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    Hott 4 U, furries only plz!!1. Note the photoshopped white teeth.
    Arkady during her skunk phase.
    No words needed.

    Arkady is a British, batshit crazy furry (or otherkin as the case may be) who wears a tinfoil hat to keep alien broadcasts out of her head. She's fiercely anti-Scientology, claiming that it's just based on bad sci-fi. This is curious, given that her own otherkin identity is based on exceptionally bad fantasy novels.

    She likes to think of herself as a "LeVayan" satanist, or an occultist noob at the very least. A quick consultation with Satan established that Our Dark Lord and Master doesn't like her much at all. Satan doesn't like furries even though Satan is, himself, a yiffing furry with a Goatlord fursona - Satan is allowed to be a hypocrite because he is Satan. She is also hideous and dyes her hair far too frequently. The term you're looking for is "goth wannabe", aight?

    Recently, she came into notoriety by giving birth to Ditto Cops, which seemed to be a declaration of war against Frienditto. This was short lived, however, as the community was repeatedly trolled and she was mocked going so far as to be hoaxed by rfjason and jameth with a fake deletion. Due to being mocked mercilessly and pranked repeatedly, she subsequently stopped posting in the community and presumably crawled back to her furry hut with her literal tail between her legs.

    That was then, this is now...

    Due to the incredible quickness of her dye-riddled brain, Arkady made a post in Ditto Cops about the New LJ Threat: narcopolo. Cue: Flashy lights.

    The Dolls

    There was a gallery of them on her DeviatnArt page, but she balleted all of them. Have a look at the rest of her shitty amateur art instead. Also begs for money on Patreon. [1] There are older pics of the dolls on her Flickr.


    Here is a good example of her Stalin/Hitler like approach to life. It is ok for her to abuse you on the internet but fear her wrath if you cross her. If you add her as a Friend YOU WILL BE OBSERVED.

    Journal is Friends only. Please do not comment on the two public posts I have made with requests to :be added; I will very likely ignore or delete such comments. People adding me will be observed for a :period of time before deciding whether to reciprocate; it is very unusual for me to add someone I :have not actually met however.
    Do not assume posts in communities are necessarily indicative of the content of this Journal. It is :as much my personal rant space as anything else, though I do make use of custom Friends posts for :certain subjects.
    I generally take my camera with me to various events; at any given event either I or reddragdiva :will be behind the camera stealing souls. Before posing for one of us, there are a few things you :should be aware of ("we" here refers to myself or Diva using my camera):
    My Photography Rules
    If we took your photo, it's going online.
    If you don't want your photo online, don't pose. Better still, actually tell us so we don't grab you :in an unanticipated candid shot (which both of us are known to do on occasion). Certain people have, :in fact, made it clear they don't want their photo taken and we respect their wishes. But if I point :my camera at you and you don't say no, I'm going to assume you don't mind.
    If we take your photo, you have the right to see it afterwards (assuming the batteries don't die on :us or the camera glitches of course). Obviously dire photos will be erased on request but all others :I will reserve judgement on - quite often something that looks appallingly bad on the LCD doesn't :look bad at all on a computer monitor, particularly after I've put it through the GIMP.
    Photos will only be taken down in very exceptional circumstances (in fact,it's only happened once so :far), and it is at my discretion - not Diva's, not the subject's, but mine. If you have a problem :with this, I refer you back to rule 2.
    Captions, on the other hand, can be edited. On the whole I tend to label photos with people's real :names where known. If you prefer I use your LJ name or some other nickname, please let me know.
    Feel free to use any photos of you on my Fotopic galleries for icons or to take copies for yourself. :Letting me know as a courtesy is nice but not obligatory.

    Her white knights think Wikipedia controls ED

    Arkady or one of her white knights took to Wikipedia's IRC channels to demand deletion of this article. Needless to say, she was told to GTFO by the helpful aspies that hang out there:

    [19:36:10] <christhegoth>	Is there a mod about who can deal with and right royally bitchslap encyclopedia dramatica?
    [19:36:21] <christhegoth>	Sorry, still shaking with rage
    [19:37:16] <christhegoth>	the page on ED is Arkady.  She's a friend of mine, menatlly ill, the photo's are being used without her permission, and quite frankly under Britsih Law what is being done on that page is *very* illegal

    (sic indeed)


    File:David Gerard is dracula.jpg
    Yes, she was fucking this ancient mummy.... and announced it on her userpage.

    Arkady is was in a polyamorous relationship with ex-wikipedophile arbitrator David Gerard [2]. It helps to explain the "cabal" supporting she habitually did (like voting for Tony Sidaway) and her "untouchability" for many years. In 2007 she deliberately spammed her own doll-making business on Wikipedia, and Gerard helped to cover it up. [3][4]

    Enjoy her fullsome butthurt here: [5]

    January 2010

    David Gerard's wife, Redcountess, has left him and has returned to Australia forever. Arkady has now moved up in the ranks and is engaged to be married to David. Much as she's always claimed to be happy with the poly arrangement, she is secretly happy to be his number one for once in her life. (yeah, they supposedly got hitched in a gloomy graveyard.) Now that Arkady has come to her senses and left him, David will have to find another bloodsucker. Let's see how long it takes for someone else to come along and stir up some more drama.


    After years of Wiki-disinterest and "unwanted attention" for her connections to grampa Gerard, Arkady seems to have left Wikipedia in November 2014. She'll have to promote her line of stupid goth dolls somewhere else.


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