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    ED CLEANER 2.jpg This article needs a serious clean up

    Somebody should do something about it.


    Artgrounds is yet another furry art community, but this particular one has a unique feature called the Sketcher. When you cross Lion King aficionados with gifted users, you get this wonderful little brown line in the underwear of the internets. There are a myriad of ways you can piss off this faggoty userbase, thanks to FelcherSketcher. If you get banned, try deleteing your cookies and creating a new account, this works differently on different kinds of banns though. Furfaggots finally fixed it (supposedly).

    The Admins


    "A new picture, hopefully a little less scary than the last one."

    Thor, Norse whale of fat thunder thighs, is the creator, maintainer, and coder of Artgrounds, and also a fat sack of furfag-flavored lard. He can't code for piss and is too busy jacking off to Minerva Mink to bother rectifying the site's many user-reported problems. He has declared to the site in the past that anime is a hack style for shitbags with no talent (true) and that he is sick of seeing Lion King ripoff art posted and drawn constantly. This is because Thor desperately hopes that one day, Artgrounds will become a serious art community. Unfortunately Obviously, this is a farfetched dream, at best.

    Thor himself draws in a complete failure of a furry art style, attempting to copy Rescue Rangers, and passes it off as "true western cartooning" and original style, which totally negates any minuscule respect afforded to him for recognizing anime and furry art as utter shit.

    When not smiting lesser gods in Asgard, he enjoys telling Artgrounds users he's not going to fix any problems with the coding on the site and receiving head from his main slut, MazBourne. Because MazBourne has been busy sucking horse cock instead of his own inch-long schlong lately, Thor has become very lonely :(.

    Former Admins


    "Sif getting ready for Thor cock"

    Sif, also known as MobySif, Thors Magical furry rainbow cock sucker, tub of lard, ultra bitch, was one day surfing the vast ocean of the internet, when she happened upon a huge tub of lard with a magical furry cock. Upon examining this strange phenomina, the tub of lard, and revealed its name: Thor. It was love at first sight. Sif was given Admin privileges for her birthday. After about a week of her being an admin half of Artgrounds was banned. Yes everyone, Sif took the banhammer as if it was Thors small furry cock and treated it as her child. Look at her the wrong way and you would surely get banned. She sucked Thors cock every night to keep her admin powers. Eventually Thors dick fell off and Sif was no longer an admin.

    "Artgrounds in a nutshell while Sif was on duty"


    MazBourne was once one of the most active admins of the site. She is still Thor's most beloved, and he pines for her gaping oral orifice which now attends to delicious, delicious horse cock. She is an internets-popular Lion King furfan who has spectacular skill in drawing hardcore punk Lion King lions, Lion King faerie rainbow lions, and Lion King/irl dog porns. Her gallery is evidence to her expertise in failing at life.

    Her main job around Artgrounds is being a raging menstrual bitch and giving people the banhammer for

    The mangy hellbitch herself.

    breaking whatever asinine rule she made up a mere second prior to encountering any living online denizen. It is rumored that MazBourne has in the past permabanned over 100 users simultaneously under the suspicion that they were indeed not planning on taking her 10-inch dick up the ass.

      She once kicked every user from a General room because she
      assumed that the perplexing image somebody was meticulously 
      working on smack in the middle of the entire canvas was a 
      disturbing and grotesque portrayal of fellatio. In actuality, 
      the image was simply shitty animu fanart of the two brothers 
      from FMA hugging. It was a rare case of honest mistake for
      MazBourne, as everybody else admitted to not being able to tell
      what the hell it was in the first place, either.
     There are 700 people and counting who have been forced to take her
     horse cock up their ass in exchange for her passing favor and 
     their very life. Many of them are now dead by mysterious means.
     Some of MazBourne's madeup rules that have been broken in the past 
     and earned users kickbans were 'being sassy to the mods,' cursing 
     in a PG-13 chatroom with a present audience of adults, and spamming 
     the chat with discussion not pertaining to furries or the Lion King.

    Allegedly, MazBourne gained her adminship by sucking Thor's magical furry cock. His queer cartoon semen endowed her with magical powertrip privileges, and she has never been the same since. MazBourne may be a humongous honking cunt, but to be fair, she is/was the only admin who ever did jackshit, even if that jackshit was passing out banhammers to every passing internet pedestrian. MazBourne has been absent from the internets for a long time due to her being very busy IRL riding and taking photos of horses, srsly, and Artgrounds surely suffers the absence of her abuse of pissed-off anime text faces.


