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    Lily Narcissa

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    Let this picture set the pace for this article...very slow and drama filled.
    Evidence whaling is illegal in Australia.
    Some inside scoop from a seagull

    This fat attention seeking land whale Lily Narcissa Evans, a.k.a Aoyagi-Seimei, a.k.a Amanda is a delusional cosplayer and animal abuser from Australia who is not afraid to take action against 'cyber bullies'. Like most cosplayers, she is poor and unemployed, yet still manages to go to anime conventions every month and make horrendous dresses that do nothing for her rolls or lack of a neck. She has an 8 year-old son named Severus and when she isn't neglecting him for cosplay, she is dressing him up in shoddily-made costumes and embarrassing the fuck out of him.

    She also loves horses and believes that she is one, as she tends to 'flick her ears back' when annoyed and make mare/pony metaphors when speaking about herself. Unfortunately, her love for horses does not extend to feeding them. This fat bitch would rather consume the feed herself, which has caused her to take on the appearance of a horse with pendulous boobs. Basically, Lily has the mind of a 14 year-old, while she herself is in her late 20's with a child.

    Current Whaleabouts

    Rumoured current location. Note the messy backyard.

    Unfortunately for those in NSW, this landwhale now resides in Sydney's south-eastern suburbs...it explains all the rain. This is awesome for Perth of course who is now, pretty much drama free. It came to live in Sydney after spending a week in her lovely new town for Animania where she managed to create so many friends that she has made her new provider/girlfriend sick with anxiety just dealing with the fallout after leaving.

    Her poor son who she called Severus a.k.a. Government Paycheck and living prop is due to join her later in 2011.

    On The Cosplay Scene

    Stories, rumors and screencaps of Lily were passed around by Aussies all over the /cgl/ board on 4Chan. It seems as though she is very notorious among the cosplayers in the land down under and bringing up her name induces faceplams everywhere. From her delusions of rape and false cries of sexual harassment to her God-awful parenting skills, there is never a dull moment when talking about Lily.

    Reportedly, Lily got banned from an anime club in Perth for several different reasons. Aside from annoying the shit out of everyone, she managed to seriously injure a guy by jumping on him with her massive amount of weight and supposedly threatened a person with serious bodily harm and/or death. Not long after, she began making friends with the cosplayers in Perth. She was new to the scene at the time and nobody knew of the crazy bullshit that flies wherever she goes.

    After nearly killing a well-known cosplayer on an un-worked horse, Lily turned to being an online stalker and that is when her shitstorm began. At every available chance, the fat bitch began to spread rumors and lies about anyone she could. She began to take credit for making other peoples costumes and claiming some were even purchased, which is apparently a big fucking deal. Eventually, after many threats and dramatic falling-outs, this 'grumpy old mare' was avoided by many Australian cosplayers and is even the butt of jokes at conventions.

    Lilly is a crazy bitch with a MASSIVE victim complex, and will stop at nothing to besmirch the name of good, decent cosplayers. Someone didn't talk to her at a convention? BAM! Automatic trolling for being 'hurtful', 'spiteful' and 'evil'. She is chock-full of contradictions, claiming that she is polite and sweet to people she even dislikes, though it is painfully obvious that she likes nothing more than stabbing people in the back. Her coterie is made up of innocent weeaboos who don't know just how nasty she can be.


    —Anonymous Acquaintance


    Note that Lily is also very 'generous'

    Evidence It is said that Lily's cosplay inspired Dress.Mov.


    Despite her over 9000 fat rolls, Lily is convinced she is sexxxxy. However, she seems to have been made aware of the fact that people call her the landwhale. In the most stupid dA journal ever, she had the following to say regarding the issue:

    With time, we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren’t heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.

    Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, “Good grief, look how smart I am!”



    That's right. She isn't fat because she thinks that pasta is an excellent way to diet, she's fat because she's overflowing with smartness.

    Lily is now convinced that she is above and beyond making her costumes, recently she was spotted having dealings with Pixyteri's clothing sale, purchasing a Body Line 'Maid costume'...in yellow. Not only will it contrast horribly, but can our "beloved" landwhale fit into PT's clothing? Only time will tell.

    Animal Abuse

    That night at the dinner table, Lily ate a horse as they had spent all her welfare money importing precious fabrics from France.

    Not too long ago, Lily used to be a proud owner of some show horses (which probably explains all the pony and mare metaphors). Unfortunately, her right to own them was taken away by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She had apparently neglected the creatures until they were starved, eating weeds in dust-filled paddocks and had split hooves and ribs sticking out, as well as all sorts of diseases and digestion problems. She claimed she 'rescued and rehabilitated' abused horses, but in reality she was the one abusing them.

    Click the image for further details.

    After having both horses and her child removed from her care, she has now some how managed to obtain a dog and dress it up like Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy or whatever the fuck those horses are called from that fucking television series. Details on who in there right mind would let Lily care for anything judging from her past experiences is beyond the writer of this articles imagination.

