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    Aries' commemorative Anna Nicole Smith tattoo.
    Confident, sexy... and ready to rip your nuts off.

    Sandy, aka Sandra, aka Aries is a batshit insane wigger living in Los Angeles. Her biggest claims to fame are posting nude photos of herself online and stapling ratty hair extensions into the late Anna Nicole Smiths head.

    She is a classic star-fucker and leech, aiming to meet as many wealthy people as she can and then try to wiggle her way into their fading limelight. She claims to be friends with many obscure stars and club kids, but considering she never backs up any of her claims of comradeship with proof we all know she is full of shit.

    She only talks to people if she thinks they can do something for her, socially or financially, or if they kiss her ass. Despite being a nobody, she thinks that she is something of a god-like figure and should be treated as such. If she really was important, she probably wouldn't be gushing over her famous "friends" so much. She'd probably actually be enjoying their company instead of writing six paragraphs about a five second long conversation.

    Anna Drama

    Friends forever?
    You think Larry is a rapist? O RLY?

    September 10th, 2006 is when Aries started telling everyone she knew that she was buddy-buddy with the soon-to-be pwned whore. To those of you who have a life and may not know, this is the day it was announced that her son had died and suddenly Anna-mania was sweeping across the nation. Seeing this as an opportunity to get attention, Aries started lamenting in her DeviantNation journal about what a wonderful kid Daniel Smith was and how it hurt her so bad that this promising youth was ripped from her life.

    Further drama followed when Larry Birkhead, Anna's ex-boyfriend, claimed to be the baby-daddy. Aries went so far as to accuse Larry of inseminating Anna by raep, black mailing the bimbo and battery.

    File:Aries 008.jpg
    That's the back of Aries' head, if you couldn't guess.
    Gettin' crunk, dawg.

    In February 2007, when Anna died, Aries stirred up waves of sympathy from the naive alt-porn masses by hysterically carrying on about how she didn't know how she would continue without this woman in her life. She further slammed Larry by saying that she would do everything in her power to keep him from getting custody of DanniLynn (or as Aries calls her, DL).

    All of this is now forgotten, however, as a quick flip through her blog reveals that she has now fastened herself to Larry's asshole and is attempting to suck out his money and fame through his anus. Gone is the "fear" she had of him and the accusations of surprise sexing.

    The Larry Files

    She deleted fucking everything. Looks like someone can't handle their faggotry being pointed out. Oh well. We still have these little gems:

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