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    The Anti-lulz Turtle.
    The despicable Lulzkiller.

    Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way.


    —Jane Austen

    Anti-lulz, like anti-matter, is the exact opposite of lulz. Diametrically opposed, if you're clever enough to know some long words. Anti-lulz can be described as anything and everything that is serious business, like the internets. Anti-lulz is extremely rare and can only be produced in environments that are toxic to all non-retarded human beings, such as Uncyclopedia, Gaia Online, Vampire Freaks, /b/, the LURKMORE wiki or Sportscarforums. However, anti-lulz, much like anti-matter, will create a violent explosion of Spartan proportions when it touches its pro-lulz counterpart. This explosion would destroy everything in its path, and it would also make Theburk empty his bowels into the luscious awaiting mouth of his equally ugly "life partner" (which in and of itself is not a rare occurrence).

    Anti-lulz can also be the feeling you get when you have been trolled at someone else's expense. Emos are the major producers of this brand of anti-lulz, which was once known as "frunz", but that was changed because it's lamer than lame.

    Recently, another form of anti-lulz revealed itself in the shape of The Lulzkiller. Hellbent on destroying anonymous, The Lulzkiller doesn't even hesitate on forging an unholy alliance with the Devil. Some argue that The Lulzkiller is the supreme avatar of anti-lulz.

    Anti-lulz reached an all-time high during May 2007 when ED was down, with some believing the DFE of April 2011 to be a close second.

    The sound of anti-lulz

    No such thing as LULZ you fucking child, GROW UP!


    MeganSpeaks the hypocritical attention whore

    Anti-lulz is emitted mainly in environments filled with fail and AIDS (along with trace amounts of Jenkem). Anti-lulz is also usually accompanied by anti-drama, which consists of the internets flowing freely with nobody ever fighting with anyone else, evar. In severe cases of anti-drama, Jews and Muslims have been seen hugging, but they vehemently deny any such action ever taking place. They refuse to admit they did it, and they must be made to suffer the brutal consequences for their anti-lulzy behavior.

    While regular lulz sounds like whales slapping a boat, anti-lulz has only been recorded once due to the danger of hanging out in such Gaiafag environments; the recorder, Martin Jeston II, later shot himself IN THE FUCKING FACE(lol) last Thursday after dealing with PTLD (Post-Traumatic Lulz Disorder). It also sounds a little like this:

    The easiest way to hear anti-lulz is to buy pirate at least 2 seasons of The View and force your cat to watch it. DO NOT WATCH IT YOURSELF. When the inevitability of your cat's death occurs, you must record its death rattle. This is anti-lulz.

    Jeston's recording remains the only surviving documented recording of anti-lulz known; it was taken from a Gaiafag writing serious articles on Uncyclopedia while fapping to furry pr0ns. The sound of the anti-lulz while the faggot types on his keyboard is extremely disturbing, and anyone under the age of 9,000 should not listen to it.

    Oh, the horror.


    Seriously, this shit needs to stop.

    If you really need to know, frunz is emitted on a huge scale by aardvark-games on Amazon.

    I did it for the anti-lulz

    The dubious disclaimer that must be said whenever causing anti-lulz in order to clear your conscience. However, you will need to say it more than three times in order to do so, unlike "I did it for the lulz", because anti-lulz is very hard to forgive. For instance, if you hold open a door for a black person, bitch, or a Jew, you did it for the anti-lulz; to purposefully prevent lulz. Causing anti-lulz is now classified as a war crime and will result in brutal consequences. A group called The Anti-Lulz Team of America, which specialized in killing American lulz (the best and most fattening kind) was formed in 1999 but soon changed its name to LJ Abuse, with moar lulzkilling power than ever before.

    Example of anti-lulz in lulz-related contexts

    Since "lulzing balls" is defined as "to have some sort of sex with them - not necessarily fellatio", anti-lulzing balls would be turning down the offer of sex, and instead announcing that it would be best to wait until marriage.

    See also: The largest turnout of accidental anti-lulz evar. I mean, look at the pictures. Fatty festival!

    Additionally and ironically enough, compounded overuse of the word lulz itself is known to cause anti-lulz.

    Emo anti-lulz ("frunz")

    After being milked as a lolcow and being trolled IRL for long periods of time, even the most hardened internet warriors will succumb to this particular type of anti-lulz. Once known as "frunz", it was renamed by the Rachelle Waterman Memorial Internets Drama Association (RWMIDA) and merged into the current definition of anti-lulz. Everyone with a decent education knows that if you are emo, you die, then the world hails you as an hero. An example of this is emoscene.com.

    The Anti-Joke

    An Anti-Joke is a normal joke with the punchline replaced with a reasonable IRL ending ("Two guys walk into a bar... and then they enjoy their afternoon"). While many anti-jokes are heavily infused with anti-lulz, whenever an anti-joke generates frunz for those who listen to it, an equal amount of lulz is generated for the one telling it. Generally, only very long anti-jokes can successfully generate a frunz/lulz pair.

    Anti Lulz and ED

    One example of Anti-lulz:

    As a footnote...

    It might not quite be anti lulz, but remember kids, the lulz can still turn on you... Please note what would have happened if the nigger had a gun at the time.

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