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    Apples Bear

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Apples Bear will be posted by the same
    unfunny newfag until you like it.

    How does a bear know what apples is?
    No, it's a pear.
    File:Apples bear runoff.jpeg
    See what you done started /b/?

    This extremely forced meme originated from the Craption Contest, a caption contest on little-known website Pointless Waste of Time, where it featured the quote "how does a polar bear know what apples is." The /b/tard who originally posted the image added the caption; "im gonna post this everyday till you like this". Soon after, the meme effect came into play, where people would shop images with the text; "how does a polar bear know what apples is?!".

    It's also been shooped into other memes. For example, it was colorised a few times in a Za Warudo fashion. Another meme, the "Is it can it be hugs tiem now plees" cat meme, replaced the cat with a polar bear plushie and the text "Is it can it be apples tiem now plees".

    The meme itself opens to a number of questions. Why are the apples in ice cubes? What kind of sick fuck would be capable of such a cruel abomination?? Why is the polar bear trying to get them?! Does the polar bear understand thermodynamics?!? HOW DOES A POLAR BEAR KNOW WHAT APPLES IS?!?!

    Upon hearing of /b/'s usage of the apple bear as a meme and the realization that this horrible quote won the caption contest instead of other captions that were more deserving, if by no means themselves deserving, a butthurt moderator of the site deleted it, cementing the site's status as being a pool of internet faggotry.

    Oh Noes!!!

    The /b/tard who posted Apples Bear unintentionally started a spin-off meme: the "im gonna post this everyday till you like this" meme, as demonstrated here.

    Definitely NOT BETTER than Apples Bear.

    Moar Oh Noes!!!

    The Germans want Apples Bear GENOCIDED!!!

    How does bear know what emo is?


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