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The Video

Are you serious? is a viral vidya that is currently the drama du jour on YouTube and trending hard on the likes of TwitterBook. The drama centers around a brave police officer with the Seattle PD and his one man campaign to crack down on human roadkill outside a Seattle high school.

On June 14th, 2010 Officer Ian P. Walsh saw four female pedestrians jaywalking outside Seattle's Franklin High School. The officer instructed the females to step over to his vehicle. When one of them, a 19-year-old negress by the name of Angel L. Rosenthal began to walk away, the officer approached her and escorted her back. After the teen tried to pull away from Boss Hogg, the two argued and the officer attempted to handcuff her. That is when another of the teens -one Marilyn Ellen Levias- decided to 'intervene' and grabbed at the officer's arm in an attempt to hinder the arrest. At this point, Officer Hogg had no choice but to knock a bitch out.

The crowd that had gathered around to record the whole brouhaha reacted with shock and the main cameraman starts in with the: "Are you serious?!" bullshit. Apparently he was, so the punchee was pulled out of the situation as the police officer proceeded to try to handcuff Ms. Rosenthal. "Do not struggle," the cop orders the woman during the video.

Both teens were ticketed for jaywalking. Ms. Rosenthal was booked into the King County Jail for obstructing an officer. Ms. Levias was booked into the Youth Service Center for assault of an officer using her face as a weapon. The year before, she had been arrested for the same thing, proving black person are incapable of learning.

Nobody was injured during the incident, police said.

The fact that the drama revolves around a white man in a position of authority who had to put down a belligerent 19-year-old black girl has the internet all atwitter about the racial implications of the incident.

Just The Facts Ma'm

Libertarian Perspective

Some jackbooted cop was on the prowl looking to hassle citizens (as an overfed and corrupt fascist government system breeds such things), in attempt to lure them into getting aggressive and escalating a confrontation. When the cop finally found some arcane law to charge the citizens with, they rightfully resisted, and in return, the cop recklessly wielded state power and used excessive force in apprehending. But what do you expect with high taxes and free health care? Slippery slope, people.

Liberal Perspective

Two black person straight-A honors students were minding their own business and discussing what Ivy League university they'd be accepting a scholarship to, when racist cop sneaked up behind them and beat them half to death with his nightstick, while screaming 'die niggers!' at the top of his lungs. He then put on a KKK mask and proceeded to burn a giant cross. The two students are reportedly in critical condition now, while the cop has been given a medal by the mayor of Seattle.

Redneck Perspective

Some niggers and jews crossed the road so a good police officer ENFORCED THE LAW. Being disrespectful niggers, they resisted rightful arrest, and the police officer HAD to use force to restrain the black girl's ape strength.

black person Perspective

Daaaaaaammmnnnn son.

Cameraman's Perspective

Are You Serious?

4chan Perspective


ED Perspective

Jews did 6/14!

The Truth Perspective

The intersection where the incident took place is a particularly dangerous, pedestrian unfriendly one that had seen over 50 accidents during the past few years. The potential for jaywalking accidents was in fact worrisome enough that Franklin High's principal and the school district felt the need to ask cops to make their presence known at the bus stop where school kids would congregate after school and patrol the area to enforce the law, however trivial, so as to prevent further injury to the students.

Jaywalking? More like natural selection, amirite?

The cop should have never put hands on her... c'mon, he embarrassed her, like, in front of everybody, and that's not cool.


—Veronica Keo, 15, missing the point completely

But, uh, ever since people get punched in the face, no one wants to jaywalk no more.


—Ronnae Redmond, 17, justifying police brutality

So Boss Hogg was actually just following orders and doing his job when he had his run-in with the obstreperous jaywalking teens. When a mob of unruly kids with no respect for the law or those charged with their safety started to congregate around the officer and the uncooperative, foul-mouthed Rosenthal, the situation was already tense. When Levias decided to insert herself into the equation by physically attempting to stop the officer from doing his duty (by pushing and pulling on a man with a gun), things quickly ran to the edge of spinning totally out of control. Given all this, Officer Walsh showed remarkable professionalism and restraint.

TL;DR: she's lucky he didn't tase her ass or go full-on Rodney King.


Naturally, with such a charged topic, the debate on the racial overtones and excessive use of force by The Man surrounding this incident has been equally as charged. Since the Internets affords white people absolute freedom of speech via the magic cloak of anonymity that IRL codes of conduct keep apparent moralfags from telling it like it is, everyone can let it all hang out. Plus -with the exception of Twitter- there are There are no black people on the Internet so it's pretty much like preaching to the choir.

After careful analysis of the video and trying my best to give the two girls the benefit of the doubt, I have come to the conclusion that.....yea she totally deserved that...and some a taze...and maybe a bullet. Ok maybe not the bullet but definitely the mace and the taze.



Seems to me like it might be a set up! Someone with a camera was just there??!!! I feel this is going to be happening alot with the recent lawsuits against the Seattle PD....sad....



I just witnessed a video of a teenage girl getting punched in the face. 16 YEARS OLD PEOPLE - GETTING PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY THE POLICE! And after reviewing the video closely i have come to the conclusion that.. THIS BITCH FUCKING DESERVED IT!



The officer should be fired...for telegraphing the punch and for not even decking the crazy hambeast. WTF kind of 'punch' was that?



That was turrable...just turrable. What the hell was he thinking? You can't do shit like that in public any more what with every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jamaal having a camphone. He should've thrown 'em in the back of the riot van and given 'em good duffing up like they used to do to lippy kids back in the day.



The Apology

After all the media hype, the nigra who brutally assaulted the officer with her face apologized to the officer. He then bitched her out for several minutes on the importance of not putting ones hands on an officer of the law. The failure of the situation to escalate into further lulz now guarantees the proliferation of mortal combat remixes of the video it has already begun, see above.

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