    Happy Easter From The Rattlemama herself!
    Holaz. I fail. RPD's boots are failure D8. SAVE ME. *staggers around the house and falls over in them*
    Whee 8D
    So what if I weigh 175lbs?! So what if I look fat?! So what if I have 38Ds!? SO WHAT IF I INDULGE IN A MAN'S SCENT!! I. AM. PROUD. Fear this Rattlecat.

    Rattlecat is now a weeaboo DJ on Artgrounds who relies on pure talent when hosting a show, and is easily the most popular DJ on the site. Gaining at least 100 listeners every time she gets on. Her fans are always there to listen to her awesome radio show.

    LOL J/K!!!1111

    Make even a slight mention of the sever being open, and you can guarantee that it'll be taken up by Rattlecat, and filled with nothing but Disney songs, country, and j-pop from anime and video games. Of course she doesn't just play music! She likes to talk about herself for 10 minutes at a time, talking about shit no one cares about, trying so hard to be funny and random. As for her gallery? It's filled with nothing but furry shit and pictures of her fat ass. 

    Of course, once she got a life and was leaving AG forever, she told her attention starved fanbase that the only way she would stay is if she would get her own time-slot for the radio. Where as she would bitch to anyone else who went over their two hour time limit, she wanted 7 HOURS devoted every day just for herself to play her retarded Kingdom Hearts music, and continue talking about how awesome and important she is.

    Rattlecat also dreams of having sex with RPDOfficer while on the air. She has even admitted having him in her bed and cuddled with him, because she was scared of the dark. RPDOfficer took advantage of this situation, and raped her stupid ass. Of course, with RPD being a faggot, this means that there had to be a dick there.

    And for anyone who wants to contact her. ;D

    AIM: The Rattlecat

    MSN: [email protected] (also active email)

    Yahoo: Rattlekitten

    Skype: Rattlekitten

    Neopets: Mandelbrott

    Gaia Online: Mandelbrotts [on Hiatus]

    Artgrounds: Rattlecat

    Deviantart: Rattlecat

    Sheezyart: Rattlecat


    Nobody cares about your shitty art.

    A prime example of the sort of mess of retardation and fish-stank vaginal hormones that obsessively fantard after YG. She has a variety of self-diagnosed disorders that supposedly contribute to her self-proclaimed insanity and randomness as she attempts to emulate shit like Happy Noodle Boy secondhand.

      Has many MANY mental, medically proven, issues. 
      For 1. Bipolar(watch out!)
      2.ADHD(If I stop paying attention, it's not my fault!)
      3.Split personalities.(What I consider normal me is... uh...)
      4.Clostrophobic(You put in me in a tight spot I keel you.)
      5.Oh snap I ca-... Oh yeah... Short term memory loss.(I swear to god
      sometimes I can't even remember the sentences I had just said. Or the
      tv shows I am watching when it's comercial!)
      6. Uh... Short attention span.(I always will go from one drawing to another
      leaving the other unfinnished. I don't mean to, but I just kinda lose intrest
      in it. So I'll go draw something else until I feel like finnishing it.) 
       -- Mack in a craigslist-esque, self-loving edit made to this article.

    When not flouting her "randomness" like some sort of crutch to explain her vapid, infuriating ignorance, Mack is prone to employ such terms as 'bishie' and 'squee' in her actual vocabulary. Being less than eighteen and greater than twelve, Mack can't help being the fucktarded way she is, and to behave condescendingly towards her may garner many lulz for the drama she will reciprocate with. Perhaps eventually, she will grow out of being such a shitbrained, horny animu fangirl, but all signs point to no. Ayn Rand says that only a cock may cure the disease!

