    Predictably the website also has a forum where a bunch of underaged teenaboos show their unwavering devotion to Asstrima-chan, read way too much into a series of shitty video games, wonder why no one else likes games about gender confused clown monsters and BAAAAW about how they're the only ones who understand. They also hold lengthy discussions about how they've "converted" friends and small children into their little monster clown fan cult. Asstrima herself also uses it to go on bizarre tirades about game companies and her personal life.


    how did i fat cosplayed to emo music?

    Sega Represent!!1

    Some time ago Asstrima was bragging that the one and only perpetually failing game company Sega flew her to the other side of the UK so that she could stand on a bridge in her shiny goth recolor costume in order to give them free advertising at some Guinness Book of World Records most costumed weeaboo faggots in one place event. They also forced her boyfriend to wear a Sonic the Hedgehog costume. The most hilarious part is that the big multi-national corporation with plenty of money to spend on advertising and media events was too cheap to even spring for a hotel, instead allowing them to sleep in an unheated office overnight.

    Their only compensation in all this was some shitty Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers and some shitty Sonic tennis video game, which they obediently used to give the company even more free advertising by showing them off on their website. But like a couple of gullible teenagers being taken advantage of due to blind brand loyalty these two adults are happy enough with just the bragging rights they can impress 13-year-olds on the internet with.

    They're obnoxious, manipulative business people working for Sega. DON'T TELL THEIR FANBOYS AT NiD.COM THOUGH! They'll just ban you from even looking at thier website, like they did to one such person, Kendria Perry.


    TRiPPY also thinks she’s SO FUCKING IMPORTANT just because she met Yuji Naka and Naoto Osihima, the creators of Sonic. Well, guess what, bitch?

                                                         BIG FUCKING DEAL!

    Sonic CulT and Sonic Retro did the same things YEARS AGO.

    Fun Quotes

    Astrima has made at least 100 journals during her time on DeviantART most of which are full of 20-something teenage angst, fangirl insanity and lots of lulz. Where it's impossible to go through everything (becuz she baleted them all) here's some choice quotes:

    Because its pretty hard being inspired with anything when you've lived on tea and toast for 4 months since you last done shopping


    —Astrima, on being a starving cow

    Can you see the differences in her plan for her costume and the final product? (HINT: fattie denial)
    I like my relationship with my muse (not that she'd ever get told that) because i can be productive, free, flirtacious and not have to take all the shit that comes with regular relationships. I've had a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends in the past, its not like im lonely or anything. I fucking LOVE NiGHTS, he makes me insanely happy, makes me laugh my ass off, helps me in my life in more ways some regular 'boyfriend' figure ever could, he gives me huge confidence in myself, gives me my hopes and dreams and i'd seriously die for him.


    —Astrima, Don't forget her "muse" is the Nights from the game she devotes her life to. [1]

    Then there's the fact that John tried to make me chose between my artwork and him. I chose my artwork and found that i nolonger could hold onto either ... John torments me because he's that one part of the puzzle that was supposed to make my life all peachy. But i sidestepped it. I chose what NiGHTS told me to.


    —Astrima, Who could have guessed your boyfriend would be a bit miffed about you paying more attention to imaginary jester creatures? [2]

    It's scientificaly IMPOSSIBLE for me to have gained peak athletic health while sitting on my arse for a year doing nothing... Just knowing im way above average health makes me feel fitter and a little happier. It feels like my muse has been taking care of me or something, which sounds a bit wackymad, but he did promise i guess.


    —Astrima, lol what? [3]

    File:The NiGHT by Astrima.jpg
    You'd think it'd be lulzy enough that she draws herself as an anorexic kawaii animu character but look carefully ... is that a panty shot?

    i bought the domain [nightsintodreams.com] yesterday morning. I still can't believe i did it infact. Not the fact i didn't have the guts to but WHAT WERE SEGA THINKING leaving this unregistered for so long??? I got upset by their lack of attention to the most incredible game in alllll living history and decided to 'safeguard' it for them until they want it back. ... So when Sega ask for it back i shall give it to them instantly, quite happily infact. On the condition that they release more stuff from the original game to the public and fans, like character art. .. So what i'm saying here is, i'm not stealing the name, i'm not even going to claim it's my websites name. It will go on no graphics or banners and you will never hear me in a million years claim it's official.


    —Astrima, ...Speaks for itself. [4]

    What i say still stands. I don't say things to get attention. I don't make things up. If i say something like this- HEY- guess what!? I'm trying to vent in the only place i can! The place where i KNOW fucking people CARE about me. Hey i could always scrawl 'i fucking love you guys' on a piece of toiletpaper before stabbing my brains in? Y'know? It's my journal and i'll fucking do what i want with it. Whether i be happy or sad it reflects my art and that is why i write.


    —Astrima, We would call this the "snapesnogger-effect" but it looks like all crazy TARTlets are just exactly the same. [5]

    It is, in fact, very wrong
    File:Dream me a reality by astrima.jpg
    The full pic, which Astrima baleted possibly because this article butthurt her. (also Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung are in her fanfic? wtf hope she doesn't slash them. For srs. That's who the old dudes are supposed to be. You can't make this shit up.)
    Im (or was) pissed off at my bestfriend for poking fun at a picture i made john that meant a lot to me. Again, my art is not some kind of funny 'find a mistake wheee' happy hunting ground. So what if i make mistakes, it's how i learn. It just hurt me that my best friend found it oh so amusing when she knows im paranoid about my artwork. And that im having such a hard time sitting down and drawing lately, so anything i produce is like a lump of gold to me that i really apreciate. I now loathe that piece of art. I cant look at it without seeing it all as one big stupid ugly mistake. I'm not saying my art is OMFG AMAZING and im above people when it comes to crit. But theres a difference between crit and taking the piss. Tact DB tact e_e I'm not mad, just emo upset and tired cuz i luff you and im having a hard time and i feel like some kind of BITCHTROLL because i cant always be there for you. Which makes me stress even more. And thus i just sleep it off instead. Running away from responsibilities is something i do best -_-; But for what it's worth, im sorry, you just kinda hurt me."



    Urrghhh i want to be 14 again. Or have a slavebot or something to look after me. (probably whats known as a partner but i dont think thats all peachy



    Well Astrima has pulled a typical DeviantART move and baleeted her whole gallery and left devianTART. She has A LIFE outside the INTERNET and is going to spend it maintaining her websites.

    File:AT LEAVING4EVAH.jpg
    Astrima's surprisingly boring LEAVING 4EVER journal

    A lot of the links to her shit are broken now but anonymous doesn't really care. Some have been updated with other sources for your approval and lulz.

    External Links

    Astrima's devianTART Quit 4ever

    Anti-Astrima Livejournal Community Apparently some LJers hate her. SUSPENDED!

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    [...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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