    Child Abuse

    Horses and Jew Cake aren't the only thing Lily abuses.

    When browsing through her deviantArt page, it does not take long to discover that this land whale has somehow managed to reproduce. The child's name is Severus (as if that isn't abuse enough, amirite?) after the character Severus Snape. Yes, from Harry Potter.

    Lily loves to dress up little Severus in embarrassing costumes to match her. Some of his favorites include Pikachu, Sealand from Hetalia and Howl. While making her Madam Red costume, Lily attempted to dress Severus up as Ciel Phantomhive . . . in his trap dress. Of course, after her parents bitched her out about turning her child into a faggot, she was forced to drop this plan.

    Up until July 2010, the little boy had his own account on dA and would post endearing blogs about his mummy. The entries were obviously written by Lily, because even an 8 year-old has better grammar than her. Sadly, the page did not last long, due to the fact that the creator of this page reported it, for fear that the poor child was being exploited.

    While away from home, it is not uncommon for "Severus" to be left without warning as the responsibility of those she calls friends. Reasons for the dumping are usually hilarious and to be expected from someone who is mentally still a child herself.

    Lily's Ten Commandments of Life

    "And then the Almighty Land-Whale in the Sky, bequeathed these stone tables to It's only disciple, clothed in a bolt of the finest Party Satin and cheap ribbon.

    "Narcissa Lilly/Sheryl Nome/Madam Red/Unicorn/insert more names here, I bequeath these rules of life to you. Follow them to the letter and you will always have a waist size of 80CM" It boomed in a voice unlike Hatsune Miku. And Lily took the two Stone Tablets underneath her Satin encrusted arms and, Australia was doomed.


    —Anonymous Source

    View the Almighty Land-Whale in the Sky's Commandments in their Unholy-ness

    Recent Adventures

    Animania 2011

    This image found on one of her social networks sums it up nicely. Lily got some runner up or some shit and was asked to appear on stage with the finalists.

    Christmas 2011

    Miss Alternative NSW 2012

    Got 99 problems but a witch ain't one!

    After rigging the online voting system so that she could make it into the finals, Lily proceeded to make a tit of herself when surprise, she didn't win. Of course she didn't win. Full report at noon.

    Relevant People that have been caught in the shit storm

    Allies in the Pod/ Chase the morning failure

    A rare photo before the land whale got to her. A more recent picture of Nicole from behind can be found above.
    • Nicole: Not much is known about Nicole except that she used to be once smoking hawt before Lily got to her and made her taint smell like fish. She is Lilys current waifu and generally keeps her head down and out of her shit.
    • Former Lieutenant of the Pod and Lily's former friend, Amy/Princessd9:- has given up on having to defend Lily and has gone back to the normal Perth scene, however some are distrusting and believe her to be a spy. Amy herself is a lovely woman who's trying to get her life back on track, and good luck to her. LOL NO she's a two-faced bitch who will talk about you behind your back. She hasn't apologized, or even acknowledged, all the poison and filth that she spat when she was under Lily's command. Amy enjoys writing numerous DA journals and angsty South Park fanfic that represents her PAIN over the SAD SITUATIONS WHERE HER FRIENDS BETRAY HER )': and draw South Park yaoi. And then she's decided that she is a completely underrated cosplayer because she has been cosplaying for sooo looong and she doesn't understand why she hasn't won a competition with her awesome cosplays! Isn't Cosplay about fun? Also note that she is so proud of her Jewish heritage that she got a Jew-tattoo. Wait... aren't Jewish people against tattoos? doesn't that mean you can't get buried in their graveyard? OH NO. New research has shown that Amy is not actually a Jew. She's just so desperate to be edgy and cool that she got a jewish tattoo. And thus was a prime candidate for Lily to leech off.
    • Pixyteri:- Lily knows that friendship is magic and her friendship between her and Pixyteri is more sexy than a orgy of fat people having sex on the restaurant floor at your local KFC. Lily purchased (pause there for a second) a dress off Pixyteri sometime in 2011. Next she will want to be purchasing Sonichu merchandise of Chris Chan.

    "Christ. Knowing Lily, she found out about PT through 4chan and is trying to gain some notoriety and attention by associating herself with her. No, the reason she's constantly posted on 4chan isn't because we're bored, it's because she keeps doing vile, evil, nasty, immature shit and needs to get called out on."


    —Anonymous Source

    Rogue Gallery

    Notable people that hate Lily include:

    • /cgl/ and 4Chan:- Lily threads spawn no matter fucking what after every Australian convention. A Convention never goes by where there isn't any Lily drama. Those that wish to remain faceless and not get sued or caught in her blow hole congregate on /cgl/. Lily threads are famous for maxing out.

    Gallery of ...cosplay


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