    Other Former Admins

    1. Sana -- One of the only admins who does her job even fractionally pertinently. A bit superficial, Sana strains to project the appearance of a passably likable human being. Little does the userbase know that, beneath her highly polished furry veneer, she is in fact little but a robot built from Thor's left testicle. She occasionally experiences MazBourne-esque menstrual hiccups in which she bans the fuck out of anything she can pin a rule on, out of lingering injury of having her retarded furry art vandalized and posted to ED. Has recently gotten a name change.
    2. Xako -- Xako was made admin the same time as MazBourne and Sana and does little in the way of administrative duties. (Thor was looking for admins near the early beginning of the site and simply made an entire room of willing people admins.) Her contributions to the site consist mainly of Lion King fanart. Every picture Xako draws is front page'd by MazBourne or Vocals because she is able to cel shade Lion King lions just like Disney, thus making her the best artist evar!!! Watch out for her, though, she's recently been seen with a giant cock up her ass ala MazBourne and started kicking and throwing the banhammer down without warning.
    3. Unity -- Insignificant and simple-minded, she has a bad habit of inhaling ice cream while drowning in tears over the fact that nobody cares to write a full-fledged paragraph insulting her shitty Lion King fanart.

    The Userbase

    Artgrounds would be nothing without the sparkling wit and refreshing artistic ingenuity of its userbase. Let's take a look at some of the more notable members.

    Senkennomei and Donutacheron

    Too deep for mundanes to comprehend.

    Inseparable cyber lovers for life, Senkennomei and Donutacheron are very deeply committed to each other. Senkennomei is a persistently mentally prepubscent youth of eighteen who boasts extensively of having graduated from high school early due to being a "super smart genius." Being a prodigial genius, girls IRL just don't understand poor Senkennomei's sensitive, tortured soul, and he is consequentially quite introverted and full of inner angst. Likewise, girls may not want to go out with him because he weighs nearly 300 pounds.

    Luckily, there is one such delicate flower of the internets, a hispenishispanic slut who goes by the handle Donutacheron on Artgrounds, capable of empathizing with Senkennomei's emotional sensitivity. Fifteen years old with a heart of naive gold and dependent on relationships, Donutacheron cannot wait until she is 18 and can have freaky fat sex with Sekennomei for reals and legally.

    They love each other 4life, as evidenced by her steady decline into Retard Speak, in which everything is adorable and must be address as such. Senkennomei has even taken a plane down to see Donutacheron. Apparently her parents don't give a shit if some 300 pound talking wad of butter washes up at their doorstep to woo their chunky daughter. Life is good. IN AMERICA.

    She has incredible trouble drawing profiles, despite this being her main preoccupation in whatever art she attempts. The two social outcasts are rarely seen without the other, and usually inhabit one of the Oasis rooms of Artgrounds.

    Senkennomei and Donutacheron rarely interact with the rest of the Artgrounds userbase unless it's to moan about how 'Moofles' (their retardedass petname for one another) is not online for them to role play with. In an obscure corner of an Oasis room canvas, you can often spy them roleplaying with characters who are typically elves, alien elves, alien elves with black eyeballs and shark fangs, or mermaids. The two incorporate a fascinating and revolutionary new roleplaying technique into their collaborative lovefests -- drawing on the canvas each a crappy profile of their clichéd characters facing the other, and then writing next to the disembodied heads dialogue and actions. Occasionally they change the expression slightly, usually to include badly-drawn blood (red lines), badly-drawn tears (parallel lines), or sometimes on special occasions, a badly-drawn mouth (a horizontal line).

    Needless to say, their role plays are driven by angsty, bland, emo 'plots' in which fucking absolutely nothing happens whatsoever, except that somebody tends to die and the other cries pathetically. Sometimes Donutacheron likes to draw a rape picture or two of her character, typically personified by her character suspended by chains in darkness with an elf penetrating her and what is presumably her character crying out, "you b-bastard." Who doesn't love a little rape now and then, though?


    Also known as Yugigirl34, YG is a minor celebrity figure of

    YG: Drawing shitty mpreg fanart of horrible cartoon characters since '89.

    Artgrounds, and also the very prototype of the stereotypical yaoi fangirl. She is proud to be that way, the way scene kids are proud to be disgusting, identical shitbags. Let's go down the checklist.

    Bishifies anything and everything that ought never to be touched by the graceless, corrupt hand of animutardation -- especially children's cartoons? Does it in a shitty hackneyed anime style? Check.

    Subscribes to and draws obsessively boy/boy pairings of particular shows, and has a drooling fanbase of undersexed, virgin whores for it? Check.

    Calls out haterz as dirty, dirty homophobes? Check.

    Overly sexually 'rebellious' to look tuff and mature? Check.

