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    File:HERM LULZ.jpg
    Boobs or moobs? Takin' all bets right here!
    Pitiful attempt at foreshortening, or grotesque facial caricature?

    Arkveveen has a mission - and that mission is to fight for the rights of fatties everywhere.

    Arkvevenn is like most other whiny furfags in that he has a fetish - in this case, what he calls "horny fatness". He spends most of his time whining about not finding a fat chick for him to love, and drawing lots of fat chicks, fat herms, fat guys with huge moobs, and Care Bears that are also fat guys with huge moobs. He is also 20+ years old so that means he is clearly very experienced so don't fuck with him and shit.

    The Art

    Most of Arkveveen's art consists of fat passion and BBW, which means "bumpy bumpy wumpy". But wait, he occasionally draws herms as well! Really though, he's not fooling anyone: those pics are just males with overly huge man-boobs to lamely hide that he's in a fat closet of fatness for fatties.

    Occasionally he'll draw a thing called "corpulence bear" which is like a Care Bear but with yummy porkchops being consumed. This thing, too, hangs around with the so called "herms" of Arkveveen's.

    The Person

    Arkveveen, like many furries, spends his time looking for Bumpy Bumpy Wumpy women to mate with. He also likes to whine about fatness, fat, fatties, and also about the "obesity wars" that have claimed more fat people than Jews did in WW2 and that's counting the fat Jews too. Don't bother talking him out of it either, as he will cry "YOUR OPINIONS DON'T MATTER" and "I SENSE A CONFLICT", his mating calls. Someone was brave enough to confront this creature called Arkveveen about his futile search for a mate. For intents and purposes, this brave soul will be called "person" as they're cool like that.



    Arkveveen (11:22:56 PM): I don't want to cause any arguments or conflicts, so don't go on about this.
    Person(2:22:36 AM): OK
    Arkveveen (11:23:26 PM): I can predict when conflicts happen these days, I don't want to destroy 
    our friendship.*hugs*
    Arkveveen (11:23:40 PM): I will try to get through this, someone is helping me anyway
    Arkveveen (11:23:54 PM): He is searching for someone
    Arkveveen (11:24:02 PM): A good friend who loves my art, and 41 years old too
    Arkveveen (11:24:15 PM): He is searching for me
    Arkveveen (11:24:35 PM): He has a lot of correspondence with various BBW sites and dating sites
    Arkveveen (11:24:57 PM): He even made a  promise to help me and guarantees he will find me my 
    busty BBW dream girl..
    Person(2:24:48 AM): Just don't go rushing it, a'ight
    Arkveveen (11:25:17 PM): I questioned him too, it appears he is for real...he's been in my shoes, 
    he was just like me.
    Arkveveen (11:25:34 PM): He was depressed, pessimistic, so laid back and didn't want to work hard 
    for anything
    Arkveveen (11:25:44 PM): Now he is happily married with his dream BBW for 10 years so far
    Arkveveen (11:26:06 PM): He meant it when he said he was just like me...
    Arkveveen (11:26:12 PM): He almost killed himself, or tried
    Arkveveen (11:26:14 PM): but failed
    Arkveveen (11:26:30 PM): I am just that kind of guy who needs love in all it's forms
    Person(2:29:30 AM): And that's some how in a larger woman?
    Arkveveen (11:31:37 PM): Yes, everything.
    Arkveveen (11:32:01 PM): Um
    Arkveveen (11:32:03 PM): Stop typing
    Arkveveen (11:32:04 PM): NOW
    Arkveveen (11:32:05 PM): STOP
    Arkveveen (11:32:09 PM): I sense a conflict
    Arkveveen (11:32:10 PM): STOP
    Arkveveen (11:32:15 PM): Please
    Arkveveen (11:32:19 PM): I don't need your opinion
    Arkveveen (11:32:23 PM): You are not me, and I am not you
    Arkveveen (11:32:36 PM): I know what I want, and I know what I am attracted to. I view life in 
    my own different way.
    Person(2:32:21 AM): And yet you seek other's opinions anyway?
    Arkveveen (11:33:17 PM): I am trying to be realistic anyway. But skinny girls are just gross 
    to me, I cannot be attracted, even to one with a great personality, but a large women with a 
    terrible personality wouldn't do at all.
    Person(2:32:54 AM): And invalid the ones of others just because they don't agree with ya? Man, 
    if you're looking for a woman, you're definitely gonna have to change that XD That's all I'm 
    Arkveveen (11:33:28 PM): What?!
    Person(2:33:17 AM): Whenever I try to help you, you disregard anything I say
    Arkveveen (11:33:48 PM): Um, no opinion is valid or invalid
    Person(2:33:27 AM): You make my opinions and myself invalid of talking to you
    Arkveveen (11:33:58 PM): Yeah, but it hurts me, okay
    Arkveveen (11:34:05 PM): It offends me and makes me want to kill myself
    Arkveveen (11:34:17 PM): My heart is set here, you fool
    Arkveveen (11:34:21 PM): You think that JUST BECAUSE
    Person(2:33:58 AM): Well it hurts me when you say stuff like what I have to say isn't important 
    or doesn't matter when I want to help you
    Arkveveen (11:34:23 PM): YOU ARE NOT
    Arkveveen (11:34:24 PM): SEARCHING
    Arkveveen (11:34:29 PM): That I can be happy?!
    Arkveveen (11:34:32 PM): I AM NOT YOU
    Person (2:34:14 AM): Obviously
    Arkveveen (11:34:49 PM): I am trying to be happy, but this is a missing piece
    Arkveveen (11:34:54 PM): I don't give a shit about ANY OPINION
    Arkveveen (11:34:58 PM): It's WORDS
    Arkveveen (11:34:59 PM): TEXT
    Arkveveen (11:35:04 PM): I will reflect on it
    Arkveveen (11:35:09 PM): But it will not change me


