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    Happy Halloween Arcturus! <3

    Arcturus (Full name interwebz name: Arcturus .J. Kirwin) is Cbee's lover and a furry. He/she/it also goes by the name Fiscal, AJKirwin or Nicolyrezk and is usually found schmoozing at #E621 on the Darkmyst servers. He may be fucking KurtBatz, considering their undying obsession for each other.

    Arcturus is currently (illegally) residing in the US - if the police find him, he's going to get USA b&.

    Lol Copyright

    File:Arcturus water.JPG
    Arcturus, pwning kids and taking names

    Until recently Arcturus was the owner of the website http:///www.e621.net, basically an image dump of furry images taken from wherever its users felt like it. Mostly Furaffinity and DeviantArt and organising them by metatags. Essentially a poor mans fchan (not that fchan isn't isn't particularly poor already anyhow). Why put effort into making a site when you can make a perfectly good one by stealing everyone elses shit, eh? Arcturus' art dumping was eventually noticed by one Thaily Brimstone (where the fuck do they get these names?) who noticed her art on the site and bitched about it on the LJ group File:Lj-favicon.png Artists_Beware here after that many other members discovered their art there and began to complain en masse to Arcturus and started waving their E-lawyers about and crying. Arcturus' initial response to ignore them fell through when they went past him and started crying directly to his host which didn't get very far either.

    This status quo was maintained until a TARTlet called RikuTida entered the frey and realised that whining about EULA breaches wasn't getting them shit. His solution? THAT SITE'S PACKING CP. Of course CP is the magical word that gets sites shut down in an instant as the hosts want to cover their asses ASAP.

    The only thing it did have, was underage artwork of furry characters. This is not Child Pornography


    —Arcturus (Still makes you a Furfag)

    The full (successful) strategy was explained to Arcturus in an E-mail that can be read here

    Of course, this has spawned this: [1] where Arcturus complains about "why I have a problem with some artists", which he brought on himself for choosing to deal with OMGCOPYRIGHT furry artists in the first place.

    An example of an artist's communication with Arcturus:

    Dear webmaster,

    the user Ki has plenty of stolen art in their gallery. They did not get permission to distribute the artwork or repost it.

    The artwork they stole are from [jennadelle.deviantart.com/gallery and huskykei.deviantart.com/gallery]

    The case has been posted on a message board which deals with art thievery, you might recieve more mails reporting art theft withing the next days.

    With best regards, Ricada Fürher


    The art is not 'stolen'. It's been uploaded by that user, but it's all attributed to the original artists themselves.

    'Art Theft' is such a horrific term.

    e621 Administration


    Yeah, I've just happen to red your FAQ.

    Your website's some kind of photobucket, right? As long as no money's made out of it and as proper credit is given etc it should me alright.

    I'd like to have my art removed anyway, please. http://e621.net/post/view/6917

    It's nice that they all share etc, but I don't really get anything out of this. If someone wants to see my art thec have to come to either my FA or DA account.

    Original links: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/50856424/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/509817/

    I'd appreciate it if you could set up some kind of Do-Not-Post-List, too, and put my name on it, so I don't have to check out your website all the time. (Don't get me wrong, it's a nice website, but too much porn and fetish for my taste so eeeeh.)

    Thanks in advance, Ricada Fürher


    As was stated in our faq, we'll respond to polite requests. And every polite request we've had so far, we've been able to convince them of the benefits of staying. After all, your art gets free exposure and more people get to see it.. and that's what art is about, right? Being appreciated?

    What YOU get out of it, is knowing that more people are getting to see your work.

    We don't have, nor will we ever have, a DNP. They are offensive to any reasonable persons sensibilities.

    As well as this, we have seen what you've been saying on art_theft and well, it's anything but polite. So I am going to have to say that in this case, your request is denied. Your SINGLE piece of artwork will remain.


    It's funny that you seem to be a member of art_theft (since you can read the entries) and still being admin of a website which supports artwork getting posted without persmission.

    Sorry but I've never asked for advertisement. Besides, there is no proper credit for me, if there weren't my watermarks slapped down on the image by myself, nobody would figure out who I am, or who that was from, as the source-link just leads to the image itself, and not to my gallery. I don't share my art for getting appreciated alone, either.

    As far as I can state I've been polite to you so far. If you felt offended I'm sorry, it might sound like a lame excuse, but english is my second language afterall, I might not be able to get everything down like I wnat it to be (i.e. polite etc)

    DNP's are offensive? You gotta explain why :]

    Not to mention that it is still my artwork. So I'm asking you again to take it down, as you have no right to have it on your website as I didn't gave you permission.

    Sharing my art online doesn't make it free-for-all and available for someone's personal gain. It's mine afterall. Taking it and reposting it without permission would be the same as you would go to the museum, rip down a porttrait from the wall and take it home with you. Digital media makes no difference, though it of course is much easier to copy the art since you just have to right-click an image, nevertheless you still do not own the picture and don't claim any rights about it either.

    I've a few images in my gallery which nobody needs any permission for to spead it, but my characters are not to be spread. So please remove it.


    Your artwork has been removed.


    After another furry, Insane Kangaroo, reported e621.net also for CP in 2010 to get things their way, Arcturus gave up on running e621.net

    Lol FurAffinity

    Arcturus has a long history of faggotry on FurFaggonity.

    According to FurFaggonity admin, Dragoneer:

    You(Arcturus) dangled FA coding failures over our heads to make them public to allow people to attack the site unless we kissed your ass way back in the day. You refused to give us our own data for the longest time until we sucked up enough to you. You held FA's data for ransom for months so you could steal FA's data to build ArtPlz.


    Fucking Furries (literally)

    Based in Reading, Wales, Arcturus has been enjoying life in sweet buttfucking harmony with Cbee or Cookie before returning to the UK he/she/it quite literally lives in his/her/it's parents basement and actually had plans on having a gay marriage to long-time internet e-boyfriend Kemru/Koekje/Maou in October of 2007, he flew all the way to fucking America for this. But to be honest, as hideous and pathetic as these creatures are, it's probably better not to think about it.

    "Whiney Artist Award"

    Arcturus had his ass buddy, Cbee, make an "award" certificate for artists he considered "whiny" about their DMCA requests. This unfortunately resulted in even MOAR whining and Arcturus was forced to take his "award" down to save face.


    On September 2nd, 2010, Arcturus posted a journal about LEAVING FA! OH NOES!!!

    Needless to say, Arcturus was looking for a fuzzy warm hugbox. Unfortunately, instead of getting the many e-hugs that he so desperately hoped for, he got over 9000 users who lol'd and told him to leave.

    This resulted in some valiant white-knighting (usually in the form of "Re-posting art without artist permission is NOT illegal!!! Copyright violation is NOT theft!!!", but mostly lol.

    As predicted by everyone who wasn't looking to suck Arcturus' cock, Arcturus remained on FA despite the mass plea for him to GTFO, so he may continue to post emo journals and stolen art.

    Threats from Anonymous

    Arcturus was allegedly threatened by an Anonymous person back in 2006 and posted this image of the letter and bag of white powder he received in the mail. Upon receiving the package, he quickly freaked out, posting a whinyscared message on his livejournal. After calling police on advice of several fellow furfags, he was rightly deemed not important enough to worry about by the police and told to summarily fuck off.


    Fur series.jpg

    Arcturus is part of a series on


    Visit the Furfaggotry Portal for complete coverage.