    Pretends to be bi? Check.

    Thinks bondage is shittily rendered anime drawings of a character in latex panties? Thinks piercings and smoking are HARDXCORE, and that drawing the aforementioned = LOL ARTISTIC CRED!?! Check, check, and CHECK.

    Has a fursona that looks nothing like herself? Che-- Christ, it's like everything retarded in the world is rolled into one big ball of 'fucking dumb'!

    YG has made a discovery that unappreciative fucks like the rest of the world could never hope to understand -- that Jack Spicer, of shitty kids' cartoon Xiaolin Showdown, and Danny Phantom make a totally kawaii and definitely canonical couple!! ^.^ It is YG's belief that these cartoon characters would make spectacular desserts when they are not impregnating each other with horrific latino bastard babies. Being one of the few virgins with such decimal self-respect as to even watch shit like Xiaolin Showdown and Danny Phantom, she is consequentially a prominent figure in the amazingly retarded Jack Spicer and Danny Phantom fandoms.

    Some would argue that it is very difficult being a figurehead in a group of 'rabid fangirls', as they like to call themselves. Agree to disagree; heading brainless bitches who haven't seen a cock in their lives is simple as pie. All you have to do is scribble out fanservice pics of impossibly feminine anime faggots.

    Her art style itself is a mystery to behold. While she possesses a grasp of anatomy fractionally more legitimate than a majority of youth of her caliber, YG is stuck on some boggling eccentricities. The faces of her abominations are perplexities; massively vertically extravagant, with mismatched, lopsided and wide eyes and small, nigh nonexistent noses that clash with her generic and exaggerated CG shading style.

    Adding to the abstract mess of her faces are the humongous masses of hair that compose 70% of her anime drawings. The faces are all identical, and her profiles are even worse. Luckily, she rarely deviates from her comfortable 3/4 angle bust shot. Men's pecs are round and disconnected slaps of meat stitched with copious streaks of Dodge tool shine to hollow-throated, tendon-bulging necks. Shoulder blades merge into wastoid, collapsing forearms with queer musculature and nipples are nonexistent.

    Much like Snapesnogger, the only redeeming trait of YG's style is her devotion to shininess, though its status as a redeeming trait of any sort is arguable. It's more of a

    The poem was written by her father; failure runs in the family.

    'decorating shit with plastic gems' kind of thing.

    YG also has a natural talent with making up names for her bag of candyass faggy characters. Koff (cough), Mareece (some bastardization of 'Maurice'; learn to fucking spell), Rod (penis envy), and Iox (eye of ox) are some of her inventions, and they are copyright her so don't steal or else. :3 You can be sure that whenever she uploads an image featuring anybody of any discernible sex, they will either be a furry, or lathered in impossible and terrible piercings to show liek how omg hardcore and emotionally apathetic they are, or naked and gleaming with mysterious anime oils, or all three. You can also be sure that if comments are allowed, there will be a piss stream of shitty, virginal artists 'luff'ing her hawt compooter drawlingz of bishiez / naked chixxorz!

    tldr; Her art sucks balls and virginal 16 y/o girls drool on her feet for it.

    When not spending four to five hours at a time on a single warped bust shot of some yaoi-tastic abomination in Sketcher, YG is to be found participating in all manners of IQ-destructive role plays of a variety of topics, such as gay yoshis, gay pirates, and gay two dimensional characters lacking depth or personality.

    Unfortunately for YG, her art is often not furry enough to get front page'd. Maybe if she drew a little more Lion King porn and a little less cat tits, she could stake out her place as NUMBER ONE.


    Her ego is large enough to represent all of the Artgrounds userbase.

    Like most wretched Canadian abominations to crawl beyond the boundaries of their great maple leaf, Birdee is a self-absorbed twat with a trite sense of humor, if any. Never speak of Canada in her presence, for Birdee hates her own nation. Asking questions about Canada, spelling Canada wrong, making mention to Canadians on any subject, or even speaking of any object that may be found representational of Canada in the presence of this cunt will earn you a lecture about tolerating Canadians.

    Like most of the users, Birdee loves to whine about how unfair her life is (as an oppressed Canadian) in the shoutbox of Artgrounds. She tends to think that anything offensive is directed toward or even remotely relevant to her in some fashion, thus somehow earning her the right to take offense and pathetically lash out with vicious 14-year-old wrath.

