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    Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.

    Arkalochori is the Wikipedia alias of the ED editor Lateral. Some argue that he is the filthiest of the dirty Wikipedia Jews, and an alleged sock puppet of Blu Aardvark and Miltopia. On ED, he is the only EDiot who lives in Oregon besides Blu Aardvark, so he constantly tags around Blu Aardvark, imitating him and trying to impress him. But on Wikipedia, he goes and does the same exact thing to the Wikipedia Jews SlimVirgin and Jayjg, who Blu Aardvark hates!

    Sockpuppets Galore

    He was also too cheap to help out Blu Aardvark, who couldn't afford to come to Lulzcon 2007. Nobody else on ED was in Oregon, except for Lateral who is obsessed with TOW, just like him, where he went by fake name MichaelLinnear before switching to Arkalochori. Lateral was first like "Sure, I'll give him a ride" then Aardvark said, "Does your trunk have room for my fursuit?" Long story short, Lateral withdrew his offer to give him a ride. To save face, Blu Aardvark claims Lateral is just his sock. Of course as to why a sockpuppet would have a car, and not the puppet master no one knows.

    In playing a double agent, Lateral fails at both ED and Wikipedia. First, being a Jew he doesn't believe in God, Jesus, or The Holy Spirit, or planet Kolob, so Blu Aardvark is always having to revert him when Lateral crosses the line of morals and puts up a Wikipedian's real name. Second, Blu Aardvark makes good usernames. He makes cool usernames that sound tough. They're like military plans of attack, because they always have an animal in them and that means they're tough. You just can't go wrong with an animal in your username. Whereas Lateral picks random words out of a dictionary, many of which are unspellable. Lateral's shitty style of names is something The Wikipedia Jews do like Isarig.

    Lateral also failed at being a double-agent on Wikipedia because once Jayjg went on wikibreak for half of 2007, Lateral continued pissing everyone off. With no Jayjg to protect him, Morven went and banned him and his sock puppets. But unlike when it happened to Isarig, once Jayjg returned, Lateral did not get unbanned.

    No need to fear, for Lateral has a secret weapon against Checkusers. He can thwart all checkuser through the power dialing long distance (Geotargets far away from Oregon).

    Owning Gary Weiss

    On a positive note, he does something right:

    Gary Weiss sock 1: Hey you know WordBomb really sucks.
    Gary Weiss sock 2: Oh yeah WordBomb sucks.
    Gary Weiss sock 3: Yeah WordBomb sucks.
    :::pages of this shit:::
    Arkalochori: Stop talking to yourself.

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