    Fight Against Fat Discrimination!!1!

    He also has some interesting beliefs. From his blog, we get the following:

    • Exercise is evil and unnatural.
    • The food pyramid was created by the Nazis. Srsly, read below.
    • Hating fat fucks for being fat fucks also makes you a Nazi.
    There is really no actual evidence that food has any direct affect on your health, and is mostly composed of "junk food science" ... We need energy from food, as well as for our organs; yet can any of you who read this say HOW our brain or other various bodily systems work? Can you even name ONE thing? I can, and it's energy from food; which means food high in fat or calories is good for your body


    —Arkveveen, showing he certainly can't name one correct fact. McDonald's is the pinnacle of nutrition!

    Health isn't something humanity worried about awhile ago; why now, anyway? Isn't living to 50 good enough? Life is just too short to worry constantly about this crap, and it's about time I stopped worrying about my own health and get on with my life.


    —Only a 20 year old thinks 50 is old enough. And life wouldn't be quite so short if he lost some damn weight.

    The Food Pyramid is just another picture used to control people's lives when freedom of choice is first and foremost; ... Controlling how people should act, be, and live is wrong; even if it's to save lives, it's just the same as the Nazi's and Hitler.


    —Arkveveen, stating that the worst the Nazis can do is come up with food pyramids.

    Exercise is NOT fun, it's just exerting your body for no reason, and health is not a creation; it's not a productive thing, it only staves off the fear of death. We all HAVE TO DIE someday, and noone can tell when they will die. It's all variability in this case, but even my current words can't compensate for how I feel about this. It's as if art and any type of fun is considered a BAD thing; and all you should care about is living longer while living to make more babies. So some kids are not allowed to read now as they grow up, because it's unhealthy and doesn't involve exercise, when our bodies ALWAYS burn energy from just our organs working!


    —Arkveveen, who thinks sitting and fapping to fatty porn is exercise.

    A heartbreaking article that makes me MORE pissed off at my friend... does he seriously have no idea how much fat people are SUFFERING because of others? Just one incident of abuse towards a fat person means there is something wrong, especially if the abuse is directed at them because they are taking up two seats on a train or because they refuse to lose weight. Abuse is never right, no matter who it's directed at; we are all human beings deserving of at least SOME dignity and respect.


    —Arkvevenn bawws over a bitch so fat her ass took up two seats.

    The Future

    Apparently he is "successful," or so he says. This is obviously a lie, as no artist of his EXTREME CALIBER is ever successful. With any luck he will become an hero like so many have tried to do before him.