    Her overly-defensive attitude is suspicious; Birdee may very well be a furry.


      wolflover9> where do you guys live
      Birdee> Canada .-.
      wolflover9> i live in flordida
      wolflover9> whats canada like birdee??
      Birdee> ...............
      Birdee> -__________________________________-
      Birdee> Why does everyone have to stereotype Canadians!
      Birdee> Yeah because we all ride mooses to school and love syrup and beavers
      Birdee> -____-
      Birdee> idiots
      wolflover9> sorry
      Birdee> That's not good enough. Rape your family and then cut off your cock and kill yourself.
      wolflover9 has disconnected.


    Garlic lends further credit to rumors that Pyramid Head is nothing more than a pathetic, hopeful projection of emo faggots worldwide.

    An elusive creature that only makes its presence known at Artgrounds during its direst moments, this pokemon's appearance generally heralds a hurricane of drama and angst for its pathetic friends. Garlic is the definitive prototype of the endangered 'emo', a teenage male who consistently draws shit featuring mutilation of self-insertion characters for the purpose of garnering sympathetic reaction from bystanders. Like most emos, Garlic feigns to be bi, when in reality, he is simply a desperate, ugly whore seeking to get laid. Naming himself after the root plant known for doing good for a person's immune system, Garlic is, ironically enough, a worthless shitbag who wastes everybody's time and energy with his pointless wangsting and douchebaggery.

    Garlic pretends to cut and claims to be beaten by his father (for attention), and has a good routine of pretending to go AFK while sitting around stuffing his makeup-slathered face with twinkies as he waits for people in the Artgrounds chatrooms to worry about him. When somebody lets on the slightest concern for his absence, Garlic is sure to return at the prime moment to let everyone know that his father caught him in the kitchen and: a) beat him; b) whipped him with a belt; or c) raped him with a chainsaw, and he is now in a lot of pain and bleeding copiously in appealing, hip places. But of course, Garlic can't go to the hospital -- he'd much rather pussy out and bask in the glowing animu whore-pity of his clique of fags. Because he loves them so much he wants to inflict the guilt of his presence upon them.

    Hey you guys, I'm bleeding really badly. Don't worry, I'll get by if you love me enough.

    In order to demonstrate his intense physical distress, Garlic makes sure to always draw for his friends a big ol' pity-whore extravaganza of a picture, typically featuring what is (presumably) an animu, bishified version of himself suspended by mysterious lines. Because Garlic can't draw faces for shit, he has a knack for creatively hiding the faces behind Silent Hill art-wannabe guro shit such as impossibly huge stitches, boxes, and simply, and more predominantly, a floodfill of black.

    The focus of his pictures being wooing the sympathy of his viewers, the only colors will be black and red; random, messy black lines to give the viewer a vague indication of what the fuck the picture is, and red being the splattering of badly-drawn blood. Perhaps Garlic's ineptitude with drawing blood can be attributed to his having never seen actual blood outside of a knick falling off his be-ribboned barbie bike. Garlic's entire style is a terrible rip of the already terribly generic Mythchan, whose art he probably spotted once on a brave, gut-clenching tiptoe through Gurochan.

    It only makes sense that an asinine faggot like Garlic would leap at the chance to latch onto the tail-end of the "4chan is / makes me cool!" fad, declaring himself to be a /b/tard. As of late, he has reflected an adoration for Phoenix Wright, despite never having fucking played Gyakuten Saiban in the first place. Garlic has learned from 4chan that linking retorts made via the objection generator and linking dumbass image macro memes rather than embedding them is the true path to hilarity. Poor Garlic is unaware that these particular tactics make him pretty fucking unfunny, and tend to show him as a cocksucking, tailbiting Newgrounds fag, at best.

    Trolling Sketcher

    "See how many pictures you can draw of Thor fapping til you get permabanned"

    Sketcher itself is an open canvas sort of program coded by Thor which enables people to draw together on the same board. As anyone can guess, this provides much lulz, as a majority of the userbase are very srs about the arts they are drawing. Here are some ways of manipulating the options of the program to piss off these self-absorbed dicks, because you know you want to.


