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    Ashlea Clayton

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    Ashlea clayton2.jpg
    The vagina. Unshaven. Not stirred.

    Ashley Clayton ignited a drama fest on December 2013 in an attempt to become an Internet celebrity. After some embarrassing "raps" that she posted on Facebook failed to get the attention she desired from her close circle of friends and family, Clayton set out to up her game.

    Meet new friends

    She joined the "feel free to meet new friends ;)" Facebook group that is crawling with virgins and old farts who spend all day hitting on teenagers. Despite the lame status of its members, the group provides much needed lulz to the rest of the Internet, watching as desperate losers attempt to score some cybersex. Ashley tried to separate herself from the crowd by submitting short "raps" and drawn out vlogs where she discussed her self-diagnosed mental illnesses. No self-diagnosis would be complete without autism, cerebral palsy and other mental disorders which she intends to get these diagnosed by a professional someday. Finding this wasn't enough, she moved on to display her barely visible "self harm scars," the apples on her chest, and even the Amazon rainforest that lurks beneath her panties if needed.

    Private life

    Ashley's is familiar with the standard cam whore routine which includes recording in a dark room, bitching about her absolutely terrible life and threatening to kill herself. Once she realized nobody was noticing these videos on her Facebook wall, Clayton began posting them to "Meet New Friends," after even the worst members got irritated at the 20-year-old Australia with mommy and daddy issues, she would apologize (again) for her behavior.

    This continued for a week until responses were overflowing with hate, to which she replied with another "self harming" video. Wanting to make sure viewers knew she was serious, Ashley didn't use a standard blade, instead used a house key to to cut herself. At this point even the convicted sex offender on parole were flaming the cam whore, generating yet another long and boring video about how she doesn't give a damn. While Clayton maintains her "suicidal" status, she's attempting to make amends with her so called friends, regaining their respect by posting more half-nudes of herself.


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