    The Commissions

    He recently opened himself up for commissions and failed miserably. Deluding himself that the reason was that everyone was cheap and not that his work is an eyesore, he posted the following.

    MAJOR UPDATE: I have become increasingly aware that I haven't been getting a lot of

    commission requests. Why wouldn't anyone want some art from me? Especially all 200+ of people watching me on deviantART, and my growing popularity in FurAffinity. You are watching me for a reason, right? I am really flattered as it is that I have so many friends that like my art, so I am grateful. But I am NOT grateful for how you all don't even pounce on any of my commission offers, unless 99% of you don't earn any money by working. Do you think my art is nothing, so it isn't worth anything? Is it just SMUT for you? Porn CAN be art, because that's what it originally IS! No offense to any of you, as I am really happy you are all watching me... but seriously, do you think I have infinite money to pay for supplies? I am an adult, I need to quit asking my mom to give me money for art supplies and such when I could just earn my own money EASILY by doing what I love... drawing art for others! But since none of you want any commissions, I won't post anything new on my DA page OR my FA page. No new art for ANY of you. I am not trying to be greedy, but this is what the staff for the Las Lindas webcomic does sometimes...they use donations or such so they will be motivated to draw an extra comic or add to their bonus comics; which is really good for those Las Lindas fans out there. Otherwise, there is no excuse for any of you thinking I WON'T get a commission done since I have FOUR commissions done that really satisfied and pleased. I am quick, and efficient; and I also have tons of fun drawing for a living. But, I suppose I am just a loser who needs to get a real job...wait...this could BE a real job if I had a lot of commissions for once!!!


    —What a greedy dick.

    VERY IMPORTANT! Help Momma Luigi attain his dream buy the NSMBDLC!

    On the 23rd of June 2013, Arkveveen posted another journal, named " VERY IMPORTANT: Help Momma Ark Attain Her Dream!" declaring he was no longer taking commissions and instead drawing what he wanted instead. The kicker? He still wanted people to give him money for it.

    Hey everybody, your favorite fat dragoness here with a rather important update. Luckily, I deleted the much more harsh and DUMB journal posting before this one! Right now, hostility from frustration isn't the logical choice. You are all my friends, and I know you care about me already AND love my art. Hey, at least 1500 liked my stuff enough to watch, so why should I fret?

    Now, DONATIONS are open, and commissions will be closed for awhile. I'm in a rough spot in my life, but thanks to my mom's wonderful widow's benefits, we will be financially secure for the rest of our lives. Yet, it is still a meager sum, and it doesn't account for me being jobless. What I need more than ever is to get some self esteem and to feel like I have a job that pays. So I can buy what I want, and pay rent to my mom to help us all out here. Financial freedom will make me feel a lot better in life as well. But, this isn't just about the money!

    I closed commissions for, hopefully, a good reason. You see, the high pressure and restrictions associated with commissions, which DO make them exciting to do, got to me mentally and emotionally. I really need to start drawing what I want to, while getting an income as I do it. The idea already FEELS right for me, and I feel a great weight lift off of my shoulders. I understand that I am not exactly that productive to begin with, but I think it was because I was just waiting on someone, anybody, to BUY a commission. Without that stupid anticipation, I can draw whenever and whatever I want, while still hopefully pleasing you all.

    So, here we go. The donation jar is now open! Help momma Ark save up for a rainy day, and make her life happier. Not only financially free, but truly free in terms of art! Thank you for reading, my friends. :)


    —Basically he's begging for money to do jack shit.

    This, naturally, ended up causing his hugbox to make him think this was totally ok, with others calling him outright batshit insane for even attempting it. He quickly back-pedalled and spun the journal around into a "OH EVERYONE HATES ME WAAAAAA btw please buy my shitty art"


    On September 28, 2009, Arkveveen submitted his first YTP *here. This is a grand example of fail, even by YTP standards. Lacking basic computer skills, Arkveveen resorted to using trial software instead of pirating a decent converter.

    External Links

    • Email: [email protected]
    • AIM: ArkveveenMSN: Arkveveen
    • Yahoo: Arkveveen
    • ICQ: 416997340
    • Skype: Arkveveen

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