    Of course, drawing on other people's drawings, or drawing things to piss everyone off, is the first thing that comes to mind. But there's so many ways to do it! One thing that should be of note is that if you are going to be doing any sort of drawing for shock or offense value, please take stock of your artistic skills. If you fail at drawing the simplest stick figure, give it up, son. The furries will try to look tuff by loling at your crude work, or smart by calling you out as a troll. No, it's much more satisfying by far to be subtle. So, if you can't draw for shit, skip on down past this.

    • Draw mustaches on all the faces. Big, thick, Brimford mustachios.
    • Draw shock images everywhere. (People with higher level artistic skills are encouraged to try this; everybody loves a realistically and lovingly rendered muddy dick.)
    • Erase somebody's art. This is most efficient when the art in question is obviously something somebody has worked very, very hard on, typically an animu drawing of a crying angel with a knife in her ass bent double in the rain, taking up the entire canvas. If they are AFK when you do it, you can even feign innocence with a couple of appropriately placed "o.0;;;" and ".___.;;" faces.
    • Teabag someone's art; that is, erase the top of the head and make it look like someone's genitals are resting on top of it.
    • If you must draw penises, make sure to give them hairy balls and veiny shafts, or otherwise very masculine, unappealing features. Users such as YG and other yaoi fangrrlz will otherwise try to look hardcore man-loving by attempting to appreciate your penile masterpiece and may even draw furry chibis glomping it, which would equal failure.
    • Redline somebody's anime art.
    • Draw a dragon or wolf or something taking up a majority of the canvas. Make sure to have it come over several people's drawings. This will raise the ire of many so-called artists of the room if they are drawing at the moment, and you can even defend yourself by saying that you are deeply sorry and you'll fix it. Then proceed to erase or fuck up their drawing to nigh utter destruction.


    As with any drawing program nowadays, Sketcher possesses layers. Four layers, to be exact. They can be deleted and remade and renamed, et cetera, by any user at a whim. It is against the rules to do so if it is endangering the success of somebody else's work, though, hence the rage you will encounter if you proceed with this measure.

    Be sure to select a Sketcher room with lots of users. The more prominent the users within the room, the higher chance you have of stumbling onto a jackpot of defaceable material, as well as fat, fawning fanfuck whores who will be only too ready to leap to their favorite artist's cause and scream at you for being such a horrible person as to delete TRUE ART of their fav bishiez.

    For the mentally incompetent, all that is required to delete the layers of Sketcher is to go to the Layers tab and select one from the menu and click Delete. Then proceed to do the same with the rest of the layers. You may then wish to replace them with layers of your choice of name, presumably of a nature to further provoke the blind furry wrath of your audience. "learn" "to" "draw" "men" in the presence of yaoi fangirls such as Asano and YG is particularly satisfying in response typically evocated.

    Chat Box

    Don't forget that there is a chat box on the side of the Sketcher! You can always spam the room with nonsensical phrases, but an admin can easily kickban you. A better approach is to lay on vague sexual harassment, racist musings, and idiotic comments parodying the known nature of prominent users. It's best to combine chat box trolling with layers or drawing. When you remain silent while defacing somebody's drawing or deleting layers, people come under the impression that you are inhuman. Be sure to remind them that there is indeed some bastard out there heartless enough to smile while erasing TRUE ART of rainbow mohawk punk wolves dancing to Fall Out Boy.

    If you come into a Sketcher room as a couple of people or more are roleplaying, be sure to join in! It's a public program, after all, so you are guaranteed the right to join any faggotry you see fit. If it's a serious roleplay, of course it is a good idea to chime in with some half-assed character vaguely in the same category as theirs and try to have sex with their crying elves or participate ignorantly in their roleplay, the latter especially powerful if they are roleplaying some sort of plot.

    To strike a nerve during popular 'LOLZ RANDOM!! ^.^' roleplays proves much more difficult. The users will have a tendency to take offensive things you say as lulz-worthy, which they should be, but not for them, of course. The best route is to be painfully obnoxious in your woeful attempts to be included in their farce of collaborative literary creativity.

