April Furs Day

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Yep.. Furfags on 4chan rejoiced this day...

Like most 4chan memes, April Furs Day originated in the Something Awful forums - in this case, a rerun of the Comedy Lolocaust. Unusually, it was both as successful and as funny the second time around.

April Fool's Day

On the first of April 2005, visitors to 4chan were shocked to see a new board added to the normal list - /fur/, a board dedicated exclusively to furry art and pornography. Mainly pornography. Stuck at the top of the board shone a post claiming that the mods had created /fur/ to stop the posting of furry shit in /b/, and a request for patience, since the mods were "new to all this furry stuff". Despite much pissing and moaning from b-tards, /fur/ quickly became the most active board, with hundreds of pictures of multi-penised dragons with shitting dick nipples being posted every minute. Most people assumed that this was just an April Fool's Day joke by the admins, designed to generate lulz and drama, and that the board would disappear back into the depths of the Internets when the day ended.

They were wrong.

The Soul Still Burns

The second of April saw the young furry board still alive and well, prompting another wave of whining in /b/, and another round of homosexual vore werewolf pictures in /fur/. Some of the newly validated furries went so far as to make gloating posts in /b/, utilizing the awesome power of all caps. For /b/tards who attempted to flood /fur/ with guro and similar images, the moderators met them with bannings, suggesting that not only was /fur/ here to stay, but that its moderators weren't playing around. Otherkin and Babyfur alike rejoiced, as the era of fursecution at 4chan appeared to be over.


On the third of April, fur was removed, and every single person that had posted in it was banned, even the well-meaning /b/tards who had taken up arms against the furry menace. In one stroke, 4chan had been cleansed of most of its furry population, as well as generating a huge amount of lulz at their expense. gg mods. gg indeed.

April Furs Day cut the level of furry activity on 4chan down to almost nothing for several months afterwords. Unfortunately, it also led directly to the creation of the furry-only imageboard fchan.

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