    Thor Impersonation

    <saber> whyare you defacing my work?
    <zewb> lol
    <merp> wow
    <zewb> owned
    <merp> that is'
    <merp> really gay
    <saber> no talent piece of shit
    <zewb> lol i win
    <merp> jesus christ
    <zewb> you lose
    <merp> how much of a dick do you have to be
    <merp> to destroy artwork?
    (I decided to come back about 15 minutes later disguised as Thor.)
    <saber> Thor?
    <Thor> whats going on?
    <saber> just this guy being a terrorist
    <Thor> i banned zewb
    <Thor> everyone was saying he was erasing art and whatnot
    <saber> he keeps coming back
    <Thor> i ip banned him
    <Thor> so he shouldnt come back any time soon
    <Thor> :)
    <saber> as soon as you signed out, he signed back in
    <Thor> then i guess ill just have to stay in then :P
    <saber> and he just signed out right after you just signed in
    <Thor> hmm
    <Thor> thats because i banned him
    <saber> yep
    <saber> is there any way to make it where we'd have to sign in using our conceptart.org registrated name?
    <Thor> I'm working on that actually
    <saber> awesome
    Guest6425 signed in
    <Guest6425> is he gone >>
    <Thor> zewb?
    <Thor> yes he has been banned
    <Guest6425> yeap
    <Guest6425> sweet jesus
    <Guest6425> somehow i feel thats not going to be the last of him -.-
    <Thor> well if he comes back i'll just ban him again
    <Thor> for now i think we're safe :)
    <Guest6425> indeed
    <Guest6425> thanks again
    <Thor> np
    <saber> thanx Thor and Merp, but i'm disenchanted for the evening
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    <Thor> im going to try and implement a saving feature
    <Thor> to prevent this kind of thing from happening
    <saber> ?!
    <Merp> coool
    <saber> merp signed in before 6425 signed out
    <Merp> thats because i used the back button "D
    <Merp> :D
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    <saber> ;)
    <Merp2> :D
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    <Merp2> ut oh
    <Thor> lol im actually zewb
    <Thor> morons
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    This is a collection of otherwise unfunny art that was saved by the lulz.

    A Matter of National Security

    Recently, Thor got butthurt about this article and its contents and contacted his e-lawyer, who typed up this draft for him:

    The article's creator and author, Needlenose, has not only released information regarding 
    the personal information of a minor without the permission of a parent -- a federal offense 
    in the  United States, but has also disclosed the information of several American citizens
    to the internet  without their consent -- another federal offense in the United States as well 
    as a breach in  National Security.
    Additionally, the artwork which he/she is directly copying and pasting from the artist's galleries 
    violates the artist's copyrights, and is likewise highly illegal. Since this material is not used 
    for a parody but rather to insult, it is not covered by the Encyclopedia Dramatica's policy, nor is 
    it protected by the law.

    However, Thor is a Norwegian, and as such probably does not know much about anything else other than drawing furries and skinning bears with his teeth, much less the laws of the United States.


    Starting on March 8th 2008, ArtGrounds' server crashed. Thor and the other admins, lacking CSIII skills, were unable to restart the server. On March 11th, a message was finally posted to the server, that simply read:

    We are having technical problems. ArtGrounds has stopped responding to all communications. We are having a backup transferred to a new site. Please have patience.



    It is unknown whether this will be resolved, or whether ArtGrounds has been annihilated completely.


    On May 18th, Thor updated the sign with a cool new look and a 500px high lynx mascot using a drawing tablet, thus confirming evidence that Artgrounds is indeed a haven for 12 year old furfags with no money to afford a decent art program. This shocking revelation created a fierce debate in the forums, and many of the admins and members got butthurt and OMFG LEFT FOREVER. To which Thor responded with "stfu newbs"

    Aforementioned thread can be found here - lengthy, but full of lulz


    Actually, this is complete bullshit. I unfortunately didn't write that e-mail. See, I'm not the only one who's pissed about this pathetic excuse for a Wiki article. You guys are getting pretty damn unpopular over at ArtGrounds. I assume that this is the whole purpose of this, eh, article. Needlenose probably got banned for being a total asswipe and now he has a grudge against ArtGrounds. Lacking any life whatsoever, he spends hours spewing crap out of his small brain. Seriously! Get a life!


    Thor, between fapping to hardcore bondage porn of Chip and Dale

    someone should probably write an article there about how everything they do in say is contradictory ((Sp?)) or how Encyclopedia Dramatica is the nesting ground for all emos ((even though they themselves claim emo's are stupid :P ))


    Jake Brahm, while discussing the significance of Marxist humanism in modern America

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